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Reporting Comment #1926304 on Louise Hill Balancing Update! by Irlaan (#39668)

Adding to my comment above, aside from the clicking requirements being near identical--but across 15 consecutive quests instead of 34--the grind is still as horrific if not more so. All in all you're basically giving the userbase whiplash, especially when they realize for themselves what the reality of this update is.

Yay we get a higher number of potatoes! ...but it's the same as it would have been if we did seven quests, it just "feels better" because the initial payout is higher.

Yay there are only three quests we have to go through per character! ...but the grind is as bad, if not worse, than it was before.

Yay the team is listening to us! ...but all that has been done is minor reshuffling that would have been easy to code within a short period of time, was requested back in the beta (as are so many other things that are only "just now" being looked into), and in reality the team isn't. Or, at the very least, the person responsible for the site and dictates what goes on, when, where, etc, isn't. I cannot speak for the rest and honestly would be unwilling to trust comments made from official or known mod accounts due to what has been said in other avenues.

All in all this is painfully disappointing and may kill the website faster, as now no one will have any incentive to move beyond Louise Hill until all of the other cities have their quests fixed. Then for those who are around now and that have completed all of the other available content will still be left to trying to roll for a Custom Maker because there is literally nothing else to do aside from that.
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