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Reporting Comment #1668962 on Fall Festivities Conclusion by BlackRose (#9895)

I gotta say I had a lot more fun with this event than with most of the past ones, so props to that! It definitely needs some tweaks done (mostly what was mentioned already) but it's a pretty good start! I'm ooking forward to the Winter event. ^-^

I want to mention one thing though since it wasn't touched on at all. Will the math for how long it should take us to afford all the shop items be better for future events? Just since this event took WAY longer than about a week of regular activity (through just completing quests and harvesting/watering plants like stated) to get enough currency so I 100% feel whoever did that math was off by quite a bit and I'd love (as I'm sure others would too) a more accurate timeframe for future events.

Oh, and congrats to all of the winners from the contests and raffles!
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