Dawn of a New Day


As night falls on your first day in Sharkvolk, you find yourself inexplicably drowsy and quickly fall asleep atop the makeshift raft that you cobbled together out of fence planks from what used to be Bearnard's farm. When you awake, your eyes are greeted with the same vast, blue sky as the day before - but as you look around, it seems as though the endless ocean of water has suddenly vanished without a trace.


In fact, you're actually no longer laying on your raft, but in the middle of a very familiar road surrounded by rolling green hills... You think that you hear chatter in the distance, so you wearily crawl over toward the voices. To your surprise, you find Lilia and Fantasia laughing together just outside of the training grounds. You can hardly believe your eyes, as you vividly recall seeing the two of them struggling to make a raft out of training dummies just the other day. Fantasia had been doing their best to fight off the sharks that had surrounded them by that point, but you feared the worst...

But here they are, standing before you, as real as the road
under your feet. Was everything that you experienced the
other day... all just a dream?

You're not entirely sure, but the talk of the town is that anyone who was lucky enough to obtain a Sharkvolk Post Border still has the ability to use it. But if that's true, then...

Thank you for participating in our first mini-event!
Although the Sharkvolk alchemy recipes are now gone, the
Sharkvolk Post Borders will be usable through the rest of beta!


You seem to be unable to shake the feeling that this is not the last that you've seen of Sharkvolk.

Welcome to Sharkvolk!


Due to a recent and much needed change of leadership, we are pleased to announce that Dappervolk is now undergoing renovations to become SHARKVOLK - a hardcore avatar and shark collecting site with a painterly shark art style, RPG elements, and an ever-expanding world of shark-centric quests!

Things to look forward to in Sharkvolk:

By popular demand, all of the original towns will be flooded with water and the existing townsfolk will be put to the test - do they sink, swim, or somehow find a raft in time? Meanwhile, sharks of all kinds will begin appearing throughout the world to assume their rightful place as the true residents of Sharkvolk. Stay tuned to find out what happens next, as we update all of the maps, NPCs, games, and quests in the coming months to reflect the new state of the world!

Please hard refresh your browser to begin viewing our brand new Sharkvolk site layout changes!
Windows: Ctrl+F5 / Mac: CMD+Shift+R

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To commemorate this momentous occasion, you will be able to
obtain a special Sharkvolk Post Border item via item alchemy
for the next 24 hours!

Hint: out with the snails, in with the sharks!

Want to work together to figure out how to alchemize this awesome new post border?
We've got you covered:



Coding Update

Hey everyone, just a small heads-up regarding site stability!


At approximately 11:00 PM Dappervolk time, our coders are going to implement an update to the site that should streamline the deployment process of the site and remove the need for users to hard refresh/wait for bug fixes to start registering on their browser. While the site is rebuilding files related to this update, you may notice that most functions onsite will become unresponsive or not work for about 2-3 minutes. This is expected, so don't be alarmed!

[Edit] The update has concluded, everything should be back to normal now.

Thank you for your patience!



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