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Reporting Comment #2147937 on A Final Bewitchery... by Astraleaf (#17183)

I timidly agree with Alice and Lady Ana... 44,283 points means approx. 4428.3 fraudulent battles; that number multiplied by 3 points per loss is where Alice got the 13284.9 extra points for Barclay and Mycel teams combined. Assuming an even split, something like 6642.45 points should've been removed from the other teams.

Why weren't the cheating points gained by Barclay and Mycel teams removed, too? If you know exactly how many Glume points to remove from fraudulent battles, then you know exactly how many Barclay and Mycel points to remove from those very same battles.

The difference between Barclay and Glume was, like 1000 or 2000 points after 44,283 points removal... it's bigger now 'cos so many on Glume team have lost heart, but we might've had a path to 2nd place at least if you'd fairly removed ALL points gained from cheating, not just those gained by Team Glume.
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