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The Dappervolk Community Adventuring Riddles

Our community here at Dappervolk helped create the riddles found in Adventuring! We will periodically hold more riddle writing contests for our users in the future.

Misha Pixel Artist

Misha is our current pixel artist for Adventuring! He is responsible for all of the animation updates after Beta, all new sprite appearances and colours, obstacles, gates, new forum emotes, and more!

Chittr Items & Clothing Art

Chittr created many of our items on site, especially for the earlier towns! She has painted a few pieces of clothing such as the Prismatic Star Gem and some of the Seasonal Spring clothing. She also designed the appearance of Visindy.

Stijn van Wakeren Composer

Our lovely composer! Created all of the music for Dappervolk, including the Minigames, Adventuring, and more!

Alison Tam Writer

Alison is our amazing main writer! She is responsible for writing a majority of the later town quests and a great deal more.

Tea Jr. Writer

Tea is our newest writer, responsible for writing some new NPC letters and eventually for much more!

Maxime Briand Developer

Maxime is our Adventuring wizard! Responsible for all of our Adventuring upgrades made after Beta ended.

Luke Rossie Developer

Luke is one of our current developers, responsible for the Vaer Sea Forage minigame, Guild live chat, as well as various other front end elements of the site!

CurryCarrots Vector Artist

Curry is the vector illustrator who created the assets for Turnip Thief, 3's Forest Cleanup, and Silvie's Artifacts!

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