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Reporting Comment #1145474 on Autumn Festivities Conclusion! by Mystik (#6014)

I also thought we have the 8th to do a last round of quests with snacks and spend the rest of our snacks in the shop. Luckily this morning I saw the clarification message TWO MINUTES before rollover and since I still was in 3's Forest I was able to spend my 70 snacks in time. This definately has to be announced clearer and earlier, thinking of people in other time zones! When the clarification was announced it was night at my place = people asleep.

This (and the fact November isn't the best time for a time consuming event due to NaNoWriMo) is the only complain I have tho, other than that I loved the event, especially cus it made me draw stuff and raise my affection with 3's Forest NPCs A LOT XD I also loved the surprise of getting a new pet. And the items in the autumn shop are all very pretty! Thank you very much for all this and your hard work!
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