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Autumn Festivities Conclusion!

Hello everyone, thank you so much for participating in
Magdalene's Autumn Festivities! We hope you enjoyed your time
diving into the deity lore and collecting currency, as well as being
creative in our event thread and admiring submissions.

We're here to share results and conclusions for the end of the event!

In total, 449 users created and submitted 4224 pieces for the Fall Creativity Prompts!

While each submission got a participation prize of
5 Wild Forage Snacks, we're also giving out some
bigger raffled and staff pick prizes!

Here are our Staff Team's favourites! All of these submissions are so fun and creative in their own ways, we had a great time picking them out! Click on each thumbnail to see the full submission.


Each Staff Pick winner is rewarded:
Pet Accessory Maker, Premium Account Badge (30 days), Autumn Forest Mushrooms

Here are our random raffle prize winners! Each user can only win one prize, we rolled in order of biggest > smallest prizes! We also added some bonus prizes and additional winners to the prize pool!

♦ 10 Winners Receive ♦
5 Shade Totems, 1 Wild Forage Totem
WINNERS: Ssevora (#26059), Forelle (#2921), Mint (#346), Aras (#16861), Magee (#24945), Miloslava (#22951), Dollsie (#19436), AthenaCorvus (#7601), Shel (#3671), MidnightSky (#5347)

♦ 10 Winners Receive ♦
Autumn Witch Hat, Autumn Beard, Autumn Rags
WINNERS: Triteleia (#51391), Mickeyymouse (#385), Shiori (#2041), MistyGold (#20588), BlackRose (#9895), 2FrostyPaws (#12784), potatochipp (#40477), tapirus (#22206), ItsMeMavis (#46903), Awen (#50648)

♦ 10 Winners Receive ♦
Autumn Mane Hair, Autumn Long Scarf, Autumn Bandages
WINNERS: Awful (#132), cookiejar (#43723), Dryad (#1337), Daarka (#183), ireverie (#4177), Amalfi (#35386), Samson (#9751), Dread (#772), Lurex (#8436), CheshireGata (#27982)

♦ 10 Winners Receive ♦
Autumn Ponytail, Autumn Shirt, Autumn Belt
WINNERS: Zethare (#24891), dwarjam (#28353), SheepSheepy (#47552), Duckiepup (#16253), Jester (#444), Mey (#25298), LyraSilverlion (#22285), zee (#36151), Kiguru (#19617), dragonsrus (#287)

♦ 5 Winners Receive ♦

Autumn Forest Mushrooms
Dandyism (#8765), kiaqua (#14513), soledad (#35869), Abnormalities (#46429), Sherushi (#20587)

♦ 15 Winners Receive ♦
Premium Account Badge (30 days)
WINNERS: Diasama (#45986), distantchime (#20917), Herbaria (#24899), Aven12 (#13647), Andri (#4140), dualscepters (#3226), Noctilucent (#34305), Thalies (#23071), LotusMoon (#9931), Metal (#954), Gaia (#528), Alchemy (#8662), Shizuo (#8751), Solvarg (#19819), Minaya (#35780)

♦ 20 Winners will Receive ♦
3 Pet Accessory Makers
WINNERS: LeafeonWarrior (#19043), duskpaws (#49981), Sorceress (#17451), Hell (#32711), Aza (#10113), Zenigata (#46504), Scheherazade (#11643), Galaxa13 (#17226), Adagia (#22860), tokay (#50843), Nimarkiva (#44301), Avalai (#47304), sprout (#428), sumsarem (#20747), Lethe (#572), luckybarbarian (#14932), JoeyHexx (#3636), Auraea (#28280), rel (#29), hui (#24934)

♦ 30 Winners Receive ♦
Ombra's Cloak, Ombra Spirit, Ombra's Forest
WINNERS: Cattrin (#48703), cranberry (#20392), ReddRoomba (#20342), Kookaburra (#341), Ferinsy (#30206), Python (#344), Zelda (#28), Embers (#28337), Johan (#35278), Spinaria (#3790), Anjomenina (#37015), villainsbn (#14596), LeylasKryn (#42530), saymonsy (#47214), Dallarth (#48443), xodiite (#24181), Tari (#20380), Shasura (#21952), Oofy (#34554), Neirin (#969), jess (#138), Waverunner (#37708), ChaosArceus (#38112), Teamfailboat (#23909), Chi (#8359), faetryx (#40497), John (#4284), Sonya (#18360), Fox_Sox (#8486), Itachi (#17918) 

Congratulations to everyone who won, and thank you so much for participating!


Here are some thoughts and improvements in regards to the event features we designed this season!
  • Our Autumn event was our first foray into a more forum based event run manually by staff.
  • In the future, our plan is to have one fully coded event feature with different mechanics per season (4 different types in total) with side activities such as creativity forum threads, seasonal quests, and various other site based mechanics to supplement the main event type!
  • Event Shop and Currency removal date will be staggered to be after other dates from the start to give everyone time to buy what they want before it closes.
  • Event shop items will be stationary rather than changing in order upon refresh/purchase.
  • "Currency" type item will be added to allow better inventory sorting.
  • Seasonal event quest will not have a repetition loophole after completion for future events in which you can get more snacks per day if you don't complete the seasonal quest right away. We'll make sure this experience is the same for everyone!

Our next more major event will be some time within the winter months, we'll update everyone with more info as we plan!

Magdalene and Irin wave goodbye to the autumn scenery
as winter approaches. Ombra retreats into the shade
of the forest, ready for slumber.


  • Villager BloodCrow (#49748) 8 Dec 2020, 12:26 am
    did you have to be at a sertion town to find the shop? i didnt find the shop at all during the event
  • Villager notdura (#30564) 8 Dec 2020, 12:26 am
    Man I was sure the last day was the 8th to buy stuff. I had like 200 snacks left.

    The clarification message was put up during night for me. I logged in some minutes before the event closed, saw the message and panicked, but I had no town hops left. Sooo... that sucks :^)
  • Villager Forelle (#2921) 8 Dec 2020, 12:27 am
    I won a thing!!
    Also I'm glad for the future improvements mentioned. You're doing great.
  • Villager Clearwater (#22350) 8 Dec 2020, 12:28 am
    Yay! Happy end of the event, that was fun!
  • Villager Azurite (#30418) 8 Dec 2020, 12:28 am
    thanks to all the staff for your hard work <3
  • Villager notdura (#30564) 8 Dec 2020, 12:29 am
    Bloodcrow, Magdalene held the shop! If you clicked on her, it was right beneath her chance machine
  • Villager Bro (#18808) 8 Dec 2020, 12:32 am
    This was a fantastic event, thanks so much for hosting it.
  • Villager Sev (#3394) 8 Dec 2020, 12:36 am
    aaaaAAAAA tysm for the staff pick, i am honored!!
  • Villager Anbica (#633) 8 Dec 2020, 12:41 am
    Overall I enjoyed this event way more than the summer one although there are still plenty of points to improve one but the main ones were already touched upon in this post so I'm hopeful the next event will consider all user feedback and will be even better.

    Congratulations to all the winners, I really enjoyed going through all the entries posted.
  • Villager Duckiepup (#16253) 8 Dec 2020, 12:42 am
    yoooo im winrar
  • Villager Valenrhyme (#2488) 8 Dec 2020, 12:43 am
    So if we had some currency left over, will we get that back next year? Or is it gone forever?
  • Villager Stunpai (#9171) 8 Dec 2020, 12:43 am
    Grats to all the winners!
  • Villager Mystik (#6014) 8 Dec 2020, 12:44 am
    I also thought we have the 8th to do a last round of quests with snacks and spend the rest of our snacks in the shop. Luckily this morning I saw the clarification message TWO MINUTES before rollover and since I still was in 3's Forest I was able to spend my 70 snacks in time. This definately has to be announced clearer and earlier, thinking of people in other time zones! When the clarification was announced it was night at my place = people asleep.

    This (and the fact November isn't the best time for a time consuming event due to NaNoWriMo) is the only complain I have tho, other than that I loved the event, especially cus it made me draw stuff and raise my affection with 3's Forest NPCs A LOT XD I also loved the surprise of getting a new pet. And the items in the autumn shop are all very pretty! Thank you very much for all this and your hard work!
  • Villager Teamfailboat (#23909) 8 Dec 2020, 12:45 am
    Thank you staff this event was so much fun :D
  • Villager Johan (#35278) 8 Dec 2020, 12:54 am
    thank you for the event! i love the idea of creative prompts and i think this one is much more enjoyable than the summer event. I had a great time w/ the prompts ^^ (and browsing through the forum to see everyone's submissions was rlly fun as well)
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