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Summer Event Update!

As we enter into the home stretch of our Summer Festivities event, we have an important event update to announce!

The end of the event will be extended by 24 hours!
As of this post, the event timer will be updated to reflect this change. 

Due to some staff work schedules shifting for this coming weekend, the end of the event will need to be extended in order to ensure that our main backend dev is able to be online during the final moments of the event where the site processes all final scores and awards. While not initially planned for, we hope that this extra time will give everyone a last minute opportunity to keep working on their scores and tier placements!

  • When the event timer hits "0 seconds left to help!", the event will close and automatically shift into processing all scores and reward data. It should take approximately 1 minute for everything to process, after which you may visit the event page to view your rewards!
  • All successfully unlocked overtime rewards will be automatically added onto your event rewards - everyone who participated in the event will receive these overtime items!
  • In order to update the site with new content associated with the ending of the event, we'll need to have a short maintenance downtime period at 12:30am DV time on September 6th (~30 minutes after the event ends). This should be quick, lasting approximately 15-20 minutes or less!
  • As a reminder to everyone, the Shimmering Embers event items will extinguish at the end of the event! Be sure to use them up for some easy Item Alchemy rewards, if you'd like, before they're wiped from player inventories.
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Incredible community effort thus far on our
first major sitewide event since launch!


  • Villager VEE (#675) 2 Sep 2020, 2:45 pm
    the reason people wish they knew earlier is not that they didnt figure out you COULD alchemize the embers - but rather whether they SHOULD or not. i knew you could alchemize them, but i held off because what if we needed the embers for something later on? many people knew you COULD do the alchemy, the real question was SHOULD you. i made this point earlier but just thought i should clarify.
  • Villager Narshe (#4941) 2 Sep 2020, 3:07 pm
    'Spoon fed', as if users shouldn't be careful with //account-bound// items considering quickened turnips can be ALCHEMIZED and we only get one.
  • Villager Narshe (#4941) 2 Sep 2020, 3:15 pm
    I feel a lot of this userbase could use some sympathy towards one another instead of putting each other down for valid criticism and feedback. Users needing to be careful with alchemizing items comes from a fear of losing rare things that can never be recovered. An issue that was never addressed either by staff except that those items cannot be returned. Staff does not need to hold users hands but they certainly aren't being very helpful in the long run either in various situations. Let's respect one another, please. Making others feel dumb for not knowing better is no way to educate and inform. It's disrespectful and leads to more people being unwilling to speak critical feedback towards the event because they might feel others will give them backlash for it. Respect your peers the same way you would want yourself to be treated.
  • Villager Scorpi (#45548) 2 Sep 2020, 4:13 pm
    Agree with Narshe (#4941): I found out that the embers could be alchemized when the event started but held off on alchemizing them until mid/late-event (when I ran out of recipes) in case they had a more significant use later on. Considering how users weren't informed of the bigger point tasks or reassured by the staff when the event started, it wouldn't be inconceivable for the staff to surprise us with another use for them near the end. Combined with the existing issue of quickened turnips/turniplings - an account bound starter pet - being unrestorable if they are accidentally alchemized when a user first starts, it's not exactly an encouraging situation for some users to 'experiment'.

    People did ask earlier on (a week ago or maybe even before that) whether the embers would be needed for anything else and did not receive an official staff response until now. During this period, many users used up potatoes and conecakes buying or trying to alchemize recipes instead. Calling others 'nit-picky' and needing to be 'spoon-fed' when they're asking for a confirmation that would improve their experience (in an event where there was already a pre-existing lack of transparency in other areas) feels a bit unnecessary and extremely condescending.
  • Villager BlackRose (#9895) 2 Sep 2020, 6:56 pm
    "why is it that those defending dv feel the need to put down others for being critical."

    Exactly this from VEE.

    I'm someone who wasn't really affected by just now getting confirmation that embers can safely be alchemized since I had no need to do it before, I knew they were able to be alchemized but I figured I'd hold onto them just until the last day (or until we got confirmation) and then alchemize them all. No loss from me just waiting, I had a bunch of recipes on hand already so I've yet to run out (though I am getting low now) so I didn't need to buy more or try to alchemize for more.

    But I still do not like the transparency we got with the embers, or even with a lot of things in the event. (I was basically at a point of not working much at all on the event tasks because I thought I had no chance to get any good tier with the time I had to spend on this site until another USER was kind enough to do the math and make a spreadsheet and that gave me enough determination to continue on with the event. With the amount of worrying people expressed staff really should have stepped in themselves.) And I will gladly point that out to staff because as I've said many times before (which people apparently look over in my posts just because they seem to need to jump at every little "bad" thing people have said about DV and just nitpick on that) I want DVs staff and just DV as a whole to improve, so I give them my criticism.

    Everyone really needs to just be kinder to each other. This game/site/its staffs actions isn't/aren't as perfect (and that's ok) as some of you may think, and we're not trying to put the staff down in any way because of that. The criticism we're giving shouldn't be taken as that, I don't want mine to be taken that way.
  • Villager pastries (#39719) 2 Sep 2020, 9:05 pm
    @yall complaining about the embers
    it was stated since the start that they would disappear? lmao
  • Villager Scorpi (#45548) 2 Sep 2020, 10:00 pm
    stating that the embers would disappear at the end of the event and potentially having an unrevealed use for them before the end of the event are not mutually exclusive
  • Villager Weisschen (#22393) 2 Sep 2020, 10:52 pm
    forgot to mention that i also would have liked if it was more clear that they have no use cause i was also holding onto the embers. due to the nature of the event unlocking tasks and stuff and how many are left over of course i would rather alchemize my conecakes and clothing than the embers for recipes. i lost a lot of conecakes ah lol. its good i barely sold my recipes before so im not mad or anything. i can imagine people without recipes would have liked to know more though haha. :p many people were saying to not do anything with them cause we had no idea if theyre still gonna be used and i actually got some misinformation saying that something would come up for embers.
  • Villager Dischord (#15977) 2 Sep 2020, 11:12 pm
    Very much enjoying the event, and having fun spamming alchemy with leftover embers. Thanks staff :)
  • Villager Bangrull (#33742) 3 Sep 2020, 1:01 am
    To anyone not feeling like alchemizing the embers because you got so many piled up that it feels daunting - go into inventory, put five of them in "alchemize", press "alchemize" and then press F5/reload - that'll reload five new embers into the alchemy slots and you can press alchemize right away. It's really fast and goes like a breeze!
  • Villager Orca (#13204) 3 Sep 2020, 6:42 am
    When embers became a task, it should have been announced that they have no other use than alchemy. This would have prevented recipe inflation. I was paying 4-5kp per recipe when I could have been alchemizing embers. Instead I hung onto them because it was not clear if they would have another use later on
  • Villager Hall (#3178) 3 Sep 2020, 8:05 am
    reposting steex's alch link for embers

  • Villager Nekomimi (#23461) 3 Sep 2020, 8:14 am
    You guys complain about everything huh?

    The embers were stated to disappear when the event ends. There is only ONE task that involves embers. The staff stated there is literally nothing you can do with them/account bound.

    Why is everyone acting like it’s such a big issue that they didn’t state you can alchemize them? And why are people acting like they’re some valuable hard to get item that they wouldn’t even try to alchemize? 😳😳

    Also, expressing that the community is silly for not knowing to alchemize isn’t really rude, unless people are for real harassing you over some dumb mistake lol. Some people just test things out rather than waiting for anything else. Most games don’t give thorough walkthroughs, since that defeats the purpose of playing a game.

  • Villager Narshe (#4941) 3 Sep 2020, 8:20 am
    Nekomimi (#23461)
    Let's please respect others. Even small criticism is still valid ones even if you don't believe it is. No need to be rude to others.
  • Villager VEE (#675) 3 Sep 2020, 9:03 am
    again, it is not complaining, it is valid criticism. please stop trying to invalidate feedback. everyone has the right to give the feedback they feel would be helpful to the site.

    if you really dont know why people are making a big deal you clearly didnt read through everyones posts. because people seem to think users are upset because they didnt KNOW you could alchemize the embers. THAT WAS NOT THE ISSUE. the issue is that users were unsure whether there would be a future use for embers at the end of the event. as many things have not been revealed until later, during this event and other dv things, its very understandable that people felt there could be a use for embers to be unveiled at the end of the event.

    even if you dont understand why people are upset, what is the point of trying to invalidate their criticism? nobody here is invalidating positive feedback lol. negative feedback is NOT an attack. its not complaining, its not blaming staff. its. feedback. we all want dv to be the best place it can be, omg. lets respect each others opinions.

    thats great if users enjoyed experimenting and alchemizing embers on their own. but that doesnt just diminish the experience of those who did not enjoy the unknown.
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