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Summer Event Conclusion!

Congratulations on completing our first major event!
Thanks to all of your hard work, we were able to collectively
make Lilia and Fantasia's summer celebration possible!

Curious about some of the data from the event?
Here are some interesting stats from the community!

6910 users participated in the event, resulting in
2168 users qualifying for the Elite Tier prizes!
Final Event Tier Placement Totals
2649 Participant Tier (38% of participants)
493 Bronze Tier (7% of participants)
682 Silver Tier (10% of participants)
918 Gold Tier (13% of participants)
2168 Elite Tier (31% of participants)
Total Points Earned by the Top 20 Highest Scores:
The community completed a total of 2,013,503 tasks during the event!
1461-eGC0PLYNJt-shimmering-ember-totem.png 1462-9GrJuyPliS-vibrant-ember-totem.png 1461-eGC0PLYNJt-shimmering-ember-totem.png
Outstanding community effort, everyone!
Please visit the event page hub to view your prizes.

  • There will be a short 15-30 minute planned maintenance downtime at 12:30AM DVT tonight, where we will be unlocking the new event quest for everyone, as well as removing all Shimmering Embers.
  • The event quest, "Lilia & Fantasia's Summer Festival" will be available to begin by speaking to Lilia until the end of September! After which it will seasonally return next year.
  • If you weren't able to participate as much as you would've liked this summer, don't worry! The seasonal nature of this event means that it and all of its associated prize items will return again.
  • We'll be adding onto seasonal events every time they come around each year, so stay tuned for what new things may lie in store for next summer!
  • We'd also like to thank everyone for the feedback provided surrounding the event, and will be striving to improve for next year!

NOTICE: It appears that the unlocked overtime rewards have not processed yet, our main backend developer is working on this and these rewards should be distributed to everyone soon!


  • Villager Raru (#9820) 6 Sep 2020, 12:19 pm
    Also.. uh can people seriously stop and take a look at their behavior? The staff worked hard on this event and it was their first event since beta. The artwork can be "fixed" pretty easily and existing items would be updated. Calm down and be respectful, the existence of this site and events are a luxury. Let's appreciate it.
  • Villager Knoll (#15217) 6 Sep 2020, 12:22 pm
    It was a fun event! Alas, I'm bummed I was only 1,100 points from hitting gold, but. That's what being busy IRL does, huh. :p
  • Villager Fairypaw (#40137) 6 Sep 2020, 12:25 pm
    the thing with the alchemy color variant things that people have been suggesting is like - imagine waiting 5 years for a diff color variant of one item lol

    at the same time i understand why the items need to repeat since its not really fair for newer players, and it's not like FR where you can just get all the items + dupes just for participating in a fest (and the dupes usually go to newer players), so

    but yeah, also i didn't think i'd dislike the black lines so much until i actually got the items; i think colored lineart would be a lot better (like the wings/other items).
  • Villager VEE (#675) 6 Sep 2020, 1:11 pm
    I reflect on my thoughts and actions every day, thank you. Criticism is valid, and always will be, regardless of people trying to insinuate there is something wrong with it. Many, MANY people have had positive things to say about the event. There is nothing wrong with NOT EVERYONE feeling the same way, and NOT EVERYONE having a positive reaction. I am being calm and respectful and extremely tired of people trying to push a narrative that negative feedback = disrespectful. We all have different feelings about the site, how about we respect that lol. Criticism does not mean people are ungrateful or unappreciative. it just means we would like to see more, would like the site to be better.

    As someone who has worked on avi sites before I understand how much hard work goes into events and other site features. Never once have I insinuated they are not working hard.
  • Villager stellamalke (#14581) 6 Sep 2020, 1:12 pm
    Said it before, saying it again. Really enjoyed so much about the event. I liked the theming and the story, I love love everything in the seasonal quest we got. The items are super adorable. Thank you staff for everything!
  • Villager stellamalke (#14581) 6 Sep 2020, 1:14 pm
    Also re concerns about the items repeating - the way Overwatch has always done their seasonal events is a model I really like. New seasonal items every event, but you also are able to get the ones from previous years.

    Some of what people are complaining about is super valid criticism, but some of it also just sounds like the whining of spoiled kids.
  • Villager Secrets (#44005) 6 Sep 2020, 1:41 pm
    The event was fun and I enjoyed it since I am a new user!
  • Villager Narshe (#4941) 6 Sep 2020, 1:43 pm
    'Whining of spoiled kids'???
    Alright people, let's not assume the wealth background of people you literally do not even know. The assumption makes 0 sense or logic in this situation anyway.
  • Villager Caribou (#1287) 6 Sep 2020, 2:08 pm
    Raru (#9820) I would be more forgiving regarding this being their first attempt at an event if they didn't do the same type of event during beta and many beta testers did not like it. They had two years to come up with something different. Not having a top 25% prize and expanding the prize pool are positive changes. But the turnip rewards were removed (they were large for beta and probably would need to be adjusted for launch) and it didn't become anymore interactive. People are very much allowed to be disappointed in a website that they support, financially or not.
  • Villager stellamalke (#14581) 6 Sep 2020, 2:15 pm
    TIL being spoiled has to do with wealth instead of overly entitled attitudes. Y'all are funny. And definitely acting spoiled.
  • Villager VEE (#675) 6 Sep 2020, 2:28 pm
    can people just stop insulting those being critical lol. were allowed to have an opinion that is different from yours. being critical and giving valid feedback =/= being entitled . how about everyone just has their own opinion and shares it without trying to claim other people's opinions are invalid lol . once again, i think its great that people are enjoying the site and liked the event. im really happy for those people. but that doesnt diminish my experience and others who do not feel the same way.
  • Villager Faunwood (#14893) 6 Sep 2020, 2:48 pm
    Thank you for the event!! It's so cool seeing the tier % breakdown too.
  • Villager Lord (#247) 6 Sep 2020, 3:11 pm
    Loved the event and the unlocked quest was REALLY cool, dug the extra lore and character moments with Lilia and Fantasia. Every item rewarded is really nice, too. Pleased as can be with how it all panned out, even if some aspects were a bit bumpy.

    For me, the site knocked this one out of the park on their very first event. Sure they'll learn what did and didn't work, given all the feedback, and continue to improve. Extra excited to see what will pop up in the future!
  • Villager Dormi (#19209) 6 Sep 2020, 4:07 pm
    So why did you remove the Quickened Turnipling affection reward and the personal bests in the playground?
  • Villager Angel (#38) 6 Sep 2020, 4:37 pm
    Additional stat breakdown based on the stats provided in update:

    Top 20 highest averaged (with rounding) 42,731 points each, which over 15 days, means an average of 2,849 points a day.
    With user id's just reaching the 48,000's (based on intro forum), about 14.5% of site accounts participated in the event (not necessarily people, since some may have multiple accounts). When you consider how completing one task and submitting it in the event was enough to qualify as a participant, this likely reflects the max percent of accounts actively used; a user could have spent one day on Dappervolk, decided it wasn't for them, but would still be considered a participant if they submitted a task.

    Now, for critique (all personal opinion):

    First and foremost, please improve communication on this site with your user base; using offsite means, such as discord, does not count when a chunk of users do not ever go on discord. Dappervolk is still a new site and can't afford to develop negative reputations, such as uncommunicative staff, if it hopes to continue to grow and bring back inactive users.

    Next time this type of event is held, please make the tasks known (even if not yet available) from the get-go so people can plan accordingly and not panic or begin unhealthy habits (such as minimal sleep) in fear of not making a certain tier. Maybe experiment further on the time lock versus daily amount for tasks, depending on how accessible you want tiers to be.

    As someone who didn't make elite, I appreciate knowing that the summer items (wings in particular) will return next year along with new items. Since there are already monthly limited items, having event items return with new sets (and allowing choices so old players still can get something new) seems fair. However, reading the comments, I recognize how some players who went beyond to ensure they reach elite are unhappy about the items returning; as a result I wonder how different the elite percentage might have been had it been announced from the start that the items would return. I suspect a lot of the upset coming from some of those who made elite stems from the emotional turmoil they went through for the first week, and what life changes they may have had to make out of a now-or-never mindset for the items, rather than the actual idea of not limiting the items to this year alone.

    Finally, thank you for the work you guys do. <3 Please continue to create a variety of events so that players of all play styles (from casual to hardcore) can find events they can partake in comfortably and enjoy.
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