Hey there, looks like you just wandered in. Why not have a look around and stay for a while, maybe even start your own adventure, if you're into that.

Dappervolk is currently under maintenance. Regular users will not be able to log in during this period. Please check the latest news post for more information.

Dappervolk is currently closed and working towards official launch that will happen on June 21st, 2020 at 10PM EST / 7PM PST!
To keep up to date with updates on development, check out our social media links at the bottom of the page!

Before Official Launch, all beta account character progress, currency, pets, and items will be wiped! Only Account names and IDs will remain. This means if you made an account during Beta, you'll keep your account for Official launch, but nothing on it.

Any item redemption codes you have from backing the Kickstarter or buying Support Bundles will be re-redeemable in Official Launch. If you've misplaced your code, simply send in a ticket at the ticket desk to get the email resent.
We hope to see you in Official Launch!

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