Hey there, looks like you just wandered in. Why not have a look around and stay for a while, maybe even start your own adventure, if you're into that.
Admin (#1) Administrator

The general Admin account, used mostly by the site's creator, Quisling. She is Dappervolk's head artist, main game designer, production manager, art director, and marketing manager. So generally she's drowning in work.

Nyala (#2) Head Moderator

One of our head moderators! They can usually be found running around behind the scenes, helping to run the moderator team and communicating with the admins. Loves antelopes of all kinds.

Chia (#3) Head Moderator

Our other head moderator and site item artist, who also happens to be some sort of sentient egg creature. She mostly deals with training new moderators and keeping the forums in order.

God (#4) Administrator

Resident angry shark enthusiast and admin. He never seems to sleep, so he's usually around... Not very friendly, but effective at his job. He primarily deals with the quest system, user disputes, helping Quis with running events, and does all of the regular moderator stuff.

Cy (#7) Coder

Cyy is an amazing coder and the hero we need but probably don't deserve. We're not entirely sure that she isn't also a wizard of some sort, but we're not questioning it. She'll be working on fixing the mountains of bug reports in beta!

Cuttlefish (#73) Moderator

A humble cuttlefish who is part of our moderator team. A lil quiet at times but she has the spirit and tries her best. Enjoys sleeping a lot but she'll be around to help out in the forums.

Veil (#107) Moderator

Veil is but a simple moss ball floating about the site, very ready and eager to organize. They love helping out users and usually pitch in wherever needed.

jackalloops (#206) Moderator

When not helping people out on the forums as a moderator, Jackalloops can usually be found pining over cool terrarium set ups, re-stringing their guitars or knee-deep in topsoil arguing with grubs about whose garden this is. They're a naturalist and have a particular fondness for arthropods and reptiles.

King (#229) Moderator

King can usually be found in the dirt admiring flowers, plants or animals. They find rocks very cool too. They're always happy to help and will often sit around in the forums throwing cool flowers at passers-by. They don't mean any harm, honest, they just think nature is really neat.

nihhus (#324) Head Writer

Once upon a time, a writer accepted an offer to help bring Dappervolk to life. Since then she's written various quests and gotten way too attached to Barclay. She dreams of having a shibe someday.

h1techl0wlife (#1085) Moderator

When not wandering in the forest or diving headfirst into suspicious streams, HL occasionally appears to do mod work (and pet all the seedlings.) He's not a big talker so you'll most likely run into him at the ticket desk, as long as the ocean isn't calling him away that day.

hazel (#1774) Writer

Hazel joined the writing team during pre-beta and quickly fell in love with the world of Dappervolk, especially a certain hardworking armadillo. She'd like to live in a mountain cottage if there were good enough WiFi.

StoryTam (#2380) Writer

Alison joined the writing team because following in Lilia's footsteps as a knight was too difficult, and Idra's cave didn't have any extra room. She lives in Taipei for easy boba access and likes to eat turnip cakes for breakfast.

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