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A Final Bewitchery...

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In the thicket of battle, the stranger's red energy begins to swirl with a life of its own. It's being harnessed by forces unknown, hiding amongst the legions of world-hoppers defending their respective witches.

Dopplegangers? Wizards? A mystery until their sudden disappearance, along with their influence. The Witches War rages on.



Recently, we discovered a few instances of rule breaking which skewed the points in the Witches War. This was too significant to ignore, so after extensive investigation and some deliberation, we've decided to do the following.

44,283 points will be removed from Team Glume on December 10th, 4AM DVT

The Witches War event has been extended to:
Sunday December 11th, 8PM DVT
This will give all teams a final fighting chance at victory.

  • After rollover tonight, the bonus point gain will be reduced to just 1%, effectively giving the teams a relatively even battlefield for the final showdown.
  • We're hoping that these updates make the best of a difficult and unique situation, and we'll also be looking into ways to safeguard against this for other events of this type in the future.

  • A 15 minute maintenance will occur on December 12th 12AM DVT - 4 hours after the team battle ends - to conclude the storyline.
  • The Stranger's Wares shop stock will be moved to a new place, with the seasonal summer clothing continuing to be available for purchase there until December 16th.
  • Complete the "Traversing the Warring Forest" quest for 14 days in total in order to unlock more content after maintenance!


We'd like to ask that in the future, if anyone sees possible examples of rule breaking, to please report it through the ticket desk only and refrain from discussing it publicly on site or in our Discord Server. This kind of action can unintentionally lead to witch hunts and harassment, which are against our Rules of Conduct and harmful overall to the community. Rule breaking should not be grounds to be harassed by other users, allow us to be the mediator. Thank you very much!


Thank you for playing and supporting Dappervolk, we'll be back with event conclusions. May the strongest witch win!


  • Villager Alice1999 (#28293) 11 Dec 2022, 7:50 am
    just saying this still means the other teams could have gotten 13284.9 points in extra due to the three points you get from losing- I understand why the points were taken away from glume but the extra mentioned above is enough to make it an even playing field again which it likely was before the cheaters were around!
  • Villager LadyAnarchy (#17271) 11 Dec 2022, 11:57 am
    Alice1999 (#28293): A friend just pointed this out to me as well! Yes, it's fair that Glume's cheating points were taken away, but what about the points to the other teams? There's nothing fair about letting them keep the points they got from the fraudulent duels, even if it is a lot less than the points Glume lost.
  • Villager lone (#56) 11 Dec 2022, 12:11 pm
    To anyone confused why the other teams weren't deducted to put it more into perspective, the cheater(s) on glume's team earned near 70k+ points by cheating, they had over 7000 wins. That would mean at 3 points a loss for the other teams (assuming losses were split evenly between the teams) they'd both have about 23k or so points earned in losses - that's why only 44k was removed from team Glume, meaning ALL teams earned around 23k~26k from the cheating. It's as even as it can be given the situation.
  • Villager Astraleaf (#17183) 11 Dec 2022, 12:12 pm
    I timidly agree with Alice and Lady Ana... 44,283 points means approx. 4428.3 fraudulent battles; that number multiplied by 3 points per loss is where Alice got the 13284.9 extra points for Barclay and Mycel teams combined. Assuming an even split, something like 6642.45 points should've been removed from the other teams.

    Why weren't the cheating points gained by Barclay and Mycel teams removed, too? If you know exactly how many Glume points to remove from fraudulent battles, then you know exactly how many Barclay and Mycel points to remove from those very same battles.

    The difference between Barclay and Glume was, like 1000 or 2000 points after 44,283 points removal... it's bigger now 'cos so many on Glume team have lost heart, but we might've had a path to 2nd place at least if you'd fairly removed ALL points gained from cheating, not just those gained by Team Glume.
  • Villager Irlaan (#39668) 11 Dec 2022, 1:19 pm
    Astraleaf (#17183)

    lone explained it above your post, but the points removed from Glume is not the sum that was earned through cheating. If it had been, over 70k points would have been removed in total. One of the many bots that were cheating for Glume had over 7k wins (7,164 was what I saw a day or so ago and given they were only recently banned, it was likely much higher), let alone the other four that were actively dueling for wins for her.
  • Villager FumiLEX (#3423) 11 Dec 2022, 1:20 pm
    Staff probably needs to address this in another post or something since the way they did things is confusing people. They didn't actually take away ALL of the illegitimate points earned by the cheaters on team glume, otherwise the number would have been closer to 70k. If I'm understanding correctly from a recent staff response in the forums, they subtracted the amount earned on other teams from the total they ended up taking away from glume's.

    I can't claim to know why they didn't just reduce all points earned from those duels from the three teams raw, but it's possible the situation is more nuanced than it appears from the outside. If they had done so, maybe it would've put glume's team in a much larger disadvantage than the one they got here, and the amount they gave us was adjusted to be more equal to help everyone have a fighting chance with the event extension.

    I think a little more communication and insight from them could help for sure.
  • Villager WordsOnTheWall (#67845) 11 Dec 2022, 2:36 pm
    *foams at the mouth* Well, Abandon ship IG…
  • Villager SireMeowMeowz (#69564) 11 Dec 2022, 2:51 pm
    i will admit after reading more about this event there very well probaly are possibly 1 or 2 others on teams doing this & they got so many points from the botting since they get points just for playing. i feel like this wasnt delt with the best
  • Villager Kiwiwi (#51338) 11 Dec 2022, 3:38 pm
    Didn't knew this was going on, but I'm just here to see the circus burn down
    Even being on Glume's team, this is fun to witness.
    I don't even know why they keep tryna do big events like this, when people find exploit in smaller ones (I guess most folks here know about the alchemy exploit from a not-so-long-ago event and multiple cases of boring missions to reach absurd goals).
    They should focus on fixing what's already set rather than try creating new, broken and poorly planned content.
  • Villager LadyAnarchy (#17271) 11 Dec 2022, 4:58 pm
    "If I'm understanding correctly from a recent staff response in the forums, they subtracted the amount earned on other teams from the total they ended up taking away from glume's." [Quote from FumiLEX (#3423)'s post above]

    Would be great if staff could say those kinds of responses/put that information in the announcement itself, that way EVERYONE could easily see it and understand what was going on instead of relying on secondhand accounts from other users who just happened to have the luck to see the information on the forums, or having to go and hunt that information down themselves. Centralized information is not a crime.
  • Villager Halc (#9570) 11 Dec 2022, 6:22 pm
    I was on Team Glume and thought it was weird how Team Glume stayed in first place for a while. Quite shocking (though I guess I should have expected less of people) to find out that people were cheating over 10k potatoes 🙄
  • Villager Adorn (#12746) 11 Dec 2022, 7:57 pm
    Aw, that is disappointing that people cheated during an event meant to be just really for fun. Hopefully that's dealt with in some further capacity. Thank you!!
  • Villager Fielkun (#3695) 11 Dec 2022, 9:08 pm
    Sigh. So sad to see some people trying to cheat their way into this event.
  • Villager Irlaan (#39668) 11 Dec 2022, 9:16 pm
    Halc (#9570)

    Those who were cheating got away with over 3mil P, if you solely count the bot that had 7k+ wins. It wasn't about the extra 10k for winning.
  • Villager applyjoos (#66392) 11 Dec 2022, 10:23 pm
    I think my biggest issue with the point deduction is not knowing how many points the other teams got from the illegitimate duels. Was it a perfect 1:1 or was one team getting more than the other? And that's without thinking about the 30% boost because I don't want to. I think it would've been better to remove every point earned from those duels from every team to give us an accurate reflection of where everyone was.
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