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Fall Festivities Conclusion

Hello everyone, thank you very much for participating in our 2021 Fall Festivities! We hope you enjoyed the event!

Here are some end of event stats you might be interested in!
In total, 3301 users watered 323132 and harvested 30897 plants for Gathering in the Grove!

113 users made 391 submissions in the Creativity Prompt Contest!
270 users made 743 submissions in the Avatar Dress Up Contest!

We really enjoyed perusing all of the creativity submissions this event! From fresh new item combinations in the avatar contest, to glimpses into your world-hoppers lives in artwork or stories and fun real world crafts. We'd like to give a huge thank you to all participants for putting your creative efforts into our prompts and themes.

Here are the different winners we rolled or picked for each contest!

Here are our Staff Team's favourites! Click on each thumbnail to see the full submission.

Adeline909.pngAlchemy8662.pngAmberdash14449.png Aremisu25941.pngBattleCrow52734.pngblithely42853.png bog8294.pngCiphers5049.pngClifford12105.png cloudycatte12062.pngClubSoda23868.pngCopperSunset7396.png DrowntheFrowns30795.pngducky58593.pngFloret57630.png Incognito62073.pngJohannabelle31826.pngJTkuroneko29346.png kingboo8218.pngleonine7013.pngLotusMoon9931.png Melial61736.pngMoondrop1741780.pngPENGUINIAN58565.png Pericci3773.pngROXY_LALONDE34545.pngSheepyLain62454.png Sherushi20587.pngSHUGAKUMA56642.pngstar55.png Susie22101.pngTakaEdakumi56479.pngTeamfailboat23909.png timesnow57259.pngTish6567.pngValeera55513.png

Visit the thread here to see all Raffle Prize Winners!

Here are the outfits that won each voting thread! Click here to see full outfits.

Blinkini50846.png Daffy58695.pnglamb4187.png
Blinkini (#50846)Daffy (#58695)lamb (#4187)
Oisin5731.png Slug1484.png
Oisin (#5731)Slug (#1484)

Visit the thread here to see all Raffle Prize Winners!


This event type is one of three event types that we currently have. This is the first iteration of our brand new Gathering event type. We'll be making adjustments to each event type in order to improve them each year.

Here are some plans for improvements for future gathering type events that we've accumulated with the feedback from hosting this event!
  • When getting a random gatherable, the modal shouldn’t refresh the page and interrupt what you were doing, we'll have it work more like random encounters where the page doesn't refresh after your claim.
  • We want to add some additional mechanics to the existing gathering and watering mechanics that allow you to be more involved in the event.
  • We'll be making a thread with Seasonal item clothing previews and keeping it updated when new items are released. Permanent content updates will also get their own thread.
  • We'll be including more clarity on how a set of seasonal quests is unlocked in the future.
  • Seasonal quest rewards will mostly be event currency from now on to allow for freedom to get the items you want, as well as event achievements and possibly some NPC food.

Seasonal Quest & Content Plans
After a year of various seasonal events taking place, we'd like to provide some info on our planned event progression for the future.
  • Our major events take place during each of the 4 seasons on Dappervolk annually.
  • Currently, we're adding new seasonal content for each event that highlights and explores Dappervolk's deities, of which there is one for each month.
  • This seasonal content (quests, npcs, maps, etc) will be available without its major event type (co-op, gifting, gathering) annually after the year it's released, adding to the plethora of seasonal content that will be available over time.
  • Our goal is to explore a new deity in each seasonal event until we have seasonal content for all 12 deities.
  • Once all deities have corresponding content that sheds light on their lore, we'll be exploring other stories within the world of Dappervolk, such as more stories for new and existing NPC's or areas.
  • This way, we can add more seasonal content to the site and enrich its story and lore along the way!

Our next event will be a Winter Event some time in January! We'll be launching the second iteration of our Gifting event type!


Daybreak in the Grove reveals a newly invigorated Cro, who
waves their carefully crafted map at you as you approach.
They must have stayed up all night copying the succulent
map, but don't seem tired from the work. 

Nodding with understanding, Trout holds Cro tight while
the two say their goodbyes, and Cro's face lights up when
they turn to you. The little sprout thanks you for the
hope you've given them, before returning their gaze to
the parchment in their hand.


  • Villager Carl (#56700) 18 Nov 2021, 12:03 am
    Woah what's that spikey red thingy
  • Villager GoblinsAndTea (#47249) 18 Nov 2021, 12:13 am
    I honestly had fun :^D
  • Villager Winry (#18550) 18 Nov 2021, 12:31 am
    I really enjoyed this event, it was chill and I loved the story and even getting little hints of future places and DV lore. I very much look forward to the winter event!
  • Villager Himochi (#473) 18 Nov 2021, 12:57 am
    Is there a way to see the names of the artists who won the creativity contest? The thumbnails don't include names and only a couple of the images linked contain usernames. The written entries have names credited, so it seems strange that the picture entries don't!
  • Villager Roxy_Lalonde (#34545) 18 Nov 2021, 1:02 am
    It was a chill and enjoyable event with less grind and a lot of cute npc charas we don't see often (peddlers of every class), thank you very much for making it lit! <3
  • Villager Teamfailboat (#23909) 18 Nov 2021, 1:14 am
    This was a really fun event I loved the new mechanics! Can’t wait to see what’s planned for the next event :)
  • Villager Kerberos (#39752) 18 Nov 2021, 1:20 am
    this event was super fun!! good job to the mods <3 also im loving the new items and pets :) so so glad i got to grab all of em
  • Villager GoupMonster101 (#61195) 18 Nov 2021, 2:02 am
    Not the bottom part of the post being so sweet. I hope Cro finds their family. Im not crying, you're crying
  • Villager SeamusHarper (#6033) 18 Nov 2021, 2:48 am
    This event was really fun! I think you guys should consider giving one final sidebar notice though, the day before the shop closes, just for people who lose track of time and might not realize the shop is about to close. :P
  • Villager Poppy (#221) 18 Nov 2021, 4:15 am
    So exciting!! Congrats to everyone.
  • Villager DontPanic (#36795) 18 Nov 2021, 4:58 am
    Thank you for the event and congrats to the winners! Re Future plans I love the idea of adding content preview threads! And really excited to explore more deities and NPC content in the medium and long term!

    (Also farewell Cro, you were adorable, you will be missed *sobs into elbow while dramatically waving goodbye with a handkerchief*)
  • Villager Deadred (#851) 18 Nov 2021, 5:33 am
    Oh no!!! I forgot to spend the rest of my currency!!! I’m so sad! I was thinking today was the last day!
  • Villager Arachne (#40502) 18 Nov 2021, 6:54 am
    i forgot to spend the rest of my currency *sob*
    i had about 120 left
  • Villager lzcrystal (#36802) 18 Nov 2021, 8:31 am
    Very excited for more item previews and deity lore! :D
  • Villager BlackRose (#9895) 18 Nov 2021, 9:36 am
    I gotta say I had a lot more fun with this event than with most of the past ones, so props to that! It definitely needs some tweaks done (mostly what was mentioned already) but it's a pretty good start! I'm ooking forward to the Winter event. ^-^

    I want to mention one thing though since it wasn't touched on at all. Will the math for how long it should take us to afford all the shop items be better for future events? Just since this event took WAY longer than about a week of regular activity (through just completing quests and harvesting/watering plants like stated) to get enough currency so I 100% feel whoever did that math was off by quite a bit and I'd love (as I'm sure others would too) a more accurate timeframe for future events.

    Oh, and congrats to all of the winners from the contests and raffles!
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