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A Final Bewitchery...

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In the thicket of battle, the stranger's red energy begins to swirl with a life of its own. It's being harnessed by forces unknown, hiding amongst the legions of world-hoppers defending their respective witches.

Dopplegangers? Wizards? A mystery until their sudden disappearance, along with their influence. The Witches War rages on.



Recently, we discovered a few instances of rule breaking which skewed the points in the Witches War. This was too significant to ignore, so after extensive investigation and some deliberation, we've decided to do the following.

44,283 points will be removed from Team Glume on December 10th, 4AM DVT

The Witches War event has been extended to:
Sunday December 11th, 8PM DVT
This will give all teams a final fighting chance at victory.

  • After rollover tonight, the bonus point gain will be reduced to just 1%, effectively giving the teams a relatively even battlefield for the final showdown.
  • We're hoping that these updates make the best of a difficult and unique situation, and we'll also be looking into ways to safeguard against this for other events of this type in the future.

  • A 15 minute maintenance will occur on December 12th 12AM DVT - 4 hours after the team battle ends - to conclude the storyline.
  • The Stranger's Wares shop stock will be moved to a new place, with the seasonal summer clothing continuing to be available for purchase there until December 16th.
  • Complete the "Traversing the Warring Forest" quest for 14 days in total in order to unlock more content after maintenance!


We'd like to ask that in the future, if anyone sees possible examples of rule breaking, to please report it through the ticket desk only and refrain from discussing it publicly on site or in our Discord Server. This kind of action can unintentionally lead to witch hunts and harassment, which are against our Rules of Conduct and harmful overall to the community. Rule breaking should not be grounds to be harassed by other users, allow us to be the mediator. Thank you very much!


Thank you for playing and supporting Dappervolk, we'll be back with event conclusions. May the strongest witch win!


  • Villager closedcaptions (#68531) 10 Dec 2022, 1:22 pm
    Omg what?? As someone on team glume this really shocked me. ITS JUST A GAME
  • Villager Wynken (#6523) 10 Dec 2022, 3:08 pm
    very glad to hear this! I thought our lead was a little weird, it'd feel wrong to keep all those points now knowing some shenanigans were indeed going on <:'3c
  • Villager kiaqua (#14513) 10 Dec 2022, 3:09 pm
    strange that there were no points falsely obtained on the other teams,,, bc to farm points other teams are required,,, i get that glume would have the most removed but it's not completely fair to Not take any from the other teams (unless there really wasn't any but still it's a little odd that ~45k points were only earned by glume)
  • Villager Stupid_Boi (#55170) 10 Dec 2022, 4:22 pm
    ^^ yeah, it is weird only glume got the deduction, seeing as the other team would of gotten some out of the losses

    seeing as it ends soon there probably won't be anything else done, gg to my fellow glumies
  • Villager Snowy (#357) 10 Dec 2022, 4:25 pm
    ...Im not sure how to feel about the people saying glume having cheaters is on point for lore...makes me feel icky being on team glume when i didnt want to be here in the first place (I wanted barclay but it refused to put me on his team and flip flopped between mycel and glume)
  • Villager Wintersolace (#4038) 10 Dec 2022, 5:24 pm
    Oh great.. giving I was more or less forced to be on this team... after trying to get another but kept getting glume each time...thanks....
  • Villager Aphrodite (#647) 10 Dec 2022, 6:54 pm
  • Villager Aeroden (#7454) 10 Dec 2022, 6:58 pm
    I'm on the salt train with my fellow teammates who were forced onto Team Glume :/
    I get why this needed to be dealt with but still feels like collective punishment.
  • Villager mothylaced (#43865) 10 Dec 2022, 7:35 pm
    ^^ im pretty sure all the points that were deducted were from those specific accounts, which an overwhelming majority may have been on team glume. yes, maybe there's others in other teams, yet for now all teams have an actual equal chance of winning now, i hope everyone won't be disheartened and will try to enjoy the extension of the event :(
  • Villager SireMeowMeowz (#69564) 10 Dec 2022, 11:05 pm
    it is a little sucky there probaly are others on teams doing this as sometimes its hard to track
  • Villager Kayu (#13374) 11 Dec 2022, 2:14 am
    This is severely foul to punish an entire team. I think this was a setup for failure honestly, it's fishy you only did this on the last day of the event instead of when it actually happened. With how many people on glume's side I know there have to have been more points than just the cheaters taken away.
  • Villager BoyHowdy (#13352) 11 Dec 2022, 6:09 am
    while i of course don't agree with cheating (and this was a really weird event to decide to cheat in, since the winning team prize payout only gets you an extra 10kp??) it's a real bummer that the actions of a few resulted in the punishment of the entire team, especially when it left us with no possible chance of recouping enough points to ever get in first place again. hopefully if something like this happens in the future, it will be dealt with promptly, instead of left to run wild until the very last day of the event, and just the cheaters will be punished rather than the entire team they were automatically assigned to. i also agree that it's highly unlikely that the ONLY people doing this were on glume's team... but that's neither here or there now since mycel is going to win regardless :')
  • Villager Luminate (#3459) 11 Dec 2022, 6:35 am
    aw that's a shame, I suppose ultimately not a big deal to me since I don't play much outside of events and the 10kp extra wouldn't have been of much use to me personally anyway but still :/

    seeing what others are saying too, bit sad how this ended up being handled? with only the Glume team losing points when a fraudulent duel still nets 3 points to the loser iirc? I don't know how easy or hard it would have been to calculate the points gained by the other two teams, or if it would even have made a difference, but eh. Just seems a bit like a crude bandaid put on the situation because I guess there wasn't enough time for a more fair and in-depth solution?
  • Villager Luminate (#3459) 11 Dec 2022, 6:38 am
    that said I don't actually know how many points came from cheating and for all I know, the points gained by other teams were taken into account but just deducted from the amount that was gonna be taken away from Glume, rather than directly taken from the others. though if that's the case it'd probably still be helpful to know so it doesn't end up looking like only team Glume lost points
  • Villager Rinaminori (#2512) 11 Dec 2022, 7:05 am
    Luminate (#3459) Staff actually just confirmed today on the thread "-along with some event related changes" that the loss points were deducted from the total illegitimate win points! This is as fair as it can be.
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