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December 22nd Update!

Hello everyone! We hope you're having a lovely holiday season so far while staying safe and warm. We've been busy behind the scenes working on various updates, we'll be outlining all changes from the maintenance earlier as well as other topics below!
  • The Ad Theater feature has arrived! Simply visit the Playground to access it.
  • In the Ad Theater, you can watch videos and advertisements to earn potatoes for each video you watch.
  • Video and advertisement content depends on your interests and browsing patterns determined by our ad provider. Advertisements will occasionally appear in the middle of videos which will give you extra earnings once watched.
  • You can also earn turnips, potatoes, and item rewards if you watch a minimum of 6 videos per day consecutively to complete the multi-day reward streak.
  • More info on rewards can be seen on the Theater page.
  • Adjustments and bug fixes may be made as we monitor the feature's launch in the coming days.


By watching ads, you're helping to support the game for free. Thank you so much for your help!

  • We've reworked the entire backend image calling and processing system for Adventuring.
  • This allows for a much smoother and shorter game loading time, and should also moderately reduce cpu usage.
  • Due to the image cache, this update may take a few days of refreshing to fully integrate. Feel free to report any bugs you find to the Bug Reports forum!
  • We're also working on updating the sprite thumbnails and additional adjustments down the line, since our backend system for npc events and images is more robust now!

  • Stat affinities have been added back in, this means that pet food and quest stat gains are once again affected by either the pet's nature or the player's class.
  • If you're an elven class, you can now get +1 bonus charm for quest rewards or if you're getting +1 tenacity, there is a chance you'll get +0 tenacity.
  • If your pet is comprehensive nature, it can now gain +1 bonus comprehension or +0 honour if +1 honour is rolled from pet foods .
  • Stat affinities for Daily Bonus Stat Tasks have been adjusted so that the stat your strength is in will give you one extra stat task and your weak stat will have one less stat task each day. This has been adjusted so that no effort is wasted and so that there is a limit to stat weakness for tasks.

  • Vaer Sea Forage's potato reward gain has been increased for better balancing.
  • Currently, we're lacking the expertise to fully fix some of the reward and score keeping bugs affecting some users. If you're only experiencing the reward generation issues on mobile, we'd suggest that you try playing on a different device for now. We'll keep at it and give you updates if we manage to fix the issues!

  • Pet profiles now have NAVIGATE buttons that will scroll through the user's menagerie, allowing for a more convenient user experience.
  • The order should go by the saved pet order in each pen, and loop back to the first pen once the last pen's pet is reached.
  • There may be some discrepancies for pens with newly obtained pets that haven't had their order manually sorted by the user.
  • All new unsorted pets will be ordered by ascending pet ID when navigated through.

  • Directly linked trades market lots can no longer be viewed by a blocked user of the trade lot's creator.
  • Accessory usages can no longer be granted to a user who has been blocked by the accessory's owner, or if the owner is blocked by the recipient of the usage.

We're currently keeping on top of new tickets being sent in, and continuing our work on going through the remaining bulk of older tickets. Some tickets with the same query that are currently unanswered are those we're working on a consistent way to address or handle them, and others are situations or contain issues that we need to deliberate over before making a decision. Thank you very much for your patience!

We're up to date and keeping up well with all pet accessory design submissions. There is an average wait time of 1-4 days after submitting your accessory for approval. We're working on some visual and text based updates to the rules in order to cover details that are currently not included/up to date. In the meantime, since our ticket queue is manageable, feel free to send in a ticket or PM Admin #1 if you have questions about an accessory submission you're unsure about!

Thank you so much for reading and playing Dappervolk!
We'll be back with more updates soon.


  • Villager Zelda (#28) 22 Dec 2020, 7:35 pm
    If I'm reading correctly; we only get 75 turnips for 2 weeks of ad watching?? That seems incredibly low.
  • Villager Shasura (#21952) 22 Dec 2020, 8:05 pm
    I won't be using the Ad theater. It seems like a nice way to support the site but in the short amount of time I've tried it out it made me turn away and never want to look back. The fact that you can only earn 75 turnips in 12 days with an "ad streak" is a decision that is absolutely beyond me. The payout is also just way too low. From what other users are saying, it apparently takes an hour to earn 3000 potatoes. You can earn that in less than 5 minutes from dailies.
    It's just not worth my time to force myself to sit through weird political ads CONSECUTIVELY everyday for 75 turnips every 2 weeks.
  • Villager Espoir (#2743) 22 Dec 2020, 9:37 pm
    I like most of the updates, the pet navigation will be very handy and adventuring being optimized, but as others have said... the ad theater doesn't really seem worth it. I tried it earlier when it was released and i got 10 to 15 ads, per video, with ads coming up every 3 or 5 seconds even if i let them play out.

    That's 60 to 90 ads a day just for the 6 daily videos you need to watch to continue the streak. And i only got 300 Potatoes from those. So... i would have to watch 10 times that amount to get the daily max, meaning 600 to 900 ads (60 to 90 ads times 10) a day just to get 3, 000 Potatoes?

    The 12 day streak reward also doesn't seem to be worth it... 12 days to max everything would be 600 to 900 ads times 12 which is... 7, 200 ads to 10, 800 ads to get 36, 000 Potatoes, 75 Turnips and a few food items? :c Even if you just did 6 videos a day for 12 days that's 720 to 1080 ads. And then you double those ad amounts per month (24 days just fit into one month). Idk... Feel free to correct me if i did the math wrong, but that does seem like an extremely low reward for helping the site.

    Perhaps more better rewards could be added to better give users an incentive to use the ad theatre? You could even add bigger bonus rewards along the streak bonus e.g on the 4th and 8th days, and/or as others have suggested... 1 Turnip per ad with a daily cap.
  • Villager Orca (#13204) 22 Dec 2020, 10:01 pm
    Here's my theater feedback. The concept is great, but...

    It took just over an hour for me to hit 3k and the videos/ads were very repetitive. For me there's very little incentive to spend an hour+ of my day for what feels like chump change.

    Here's my math:
    Approximately 42p per 1min video.

    3000p / 42 = ~71min

    The rewards need to be so much higher. There are currently far better ways to make potatoes.


    250p per 1min video.
    Cap of 5000p per day OR higher.
    10 turnips for watching 10 videos in one day.

    I think tweaking the rewards and having a larger variety of videos/ads would go a long way. I'm happy to use the theater if rewards are increased.
  • Villager Mystik (#6014) 23 Dec 2020, 3:58 am
    Unfortunately the new navigate button changed the size of the playing window, so that now when you want to unequip a totem you have to scroll some down to reach the unequip button. It was much more comfortable before.
  • Villager Lord (#247) 23 Dec 2020, 9:31 am
    Just got to look at the Ad Theatre and I'm absurdly pleased by it. I hate ads ruining the aesthetic of a site I visit and support largely for aesthetic enjoyment. Sectioning off the ads to a single place you can choose to engage with or not is very nice.

    Also happy with the payout,. They're very generous for something that just runs in it's own window with no further engagement. 3k a day and I can passively gain a monthly item spin every 3 days, I'm very happy about that alone. The streak is an added bonus I look forward to, though the streak should really not be continuous and not be broke by missing days imo. 12 different days of the 6-video watches, regardless of when you complete them, being rewarded with the turnip bonus would be much better.

    Overall, excellent feature that I'm sure to utilize a lot. Well done, devs! Hope you all have a very happy holiday season!
  • Villager Diznits (#11420) 23 Dec 2020, 10:59 am
    "we added the stat affinities back and made it worse than before!"
  • Villager Maeva (#36503) 23 Dec 2020, 2:59 pm
    Stat affinities are... a tad too much, to be completely honest. "Stat gates" are already quite a chore, and stats aren't really adding anything to the game (as far as I know!). Feels like a very intentional slowdown, because I personally don't see a reason to add this at all. Is it just the justification for having different races (a bit too late, no?), an attempt to build up something with their natures? But if it's affecting the gameplay in negative ways only, is it worth it?..

    Theater is another feature I looked forward too: a good casual way to support the game! Sounds marvelous on paper, but the implementation... Oh dear.
    1. Potato earnings. I feel (personally) that potato earnings throughout all the game (as in playground) just isn't worth it already. Tasks are better way to earn 'em potats, and they are also serve other functions (relations with NPCs, prices for various items needed for tasks...). And now, daily cap on Theater earnings is 3kp, which isn't much in this game. I understand that not all playerbase wants\needs Theater to become another way of income, but 3k is extremely low in my opinion, because -
    2. Time consumed. Players already stated that it takes an hour+ to hit the cap. Yes, you can minimize the window with ad playing, mute the game, and distract yourself with something else. But if Theater takes a lot of time, and gives practically nothing, not many casual players gonna use it, right? Now then, the real reason to use it is -
    3. Streak reward! A way for me, a filthy casual, to earn some premium currency, marvelous! In order to earn it however, I need to watch 6 adds (which is time consuming, remember), every day - without breaking a streak. 100 turnips is a very nice reward, really, but am I sure I'm gonna get it? I'm not. 12 days without breaking a streak is a long time, and I can't say if I'll be able to continue it. Internet may cut off, I may forget, fell ill, prioritize something over the streak - and then I'll need to start over. I don't feel in control, and I'm personally a very weak person, so getting streak broken at day 11 will sadden me. My suggestions: either don't reset the accumulated days for a single missed one, or give the streak reward every 3-4 days in parts.
    (Regarding ads: I also noticed some players are talking about political ads. Oof...)

    Overall, I'm looking forward to some fixes and maybe tweaks, but I'm also very happy - and the navigation button is a welcomed addition! I'm surprised to see you guys are working on this game through the holidays o_o Hope you'll get all the rest you need and deserve, and thank you so much for your work! <3
  • Villager Azurite (#30418) 23 Dec 2020, 5:56 pm
    loving the navigate button! thank you staff c:
  • Villager ToeBeans (#21459) 24 Dec 2020, 12:33 am
    Pet menagerie navigation YESSSSSS THANK YOU excellent Christmas gift!
  • Villager Woods (#4944) 24 Dec 2020, 12:28 pm
    Even when I skip an ad, another one immediately plays. There's no way to watch the actual videos to get the streak. I think the theater is broken.
  • Villager Alexy (#3085) 25 Dec 2020, 6:32 am
    Are these video for the theater hosted in Youtube??? I don't want it to mess with my YT algorithm.
  • Villager KKUTARiN (#35435) 26 Dec 2020, 8:11 pm
    hm.. nothing will play. thought it was my adblock but i disabled that and still blank screen.
  • Villager Trippy (#602) 26 Dec 2020, 10:16 pm
    I like the idea of the ad theatre, but as others have mentioned:

    "i'm not sure that ad theater is working correctly, or i'm misunderstanding? every time i go into the theater, it loops through the same few ads and never actually gets to the video (like, the actual video will start, play like 3 seconds, and then just go to another ad, then when that ad is done it starts over) and it never progresses to the next video either, i'm not seeming to get my rewards at all."

    I was on the Ad Theatre page for like 30min and didn't even get through whatever the first video was supposed to be.... same 3 ads on repeat ad infinitum.
  • Villager BlackRose (#9895) 27 Dec 2020, 8:39 am
    So I wanted to give the ad theatre a good few days of use before I left my feedback on it.

    First of all, it's a great way to support the site. I feel these types of things are so much better than having 5 banner ads all over the page everywhere you go through the site.

    That said, I feel the payment is a little low. Just for it taking yes, about an hour to get the full 3,000, I've been timing it the past few days. I was hoping for either a few turnips per video (or a slightly big amount for each total payout you complete each day) or more potatoes. I also do not like the streak at all, the reward is pretty small for having to make sure to get time to spend an hour a day for 12 days straight watching ads. The only thing that would make me happy about that is to throw out the "watch every day" thing and make it more like the current daily login bonus.
    I also feel like this is broken?? Maybe just visually, but it's extremely annoying. My thing says I've done it for 1 day, but I have no turnip picture and haven't ever since I got this yesterday. I missed my streak Christmas day for obvious reasons, and even with that streak I was 1 turnip behind even though the text was saying the correct number of days.

    So I don't know. I feel this is nice to finally have, but I also feel it needs a bit more work. I know I'm going to get tired/forgetful eventually of making sure to keep the theater open to watch every day, and that'll cause me to just stop if I keep loosing my streak, even as much as I'd love to support the site the only way I can.

    Now some of those other updates are really nice! Most I haven't had to chance to try out, and some aren't ones I particularly find use it, but it's nice to get them! So thank you for all of the updates we got. ^-^
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