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Louise Hill Balancing Update!

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well! This is our Louise Hill Balancing Update! This update includes a rebalancing of all Louise Hill daily errand quests as well as a collection of new NPC items and NPC shop adjustments.

The following updates have been applied to all Louise Hill Daily Errands.
  • Maximum completions for each daily quest in Louise Hill have gone from 7 to 3.
  • A reroll option with the player choice text "Can I help you with something else instead?" has been added to the beginning of each task.
    • This option can be used once per quest completion to generate a new task different from the initial one.

  • Tasks have been either edited or scaled according to the reduced number of dailies each day. Some higher effort tasks such as adventuring have stayed the same for better balancing.
  • Positive quest ending potato rewards were greatly increased.
  • Affection gained or lost has been multiplied to be equal to doing 7 quests previously.
  • Conecake rewards are now multiplied and increased.
  • Dual-stat NPC's now give out a random assortment of the two types of conecakes instead of a set kind.
  • Dialogue has been compressed to fewer total text boxes to lessen clicks.
  • Transitions and redirects have been updated to be more streamlined and give users more freedom.

A total of 83 new items have been released!
New items have arrived in each NPC's chance shop, the following shop stock adjustments have been made:
  • A Bonus Prize pool with claims costing an equivalent of 10 spins has been added to each NPC's shop.
  • Totems, Pen Expansions, and Wardrobe Expansions, have been moved to each NPC's Bonus Prize pool in their shop instead of being in the chance pool.
  • 1-2 newly drawn items have been added to each NPC's clothing set, each item with colourations matching that of the existing sets.
  • An additional 4th set colour has been added for each NPC, and can be found in their chance shop stock as well as bonus prizes.
  • Pet Hatching items and NPC food have been added to the bonus prize pool as well while keeping them in the chance pool.

The following non-general changes and additions have been applied to the NPC's below:

  • Bearnard's errands have stayed mostly the same besides some amount scaling where applicable, with the addition of interacting with your turnipling while showing him your pet.
  • Bearnard has gained a spade and turnip field background to his collection of items, as well as a golden coloured set.

  • Buli's errands have been scaled, with the addition of some pet interation and a new alchemy task since she only had 3 tasks before.
  • Buli has gained a new hair bow item and opal coloured set in her shop.
  • The account bound Quickened Turnip hatching item has also been added to her bonus claim for anyone wanting additional Quickened Turniplings after obtaining their first one.

  • Calbet's errands have been scaled with hand in item pools expanded where possible. His new hair task has been adjusted to include some minigame plays.
  • Calbet has gained new eyes and training field background items in his collection, with the addition of an obsidian coloured set.

  • Farmhand's errands have been scaled somewhat, with the addition of a new alchemy task since he only had 3 different tasks previously.
  • Farmhand has gained a new pair of pants and a definitely non-magical study background in his collection, with the addition of a cosmic coloured new set.

  • Lilia's errands have been scaled, with her avatar dress-up task being changed to a different clothing collection task.
  • Lilia has gained a new pinstripe shirt and an eyes item in her collection, with the addition of a midnight coloured set.


  • Fantasia's errands have been scaled, with the Lilia armour task being changed to a different material collection task.
  • Fantasia has gained a new sword and eyes items in their collection, with the addition of a silver coloured set.


  • This is the first major installment of daily quest balancing that we have planned. We're planning to release these updates town by town in order to eventually balance all existing towns.
  • With the addition of new items as well as bonus prize pools for NPC shops, we're aiming to make it so that certain items are obtained by choice rather than by chance. For example, the pen expansions were being dropped too often and filling up inventories without any purpose, now they can be picked up only if the user wants one.
  • In addition, the bonus prize and shop stock updates have opened the possibility of adding new items more easily to NPC shops in the future within smaller content updates.
  • We'll be looking at how everything plays out on site scale and making any adjustments and notes for future updates!
  • Coming up next is the 3's Forest daily balancing, which will include a rebalancing of the 3 witches' temporary dailies within the main questline.
  • It's our hope that these balancing updates will make one of the core mechanics of Dappervolk more streamlined, less click intensive, less repetitive, as well as giving users some agency via the reroll option.


We hope you enjoy this balancing update, thank you for supporting and playing Dappervolk! We'll be back with more updates soon.


  • Villager Aushy (#44305) 18 Jun 2022, 11:52 pm
    What a wonderful update! You continue to bring smiles to your community, DV team. Thank you so so much!
  • Villager Irlaan (#39668) 19 Jun 2022, 12:19 am
    Although the change to Louise Hill is not only welcome, but desperately needed, the fact you added in numerous extra steps on top of the base for questing has created yet another avenue for too much clicking. The rewards are also disproportionate to what is required to earn them--namely in the case of alchemizing items or purchasing from the trade market--and shows what (seems like) a lack of awareness on how expensive the market has become and what even IS available from it to begin with. It has also made the game far more difficult for new players and those who may be returning--the latter often lacking a stockpile of items/currency due to liquidating thanks to the broken quest system in the first place.
  • Villager vellum (#3634) 19 Jun 2022, 12:26 am
    man i really like this update, it's so much faster going through daily quests now! the new items are adorable too - i love bearnard's sets especially :D
  • Villager Irlaan (#39668) 19 Jun 2022, 12:35 am
    Adding to my comment above, aside from the clicking requirements being near identical--but across 15 consecutive quests instead of 34--the grind is still as horrific if not more so. All in all you're basically giving the userbase whiplash, especially when they realize for themselves what the reality of this update is.

    Yay we get a higher number of potatoes! ...but it's the same as it would have been if we did seven quests, it just "feels better" because the initial payout is higher.

    Yay there are only three quests we have to go through per character! ...but the grind is as bad, if not worse, than it was before.

    Yay the team is listening to us! ...but all that has been done is minor reshuffling that would have been easy to code within a short period of time, was requested back in the beta (as are so many other things that are only "just now" being looked into), and in reality the team isn't. Or, at the very least, the person responsible for the site and dictates what goes on, when, where, etc, isn't. I cannot speak for the rest and honestly would be unwilling to trust comments made from official or known mod accounts due to what has been said in other avenues.

    All in all this is painfully disappointing and may kill the website faster, as now no one will have any incentive to move beyond Louise Hill until all of the other cities have their quests fixed. Then for those who are around now and that have completed all of the other available content will still be left to trying to roll for a Custom Maker because there is literally nothing else to do aside from that.
  • Villager Kippie (#3618) 19 Jun 2022, 6:51 am
    After playing it for a couple days I can firmly say I LOOOOOVE this change. I am VERY excited for all towns to get this shift! Having quite a few things I need to do in a day, having dailies go by quicker and be worth more for that time is absolutely a gift.

    The new recolors are absolutely stunning, too!! So many more wardrobe possibilities, and more importantly, more gorgeous backgrounds from a lot of the adorable areas we've explored before! Thank you so much!
  • Villager hellish (#24852) 19 Jun 2022, 7:48 am
    i really love this update, it made dailies so much easier for me. i feel like the time it takes me to finish the whole town now is almost equal to how long it took me to just do two npcs before. especially the reroll feature is appreciated, there are some quests i always used to skip. the new items are all lovely, too :>
  • Villager Teamfailboat (#23909) 19 Jun 2022, 9:32 am
    Top tier update 10/10 thank you staff! <3

    Super excited for the other towns quests to be updated! :)
  • Villager Fielkun (#3695) 19 Jun 2022, 3:55 pm
    Ahh, thank you for this major npc updates!
  • Villager shield (#27703) 20 Jun 2022, 4:04 am
    Not sure where to comment this, but I do have a criticism: It's a little unclear on the instructions when you're asked to (equip with [specific pet] and interact with pet 3 times/feed 3 times/increase affection by 15). I think it could help a little rewording so it's clearer that the latter half of the instructions can apply to any pet.
  • Villager explosion (#59350) 21 Jun 2022, 8:57 pm
    do the 1-2 newly drawn items for each npc come in the previously existing alchemizable color too? so do they only come in 3 total colors then?
  • Villager Rinaminori (#2512) 21 Jun 2022, 9:02 pm
    This is way more extensive than I ever imagined~ can't wait for 3's Forest, my favourite town! <3
  • Villager Kent (#289) 23 Jun 2022, 11:00 am
    I can't seem to finish buli's quest where she wants me to set a turnipling as an active pet and interact with it two times... Not sure if this a quest I forgot to complete before this update or not...

    Also, loving the new items! Not really happy with having to do more for quests though...
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