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Reporting Comment #2148021 on A Final Bewitchery... by FumiLEX (#3423)

Staff probably needs to address this in another post or something since the way they did things is confusing people. They didn't actually take away ALL of the illegitimate points earned by the cheaters on team glume, otherwise the number would have been closer to 70k. If I'm understanding correctly from a recent staff response in the forums, they subtracted the amount earned on other teams from the total they ended up taking away from glume's.

I can't claim to know why they didn't just reduce all points earned from those duels from the three teams raw, but it's possible the situation is more nuanced than it appears from the outside. If they had done so, maybe it would've put glume's team in a much larger disadvantage than the one they got here, and the amount they gave us was adjusted to be more equal to help everyone have a fighting chance with the event extension.

I think a little more communication and insight from them could help for sure.
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