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Summer Event Conclusion!

Congratulations on completing our first major event!
Thanks to all of your hard work, we were able to collectively
make Lilia and Fantasia's summer celebration possible!

Curious about some of the data from the event?
Here are some interesting stats from the community!

6910 users participated in the event, resulting in
2168 users qualifying for the Elite Tier prizes!
Final Event Tier Placement Totals
2649 Participant Tier (38% of participants)
493 Bronze Tier (7% of participants)
682 Silver Tier (10% of participants)
918 Gold Tier (13% of participants)
2168 Elite Tier (31% of participants)
Total Points Earned by the Top 20 Highest Scores:
The community completed a total of 2,013,503 tasks during the event!
1461-eGC0PLYNJt-shimmering-ember-totem.png 1462-9GrJuyPliS-vibrant-ember-totem.png 1461-eGC0PLYNJt-shimmering-ember-totem.png
Outstanding community effort, everyone!
Please visit the event page hub to view your prizes.

  • There will be a short 15-30 minute planned maintenance downtime at 12:30AM DVT tonight, where we will be unlocking the new event quest for everyone, as well as removing all Shimmering Embers.
  • The event quest, "Lilia & Fantasia's Summer Festival" will be available to begin by speaking to Lilia until the end of September! After which it will seasonally return next year.
  • If you weren't able to participate as much as you would've liked this summer, don't worry! The seasonal nature of this event means that it and all of its associated prize items will return again.
  • We'll be adding onto seasonal events every time they come around each year, so stay tuned for what new things may lie in store for next summer!
  • We'd also like to thank everyone for the feedback provided surrounding the event, and will be striving to improve for next year!

NOTICE: It appears that the unlocked overtime rewards have not processed yet, our main backend developer is working on this and these rewards should be distributed to everyone soon!


  • Villager Spear (#3484) 6 Sep 2020, 12:09 am
    Woah, didnt expect so many to be in elite!
  • Villager Mirutanku (#2802) 6 Sep 2020, 12:09 am
    oooh i didn't expect some stats! that's great, thank you! and thank you for this event, i look forward to the next one, as well as what will be added in the next summer event!
  • Villager Bro (#18808) 6 Sep 2020, 12:09 am
    Thanks a bunch for this lovely event, I had a lot of fun!
  • Villager laventears (#21817) 6 Sep 2020, 12:10 am
    Thank you to all the staff for all the hard work :)
  • Villager Ark (#1284) 6 Sep 2020, 12:10 am
    Great to see lots of people in elite tier :)
    I can't wait to do the new quest~
  • Villager Vaska (#20056) 6 Sep 2020, 12:10 am
    Thank you very much for your hard work.
  • Villager Stunpai (#9171) 6 Sep 2020, 12:10 am
    Thanks for the event
  • Villager Katie (#5094) 6 Sep 2020, 12:10 am
    Congrats everyone <3
  • Villager Mystik (#6014) 6 Sep 2020, 12:10 am
    Ty muchly for this event and the beautiful rewards, I am used to all the quest so much now I probably gonna miss them lol XD
  • Villager Astraleaf (#17183) 6 Sep 2020, 12:11 am
    Thanks for the stats, looks like mostly everyone who managed to get Bronze or higher decided to grind as far as they could.

    Thanks for the event; would've still liked to have seen a Leaderboard, but on the other hand, not having one meant I could stop obsessing over my score once I reached Elite, lol.
  • Villager Iliad (#7352) 6 Sep 2020, 12:11 am
    Congrats to everyone!
  • Villager Leafgod (#21243) 6 Sep 2020, 12:12 am
    the event was cool!! can't to give my ***** his new totems!! once I get them of course.
  • Villager eyry (#421) 6 Sep 2020, 12:12 am
    thanks for the event!

    like the cute art change too now that the party's ready
  • Villager Thanaturgist (#26839) 6 Sep 2020, 12:12 am
    I'm genuinely surprised at the high percentage of those that made elite. I figured the percentage of gold and elite would be swapped.
  • Villager Leafgod (#21243) 6 Sep 2020, 12:13 am
    love it when auto correct ruins things! I ment chonk my pet chonk.
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