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The Frog Pond • Pt 1

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A small pond sheltered by ferns, abuzz with the serene sounds of chirps and insects. Floral lanterns twinkle invitingly to any visitors and more importantly, frogs. Will you help Paulie the frog on his eternal frog quest?


Welcome to the Pond! This is the first installment of a two part frog update - complete with a new area, NPC, daily quest, shop, and a small gathering event coming up!

Here is an overview of the two parts of this update.


  • Arrives between May 20th-25th
  • Gathering Event for participation trophy and additional frog coins
  • Additional clothing items added to Paulie's Shop
  • More Pet Species added


Through Paulie's daily quest "Paulie's Dream," you can obtain Frog Coins to spend at his shop! He will require many potatoes over time for you to help him achieve his dreams of a frog family as well as accumulate rewards. Occasionally, you may also receive Tadpole Tokens - these can be alchemized into Frog Coins.


The Officiator also has a few new recipes pertaining to frog items you might be interested in once you've amassed a frog coin fortune.


Here are the fresh new shop items available with the part one update! There are 12 clothing, 2 hatch items, and 5 food items to collect.

There are also 2 new quaint pets available!


Between May 20th - May 25th we'll be releasing part two of the frog pond content! We're parcelling it out in part due to some php related bugs and in part to also test out smaller but more frequent content updates. The frog pond will also get new content and stories periodically to replenish the potato sink!

We hope you enjoy your time at the pond, thank you for playing and supporting Dappervolk as always!


  • Villager CottageCryptid (#75269) 13 May 2024, 9:02 pm
    Frögs! I am so excited for this!
  • Villager Poodle (#5618) 13 May 2024, 9:02 pm
    Lots of items not showing and can only see text. anyone else having the same issue?
    3801-XKh8ssG7lZ-froggy-pack.png[item=Lily Pad Hat][item=Lily Pad Capelet]3802-EEMAODGFvd-frogveralls.png
    [item=Frog Friend]3803-1KHMTraq40-frog-pajamas.png3827-PWS9uTgfDq-feathered-hat.png3828-eFC3VOWiBp-sprouting-potato.png
  • Villager polliwog (#15140) 13 May 2024, 9:06 pm
    ohhhhh ;3; so hype
  • Moderator Morphine (#35897) 13 May 2024, 9:08 pm
    *ribbits excitedly*
  • Villager Teamfailboat (#23909) 13 May 2024, 9:15 pm
    Frog!!! 🐸
  • Villager WanderLostGirl (#17106) 13 May 2024, 9:20 pm
  • Villager Vio (#8758) 13 May 2024, 9:20 pm
    I'M SO SAD WHY IS IT GAMBLING... WHY CAN'T I DIRECTLY SPEND MONEY... AND WHY IS CURRENCY ACCT BOUND... is this really a money sink............. it feels like just smth random and more slots a hyeem hyeem
  • Villager Vio (#8758) 13 May 2024, 9:32 pm
    I'm just a little tied up like this isn't a potato sink D: this is just another time gate thing and the currency can't even be traded justidk....
  • Villager CottageCryptid (#75269) 13 May 2024, 9:42 pm
    I do wish I could give more potatoes and receive more coins per transaction. This feels like it'll be too slow and tedious in getting any item
  • Villager MaiLynn (#72259) 13 May 2024, 9:54 pm
    Oh my goodness how cute! And this guy is perm?
  • Villager Dakkokki (#23525) 13 May 2024, 9:55 pm
    I'm REALLY hoping the cost goes up over time because a single potato per quest is... not really a potato sink...
  • Villager sequin (#40488) 13 May 2024, 9:58 pm
  • Villager larkspur (#2071) 13 May 2024, 10:14 pm
    Delightful items, pets, NPC and area! Looking forward to the event too!

    On the other hand, I'd rather cry frog-shaped tears than do as much adventuring as it'd be required to get the items from the Officiator recipe items. In fact, I will regardless, there are none up for sale in trades ToT
    And "frango" means chicken in portuguese, I cannot take that item seriously as cute as it looks lol
  • Villager WanderLostGirl (#17106) 13 May 2024, 10:21 pm
    850,000 to get a set of each item via the 5000p donation route
    (2 of each hatch item so you can have the pet AND the item)
    but im only seeing this make things worse in the long run
    please let us keep our account bound currency instead of deleting it between events?

    dont waste your daily if you dont have a lot of your taters on hand!!!
  • Villager kiaqua (#14513) 13 May 2024, 11:28 pm
    was super excited for this bc frogs,,,,, but i feel as if this will add to my/other peoples burnout who don't have a lot taters saved :( i was shocked at the prices of each item and how much they'd actually cost me in both time and taters is discouraging,,

    i really can't dedicate more than a few hours of my day to this website and just thinking about maxxing out my potato income by doing all the possible quests in 3 towns, the theater, the daily potato quests, and the playground is so overwhelming :// and i don't even want to think about the price of the items in the trade market once people get enough frog coins ToT

    if we're required to put in quite a lot potatoes for such a low reward it would make sense to have each tier (1p, 5kp, 10kp, or 15kp) to have a set amount of tadpole/frog coins? we already have so many gambling aspects of the game and if we have to have (yet another) money sink bc some players hoard the money it's not fair to the rest of the players. like i just put in 10,001 potatoes into this new "event" and i got back 3 frog coins & 2 tadpole coins (5kp, 1p, 5kp). idm that 1p gives out tadpole coins, but if my first ever time putting in 5kp i receive 2 frog coins, i was expecting to get the same reward the second time (imagine my disappointment after going to my bank taking out 5kp to only get 1 frog coin). who knows maybe there'll be an easier and more efficient way to earn tadpole/frog coins with the second phase.
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