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Welcome to the Staff page! This page lists all on site staff members with a link to their user profile and a short description about each of them. For more detail on individual duties and who to contact, please refer to the Staff Duties Info link below. The Credits page contains info on contributors who do not have staff powers on site.
Admin (#1) Admin

The general Admin account, used for administration activities only. Please send all inquiries to the Ticket Desk instead of messaging this account - thank you!

Nyala (#2) Admin

One of our original head moderators! They primarily help with behind the scenes moderation and communication with the admins. Loves antelopes of all kinds. [they/them]

God (#4) Admin

Mostly a quest maintenance admin, but helps out around the site where it is needed. He has an affinity for sharks, the color yellow, and typing in fully punctuated sentences. If you have a quest bug, he'll usually be the one looking into it for you! [he/him]

jackalloops (#206) Head Moderator

When not helping people out on the forums as a head moderator, Jackalloops can usually be found pining over cool terrarium set ups, re-stringing their guitars, or knee-deep in topsoil arguing with grubs about whose garden this is. They're a naturalist and have a particular fondness for arthropods and reptiles. [they/them]

Cy (#7) Coder

Cy is our amazing primary coder and the hero we need but probably don't deserve. They work on the majority of what makes up Dappervolk, as well as fixing mountains of bug reports! [any pronouns]

DrFaust (#22032) Coder

Faust is our resident Adventuring wizard! The Adventuring that you see today is thanks to his expertise, he will also be working on various other minigame-like features in the future. [he/him]

huike (#20068) Coder

Huike is our front end and minigame mechanic, devoted to minigame adjustments and various fixes around the site! [he/him]

Chia (#3) Artist

Chia is a site artist as well as helps with administration behind the scenes. She also happens to be some sort of sentient egg creature. Mostly deals with training new moderators and helping with development! [any pronouns]

StoryTam (#2380) Writer

Alison joined the writing team because following in Lilia's footsteps as a knight was too difficult, and Idra's cave didn't have any extra room. She lives in Taipei for easy boba access and likes to eat turnip cakes for breakfast. [she/her]

Kalahari (#19464) Junior Moderator

Thanks to her love for animals, Kalahari can often be found playing with ponies or using any opportunity to go out into the wilderness. When she's not frolicking around the forums, she's spending time with friends that usually get her involved in spontaneous adventures. She's always up for a friendly conversation if anyone has any questions or simply wants to chat! [she/her]

Phex (#1054) Junior Moderator

When she's not helping out around the forums, Phex can often be found baking desserts, messing around with code, or noodling on the piano. She consumes too much boba for her own good, but will do her best to redirect the sugar and caffeine towards answering questions and supporting users. [she/her]

Meesh (#2099) Junior Moderator

Meesh specializes in animal behavior, so ask her about birds at your own risk! When she's not wrangling raccoons, she's probably hoarding yarn like some sort of fantastic dragon or crocheting tiny mystery creatures to protect said hoard. She's the battiest person on the team which is probably a good thing because of how much she likes bats. [she/her]

Weet (#1914) Junior Moderator

Weeto may be a computer-loving artist and hermit but they are definitely NOT a swarm of flies cleverly disguised in a trenchcoat. Any rumors of "buzzing" and "glowing red eyes in the woods" are utterly preposterous. [they/them]

Billie (#663) Junior Moderator

One of our junior mods, Billie can usually be found lurking about on the forums, often popping in when you least expect it. She loves chatting and making new friends- feel free to say hi! When not on the forums (and often at the same time as being here) she loves crafting-particular cross stitch and knitting, baking-mostly gluten free, reading fantasy or playing video games. [she/her]

smolrogue (#11449) Junior Moderator

Lover of frogs and maker of chainmaille, Wolfie can be found helping to make sure the forums run smoothly. And don't let the name fool you! He's definitely a warlock at heart. [he/him]

Ankh (#19676) Junior Moderator

Ankh finds beauty in the most lonesome and dark places; nestled between the river and town where the stars shine the brightest. When the drumming of their cries clear in the odd hours of the morning, they can be seen in the forums interacting and observing the literature placed there. They're a bit horrifying to watch, nice to know. [they/them]

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