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A Final Bewitchery...

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In the thicket of battle, the stranger's red energy begins to swirl with a life of its own. It's being harnessed by forces unknown, hiding amongst the legions of world-hoppers defending their respective witches.

Dopplegangers? Wizards? A mystery until their sudden disappearance, along with their influence. The Witches War rages on.



Recently, we discovered a few instances of rule breaking which skewed the points in the Witches War. This was too significant to ignore, so after extensive investigation and some deliberation, we've decided to do the following.

44,283 points will be removed from Team Glume on December 10th, 4AM DVT

The Witches War event has been extended to:
Sunday December 11th, 8PM DVT
This will give all teams a final fighting chance at victory.

  • After rollover tonight, the bonus point gain will be reduced to just 1%, effectively giving the teams a relatively even battlefield for the final showdown.
  • We're hoping that these updates make the best of a difficult and unique situation, and we'll also be looking into ways to safeguard against this for other events of this type in the future.

  • A 15 minute maintenance will occur on December 12th 12AM DVT - 4 hours after the team battle ends - to conclude the storyline.
  • The Stranger's Wares shop stock will be moved to a new place, with the seasonal summer clothing continuing to be available for purchase there until December 16th.
  • Complete the "Traversing the Warring Forest" quest for 14 days in total in order to unlock more content after maintenance!


We'd like to ask that in the future, if anyone sees possible examples of rule breaking, to please report it through the ticket desk only and refrain from discussing it publicly on site or in our Discord Server. This kind of action can unintentionally lead to witch hunts and harassment, which are against our Rules of Conduct and harmful overall to the community. Rule breaking should not be grounds to be harassed by other users, allow us to be the mediator. Thank you very much!


Thank you for playing and supporting Dappervolk, we'll be back with event conclusions. May the strongest witch win!


  • Villager Kokichi (#2460) 10 Dec 2022, 1:22 am
    Thank you for fixing this. I'd like to try to win this fairly and not from cheating. Shame on everyone who was cheating.
  • Villager Reineke (#63459) 10 Dec 2022, 2:12 am
    oh my, thanks for the update!
  • Villager SiestaReggie (#59536) 10 Dec 2022, 2:53 am
    Thanks for the fix. <3

    Sorry to Team Glume for the problems this caused. <3

    Cheating is super lame and uncool.
  • Villager FumiLEX (#3423) 10 Dec 2022, 3:34 am
    Hey just to offer anyone still reading here a little bit of insight. The reason these individuals were cheating was probably to farm dual rewards. I saw someone did the math on discord a while ago, some of the accounts would have earned upwards of 3 mil or more potatoes from how much they had already earned, and that was only one of multiple accounts that were like that.

    It's awfully scummy of a thing to do and sucks that it's turned out the way it has. It's true that none of the legitimate points or efforts of team glume's members went to waste (only the fraudulent points are being removed if I understand right) but they DID get robbed of multiple opportunities for the 30% bonus that they would have likely had, if their score wasn't artificially inflated like it was. I think the event extension is meant to give a couple more opportunities at that bonus if team glume was meant to have it.

    I hope everyone ends up having their fair shot after all this!
  • Villager Authello (#6343) 10 Dec 2022, 3:57 am
    Thanks for not punishing the users involved and instead all of us who played fair.
  • Villager Ferinsy (#30206) 10 Dec 2022, 4:34 am
    JaneBuzJane (#24420) exactly! 2 weeks of a silent staff, to a sudden drop to 3rd place. It's really baffling how only one team discovered this way to exploit the rules, not even 1 point from the other teams came from that bug/glitch/whatever. And did it happen over the 2 weeks, during the last 2 days? How many people knew this exploit? Because if that didn't leak it implies it was known by very few people and to gather 48k points it happened over the entire event.

    That being said, at least the rewards are the same for everybody besides some potatoes so it isn't that big of a deal, it's just sketchy from the staff imo.
  • Villager Ferinsy (#30206) 10 Dec 2022, 4:43 am
    Gil (#11280) yeah, it's a sum of a lot of things that get me, like... I believe a lot of people on our team were pretty chill and confident with the 1st place, lots of people probably freeloaded during those days since they saw they didn't need to much. Probably people leaving Glume now will increase a lot having the option to change teams. Probably Glume would've benefit from the 30% point boost then, of the cheater's points weren't in the sum.

    But yeah, again, at least we don't have exclusive items for winners and such things, it's just not very encouraging to dedicate to future community events.
  • Villager Haseo (#11761) 10 Dec 2022, 5:15 am
    yeah this kinda feels like garbage for ppl on team glume especially since there has been ppl actually going hardcore for wins on this team and idk. that seems like way too many points for like... a couple of ppl botting.
  • Villager prism (#19381) 10 Dec 2022, 5:54 am
    JaneBuzJane (#24420) ohh, i see what you mean now, thank you for clarifying!
  • Villager Mischevious (#57526) 10 Dec 2022, 5:54 am
    ayo what

    Glumelings, what happened?.. We must play fairly, it's just 10k taters :')
  • Villager Mahogi (#21949) 10 Dec 2022, 5:57 am
    So now Glume team lost all the 30% boost opportunities and will get a guaranteed last place, as those 30% boosts really REALLY mattered. I think the scalping of points was a bit too intense and did not have the 30% in consideration... Daily percent gain has been reduced to only 1% to make sure it will be impossible to make a real difference. I did want/hope the competition to be fair but I don't think team Glume was handled fairly, just removing cheater's points is not fair, if you don't add later the average gain of extra points during the 30% days that team Glume lost.

    All that happened feels SO disheartening, I feel I have been excited for nothing and just wasted my time and thoughts. Gah just 1 cheater, and everyone's fair game is ruined and efforts made in vain.
  • Villager Johan (#35278) 10 Dec 2022, 5:58 am
    Mischevious (#57526)
    It's not just 10k taters, as Fumilex stated above "some of the accounts would have earned 3 mil or more potatoes" from all the duel wins rewards, so it's likely that they dont care who wins the witch war, they just want the potatoes.
    Sadly the cheating accounts happened to be in glume team :")
  • Villager Johan (#35278) 10 Dec 2022, 6:00 am
    (not to discount the likeliness of other teams also have cheaters ofc)
  • Villager prism (#19381) 10 Dec 2022, 6:05 am
    Haseo (#11761) i *think* i'm allowed to say this here as it's related to the news post itself, but if that's not the case apologies to staff in advance and i totally understand if you need to delete this comment!

    i saw 7-8 accounts linked by someone, i only checked a couple but they both had over 7k duel wins, so it was...shockingly extensive.
    after reading FumiLEX's post above, i suppose it makes sense why they went so over the top about it, though. that's a lot of ill-gotten potatoes to be made.
  • Villager prism (#19381) 10 Dec 2022, 6:06 am
    "ill-gotten potatoes" is not a phrase i ever expected to say lol
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