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Trout's Spring Festivities Conclusion!

Congratulations on completing our first major event!
Thanks to all of your hard work, we were able to collectively
make Trout's play venture a resounding success!


We would like to thank everyone for their diligence in testing out the mechanics of our first major event as well as our event feature's interface. Through all of your efforts and feedback, we've gained a lot of valuable information that we'll be taking note of for future events!

Curious about some of the data that we gathered from the event? Here are some interesting stats from the community!

users participated, resulting in 687 users qualifying for the Elite Carry-Over Prize!


Contribution totals broken down by tier:
1430 Participants contributed 0.1%
467 Bronze Tier users contributed 1.9%
172 Silver Tier users contributed 18%
676 Gold Tier users contributed 80%

Total Points Earned by the Top 20 Highest Scores:
(Representing roughly 7% of Gold Tier)

The community completed a total of 495921 tasks during the event!


Outstanding community effort, everyone!

According to player feedback, we intend to improve future events of this type in the following ways:
  • The event won't end as soon as the bar is filled, this gives everyone time to get to the tier they want if they plan ahead, and users won't be "taking away" points from others!
  • There will be "overtime" stretch goals that unlock additional prizes after 100% is surpassed! This will add more to look forward to and strive for if the goal is reached early.
  • Rankings for tied scores will be based on the user that achieves that score first. Currently it is ordered by ID#, but our coders have reassured us that ties are always "friendly" (both users are awarded the higher prize).
  • There will be more story and art based things for event outcomes in the future!
Additionally, we are working on a variety of new event types for the future!
  • A collection based event where you collect points throughout the site in order to spend them at an event shop that opens up at the end of the event.
  • A team-based event where you pick a team/side to earn points for and try to collectively acquire more total points than the other teams by the end of the event!
  • A community based event where you earn points by interacting in some way with other users and spend the points on rewards afterward!
  • Official side contests/raffles happening on the forums during seasonal events related to the event/season!

Please visit the event page hub to view your prizes!

A small note about carry-over prizes: Event trophies and the Spring Bloom item will be redistributed to accounts that qualified for these prizes after the Beta wipe, so they will be waiting for you on your account when you login again during official launch.

If you weren't able to participate as much as you would've liked, don't worry! The seasonal nature of this event means that it and all of its associated prize items will return in official launch. With the event over, we are hard at work on implementing the 4th town update, as well as a test run of how the monthly chance machines might work. Stay tuned!


Technical Difficulties!

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed that the site went down right as the event was completed by the userbase. A pretty significant error came up while the site was trying to distribute prizes to all participants, forcing the site to go into error mode.
For the moment, we have brought the site back up in maintenance mode to investigate the issue and try to resolve it. We're currently unsure of how long it will take to fix this, but we will be sure to update everyone when we get a better idea of what exactly went wrong. As always, thank you for your patience!

Trout's Spring Festivities!

Hello, Beta testers!
Thanks to our many Kickstarter backers, a stretch goal was unlocked
that gave us the resources to debut our event system during Beta. As
such, we are happy to announce that this feature is ready for testing!

xTrrn5R.png   cxfRw6L.png

turnip.gif EVENT DETAILS turnip.gif
We are excited to finally introduce you to our first major test event, Trout's Spring Festivities - a cooperative sitewide event that will run for about 3 weeks, which features some lovely seasonal prizes, as well as a few carry-over prizes! Yes, that means that some prizes will carry over with your account to official launch, as was promised in our Kickstarter stretch goal. The event's objectives, duration, and prizes will be detailed below, so be sure to read over it before you head over to the event hub page to begin playing and testing this new feature!

turnip.gif OBJECTIVES & DURATION turnip.gif
This event requires the community to work together to earn points toward a cumulative goal. The site's progress toward this goal will be displayed through the event progress bar, indicating how close we are to reaching the event total needed to successfully complete the event. The community will have a set amount of time to reach this goal, which is shown below and on the event page itself.


If the community can successfully earn enough points before the end date, everyone will receive the prizes that they qualify for on the event page! However, if the community fails to complete the objective in the available time, players will receive consolation prizes for their participation. In the future, we would like to also have the successes or failures of these cooperative events result in different impacts on the world and lore of Dappervolk!

turnip.gif EVENT PRIZES turnip.gif
The seasonal nature of this event means that a majority of the event's rewards will only be obtainable through participation in this yearly event! The event's main rewards are distributed through a tiers system, where players must reach the indicated points threshold to qualify for the next higher prize tier. Additionally, a high score board will display your score placement amongst other players, as a special grand prize will be awarded to those within the top 25% of scores earned during the event!

Prizes include an event trophy and a new spring themed clothing set, which features a brand new class of wearable clothing that was unlocked via stretch goal by our Kickstarter backers - animated items!


This set contains one animated wearable as a rare, special reward
for those who achieve the top 25% of most points earned.

Which Prizes Carry Over to Official Launch?
All players that earn an event trophy from this event will get to keep their trophy as a thank you for helping to test run our first major event in beta! Additionally, grand prize winners that earned themselves the elusive animated item will get to keep that reward as well.



Welcome to Silvie's Mine!

At long last, Silvie's Mine is now officially ready for testing!
The site will need to go offline for maintenance to implement the update at the time listed below.


Once the maintenance period concludes, you will be able to start on your Silvie's Mine adventures if you've completed all of the main story quests in the 3's Forest - simply start the "New Horizons" quest under Trout's menu in the town map.

  • A whole new town to explore, with 6 new NPCs to befriend!
  • A series of main story quests that will introduce you to this quaint mining town and its unique inhabitants.
  • Side quests and daily quests with each NPC as you unlock them.
  • Each NPC has an unlockable shop with 2 sets of clothing items, a pet hatching item, etc.
  • Each NPC also has their own set of unlockable affection milestones with rewards (affection quest rewards are unlockable but are still being tested at the moment).
  • A new minigame called Silvie's Artifacts is now available to play in the Playground!
809-split-geode.png 198-crystal-caves-pen-expansion.png 807-topaz-trinket.png

  • The Daily Bonus system has received an update - you will now be allowed to choose which stat type you would like to train each day, instead of receiving a random amount of each stat with an assigned task for each. This update gives you the ability to focus your training on the stat build that you want for your character!
  • Your class' strengths and weaknesses now properly affect your stat rewards for Daily Bonus tasks. This feature was disabled for a while due to some issues with implementation, but it should now be ready to test!
  • Similarly, pet natures now have affinities and weaknesses toward gaining certain stat types when feeding your pet stat bonus foods.
  • Our front page now has a Status Feed section, which will allow us to better communicate our development progress with our userbase! Be sure to click on the notification checkmark next to the feature if you would like to receive onsite notifications for our Status Feed updates.
  • The front page will also have a new Pet Spotlight section that showcases a random accessorized pet upon each page refresh!
  • A few Fantasticals and one Legendary pet recipe have been added/adjusted to be available to obtain after the maintenance period.
Thank you for all of your continued support!
We hope you enjoy the new content.


June Event Concluded & Upcoming Things!

As the month of June comes to a close, everything seems to settle back into how it once was. Even the snails that took up residence in Bearnard's turnip fields have slowly made their way back to their homes once more.

746-snail-friends.png 818-blue-snail-friends.png 819-pink-snail-friends.png 834-proud-snail-friends.png

Thank you for participating in our June mini event!
We hope that everyone had fun testing out our second mini event and getting to learn a bit more about seasonal occurrences in the world of Dappervolk! As you may have suspected, this event will return again next year for everyone to enjoy - so we greatly appreciate all of the comments and constructive feedback that we've received about the event!


Next up for release will be our Silvie's Mine town! We're currently testing all of the new content to make sure it plays smoothly, so our goal is to have it ready to release within the first half of July. After that, we'll be focusing our efforts on putting together an official site event with some rewards that will carry over into official launch!

Be on the look out for new updates soon!

809-split-geode.png 198-crystal-caves-pen-expansion.png 807-topaz-trinket.png


June Mini Event

Welcome to our June Rainbows mini event!

While going for a stroll on a warm June day, you come across a glittering lake on the side of the road. As you slow down to admire the sight, you realize that the glittering of the water isn't just the reflection of the sun... the surface of the lake itself is shimmering with faint rainbow hues. The colors almost seem to dance across the placid water, dazzling and brilliant.

You can feel your spirits lift at the sight!


For the remainder of the month, we'll be celebrating these prismatic projections that appear every year during the month of June in the world of Dappervolk! To kick off the festivities, we're introducing an event-limited (seasonally recurring) quest with Trout, who finds himself on a sprout-sized mission to discover the mystery behind all of these rainbows. All players who have met Trout have automatic access to this new quest, which will remain active throughout the rest of the month.

Additionally, there are 3 new event items to obtain, which will only be available during this seasonal event!

pridesnailitem_by_quislings-dce337r.png prideborderitem_by_quislings-dce336o.png pridestaritem_by_quislings-dce337i.png

The Proud Snail Friends, Pride Rainbows Post Border, and Prismatic Star Gem.

Want to work together with other players to uncover the alchemical recipe for the Prismatic Star Gem?
Be sure to visit this thread to share your ideas!


May Updates!

After extensive coding and testing behind the scenes, we're finally ready to introduce our next content release!

This update includes our NPC affection expansion content, introduces a new saved outfits feature in your wardrobe, and enables premium account upgrades for players to help us test its balancing. To implement this update, we'll need to conduct some maintenance onsite for a short period to get everything up and running - details on the upcoming maintenance period are listed below.


805-bronze-globe.png 5-administrators.png


Additionally, we need to take a moment to discuss an important policy update that will be occurring. Due to the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) international laws coming into effect, we will be updating our Terms of Service agreement and rules. When the site comes out of maintenance, a notification banner will pop up and direct you to our updated Terms of Service page. You will be required to agree to the updated terms (by clicking the checkmark and hitting the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page) before you can resume navigating the site as usual. For European users that are under the age of 16 and subject to GDPR regulations, you will also need to provide the email of your legal guardian - they will receive an email and link to verify that they give consent to Dappervolk to process the information outlined in our terms.

We're also hard at work overhauling our Terms of Service and rules pages for a future update that we hope will improve, clarify, and add to the existing language within.


  • Wardrobes now have a "Saved Outfits" button to store, save, and name your favorite outfit combinations.
  • We've added a "Save PNG" button that allows you to save a PNG copy of your current outfit to your computer.
  • Sorting your clothing order and managing your saved outfits will no longer show up as popup modals that sometimes cover the avatar preview image. This should keep your avatar preview visible at all times in your wardrobe now.
  • Currently equipped items will now display as grayed out within your drawers for ease of recognition.


  • The first chitchat with an NPC each day will grant you +1 affection with them.
  • The NPC Diary's affection meters now grant milestone rewards, which come in the form of a private message from that NPC with gifts attached! If you already have a high amount of affection, simply chitchat with the NPC to receive their reward.
  • Affection milestone rewards can vary from quests, to currency, items, and even chance shop unlocks. If you didn't unlock an NPC's shop from your story choices during the main quest line, you can now do so by earning an NPC's trust!
  • This update contains 12 new quests to unlock, in which players get to learn more about the NPC and build their friendship.

gift_unclaimed.png tumblr_p6qni3Ya5t1rbcrcvo5_r2_250.png gift_unclaimed.png


During our Kickstarter campaign, backers unlocked a beta-only 30 day premium account badge to help us test out the balancing of the feature for its eventual release during official launch. These items were previously disabled as our coders prepped for its introduction - so we're excited to announce that everyone can now redeem their premium badges and help us test this new feature!

What perks do premium upgraded accounts get?
  • Increased daily Playground caps: +2000 potatoes, +2 item rewards
  • Increased daily forum post potato cap: +2000 potatoes
  • Increased Daily Bonus tasks: +1 potato reward task, +1 stat reward task
  • One extra town hop
  • Citizen account rank
  • Access to premium-only underwear selections in your wardrobe

If you weren't able to participate in our Kickstarter campaign to get yourself a premium badge to help us test during beta, don't worry! We'll most likely be distributing more badges as upcoming event prizes, so that more people can get a chance to test out the feature and provide us with feedback on it.

What are our goals for the premium upgrade feature?

In balancing this feature, our goal is that it should feel like it adds some minor daily perks and a few aesthetic-only perks for premium upgraded players - but it should not feel like it provides significant gameplay advantages over normal players. We're eager to hear what our testers think about how the current premium perks are balanced to fulfill these goals, so please let us know!
11-miscellaneous-chat.png 252-premium-badge-1-month.png 11-miscellaneous-chat.png

  • Daily quests now award conecakes according to each NPC's affiliated virtue.
  • Player options in daily quests have been re-ordered to be more consistent.
  • Dialogue in some daily quests has been condensed so that it requires less clicking.
  • Item hand-in tasks should now accept any color of a clothing item!
  • Alternate task options are now available for newbies with no pets in all Louise Hill daily quests.
  • Trade transaction tasks in quests now work as intended.
  • Redirections have been cleaned up on all quests.
  • More NPC expression errors were fixed.
  • Included an alternate option to posting in forums in the Old Farmhand's main quest.
  • Trout's side quest released, will be unlocked for everyone who has finished the 3's Forest main quest line.
  • Added an alternate player option for players who hatched their first pet too early in the "Your First Pet" quest.



With the NPC affection expansion content released for testing, we'll now be able to focus more on  our next content releases: the site-wide event and Silvie's Mine. The way things are looking at the moment, the site-wide event will take place first and then Silvie's Mine will be released afterward. As we get closer to releasing these features, we'll update everyone with more details and information about the new content in a news post - so stay tuned!

Thank you for your continued patience and support.
We hope you enjoy the new content!

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