Hey there, looks like you just wandered in. Why not have a look around and stay for a while, maybe even start your own adventure, if you're into that.

Welcome to Official Launch!

Hello everyone! At long last, welcome back to Dappervolk! We hope you all had a safe landing back into this world. We will be outlining some updates since beta below to help everyone get a smooth start to their journey.
When your player character arrives in the world of Dappervolk, they will begin in the town of Louise Hill. As you meet the NPCs of this town, you will be presented with main-story quests that will teach you about basic game mechanics in Dappervolk. These tutorial quests have now been expanded upon and updated since our beta testing phase, to include new sections that will cover information about features that weren’t available yet in beta.

Additionally, a handful of existing quests have undergone some balancing and routing revisions.

Taking into account beta testing feedback, we have adjusted the pet hatching part of the tutorial to have a shortened hatch time. This is the only time you'll be able to hatch a pet more quickly than normal, and it will be for a specific, untradeable pet that has not been seen yet!
  • If you had any Dappervolk redemption codes that you redeemed during beta testing, you'll be able to redeem it once again to own the item(s) permanently in official launch.
  • If you've misplaced/lost the email containing a redemption code, simply send in a Support Ticket or email [email protected] with the email that you purchased/obtained the code with, and we'll be able to help you retrieve it.
As our beta testing phase occurred a while ago, we understand that some users with existing accounts may have forgotten their login names/passwords. 
  • A login name retrieval and password reset function is now available for users to access their account information. Simply go to the login page and click “Forgot your password?” Or visit this link: https://dappervolk.com/password/email
  • If you've lost access to your account in another way and need assistance, feel free to send in a Support Ticket or email [email protected] with your problem for assistance from our support team.
When registering, a user can now enter the username of the user who referred them. This will allow the referrer to gain 1 point in the referral shop, and it will provide the referred user with a small bonus newbie pack!

As promised, the following items from our beta testing phase will be carried over to existing user accounts:
  • Beta Pet Hatching Item (Prismatic Bell) - Awarded to all users who played during beta testing.
  • Beta Tester Achievement -  Awarded to all users who played during beta testing.
  • Animated Spring Bloom Item - Distributed to users who placed in the top 25% for the Spring Event during beta testing.
  • Beta Spring Event Trophies - Distributed to participants according to the event tier that they obtained in the Spring Event during beta testing.
All carry-over rewards will be present in the user’s account when they log back in, no need for codes or redemptions in this case!
We know many of you are excited to get your first start in our new guilds feature! Here are some important pre-launch tidbits to take note of about guilds:
  • Guilds will require a certain set of mid-game prerequisites in order to gain the ability to create one, so we anticipate that it will take a bit of time for the first handful of guilds to begin appearing.
  • Players can expect to first meet the NPC responsible for overseeing the creation of guilds toward the end of the first town’s tutorial quests. From this point forward, you will be able to approach them to inquire about forming a guild.
As many of our beta testers have experienced, Pet Alchemy is a feature by which you can create new and more powerful companions from existing pets. Since beta, this feature has undergone revisions and balancing that will undoubtedly affect previous recipes and random alchemy results. As such, please be aware that Pet Alchemy will not be the same as it was during beta testing. This forewarning pertains to all recipes, including the Kickstarter legendary pet recipes!
Additionally, players can expect to encounter a variety of new fantastical and legendary pets through Pet Alchemy - such as the two fantastical pets previously teased above. To uncover all of these new creatures, you'll either need to test your luck with random alchemy or find a recipe scroll!

We're happy to announce that in addition to our core staff team, we've hired on a team of 10 Jr. Moderators which you can now see on the [url=http://https://dappervolk.com/staff]Staff[/url] page! They will be facilitating and helping users out in the forums and around the site. Welcome to our new Jr. Mods!

Currently, you may notice that the Custom submission page has no submission option, we're currently refining certain aspects of the system so that requests can go in smoothly with no hiccups, this should take a few days but we will give everyone an update when it becomes available!

Now that the site is fully launched, our Turnip Shop is now live! You may now purchase our premium currency, which can be used to buy premium items from Agnes in Peddler's Port.


Our potato and turnip monthly limited shops, hosted by Agnes' grandchildren, will allso receive their first sets of items in the beginning of July!

New and returning seasonal Pride items will be obtainable through gameplay for the rest of June once the site launches!


The Seasonal Charity Pet Sale will end on July 4th, 2020. After this, the Feathered Gem hatchable will not be obtainable until the next charity event is held.


The Light & Dark Launch Support bundles will retire permanently on July 5th, 2020.

A brand new site-wide summer event is planned to occur some time in July/August!
Thank you so much for your continued support and love
for the game. We hope you enjoy Dappervolk! ♥

April Development Update

As Dappervolk's closed development period enters its final phase, we are excited to be back with a major new update on some much-anticipated information for everyone!
After much planning and discussion with our team over these last few months, we are finally ready to announce an exact launch date and time for Dappervolk!
This is it, the final countdown begins - mark your calendars!

We're incredibly excited to finally have a launch date set and confirmed, even though we had initially expected to be able to launch in May instead of June.

Despite our best efforts to continue to organize around our anticipated May launch date, the current unfortunate world-wide circumstances have affected the work situations of various members of our small development team and has forced us to rework our prior development ETAs and deadlines for important launch features. In order to prioritize our team's health and safety, as well as to reduce crunch-time stress and guarantee that Dappervolk will be in launch-ready condition, the above June release date and time has become an unavoidable necessity.

Even though we are undeniably disappointed to have to announce that there will be a launch delay, we are still as excited as ever to bring Dappervolk back for everyone to enjoy in June!

With the upcoming release of our new 5th town, players can expect to discover over 400 new clothing items, 50 new items of varying types and functions, 12 new pets, a new mini game, 6 new NPCs, and more! Many of these new additions will remain as surprises to be discovered by players during launch, but here are a few teasers to give everyone a preview of what's coming in June.
These 2 new fantasticals await those with a strong sense of conviction.
In addition to this, our Adventuring feature has received an overhaul both in terms of its underlying framework and its gameplay features. It should now use less CPU and run more smoothly than its beta predecessor, and will sport new active/idle modes, sprite customization unlockables, town unlocks, new item prizes that vary depending on the town you're adventuring in, and the ability to earn daily bonus pet affection and town hops.
Featured here are a handful of the new unlockable sprite appearance you'll be able to obtain!

Located at the Peddler's Port, you will also now find a variety of new NPCs waiting for you to interact with - one of which is an NPC that we've shown art for previously but never officially introduced: the guild officiator! This NPC will be responsible for handling guild registration for all of the aspiring guild leaders in Dappervolk. You'll want to stop by and talk to them if you're interested in forming a guild, as you'll need to satisfy a few requirements before they will be able to grant you a guild license in any given location.


As you establish your guild or join an existing one, you and your fellow guild members will be able to contribute to raising your guild's level and unlocking new upgrades by being active around the site. Some of these upgrades will be aesthetic additions to your guild, such as new guild emblems and flags to choose from—others will be fun functional upgrades to work toward, such as guild forum polls, extra sub-forums, forum post dice rolling, and eventually even guild dueling!


What are guild duels? It is a versus/team feature that will allow two guilds to create a customizable competition to see which guild can complete various group activity tasks the fastest. Both guilds will earn extra exp toward their guild level from participating in a duel, but the winner will also earn a sizable exp bonus! On top of that, an optional currency wager can be offered up by each guild as an additional winner-take-all prize for the competition.

As our launch date approaches, players can expect to see updates across our social media accounts regarding the following:

  • Early-game information
  • Our new referral system
  • Moderator applications
  • Advertisement posts

We will also be bringing back our countdown clock that will be calibrated for the exact time and date of the site's launch, to help mitigate any timezone confusion.
As a reminder to everyone, our very last support bundle will be available until July 5, 2020—after this period, the bundles will be permanently retired and all future real life currency related items will be hosted on site in the form of turnip purchases!

All proceeds go directly toward paying our coders, writers, and server costs!
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And lastly, be sure to follow our social media accounts so
you don't miss any of our latest posts, if you haven't already.

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That's all for this update! We hope that everyone is staying safe in these
difficult times, and that Dappervolk may offer a small piece of comfort for those at home.

Take care, we'll see you all soon!
—Dappervolk Team

Another Development Update

Hello everyone, we hope you’re having a great winter holidays month! We’re back again, this time to bring you all a new update on our development progress. We’ve got several sneak peeks to show you, as well as feature adjustments and Beta feedback implementations, and finally a solid launch time frame!


The Dappervolk community has been excitedly waiting for an update regarding Dappervolk’s official launch, especially because of our previously announced launch goal of late 2019. Unfortunately, a 2019 launch will not be feasible for our team for a variety of reasons.

Due to our core staff’s various life circumstances outside of Dappervolk, the scheduling and timing of progress has been unpredictable and difficult to estimate. Additional developers were hired on to provide extra workload support, but bringing on new staff always comes with an adjustment period consisting of training with potential roadblocks along the way. Because of this, progress was still not as smooth or timely as we had hoped in order to reach our previous loose timeframe estimate.

At this point in time however, after several months of development, we have been able to gauge our progress and take stock of the remaining work in a more concrete manner. We did our best with each team to create more specific and firmer estimates for each portion of work to be done, which allowed us to calculate a solid launch timeframe which is outlined in the Launch Timeframe section below!


Since our last update in September, the artwork side of development has been progressing very smoothly. Many of the assets that we've just recently completed are special things that we can't reveal yet—such as seasonal event items—but here are a few sneak peeks of some less-secret art assets that have recently been finalized!

As you may have seen in one of our past art development streams, the variety of icons above are Guild emblems that players can choose to display on their Guild homepage. The majority of these emblems were concepted in-stream and then processed into finalized assets that will allow you to customize their outline, color, and flag shape to better fit your Guild's theme. As your guild progresses, you may even be able to unlock some special emblems and flags!
Our pixel artist has been hard at work on our asset work-list for Adventuring. Below are some previews of the assets you'll see in-game in the future!
A few Active Mode obstacles that you'll need to jump over!

Remember the mysterious gate from the last update? Here are 3 more
gates, all in their before and after refinement stages!
And finally, here’s a small sneak peek at just a few of the many new avatar items that will be available in-game at launch. Players will get a chance to uncover the details on what these items are and where they’re obtained when the game launches!

Some of these seem oddly...familiar. 

As for the rest of the new items that we've added to the game thus far? They're staying under wraps to remain as in-game surprises—no spoilers here! We can't wait for players to be able to find and enjoy them all.
In order to breathe some much needed life into our pet system, we've coded in some new features and quality of life updates involving pet interactions!

  • Pet Moods: Users will now be able to improve the mood of their pets each day by giving them gifts and treats!
  • Appetite: The old "hunger" bar on pet profiles has been swapped out for an "appetite" bar to better reflect the fact that your magically animated companions do not actually experience hunger - they just enjoy tasting nice foods on occasion and thus will only eat a certain amount per day. Each day, a pet's appetite meter starts off full and will deplete as you feed them treats.
  • Affection Milestones: As you build up affection with your pets, you will now be able to achieve pet affection milestones that give out various rewards!
  • Birthdays: Pets can now be given presents on their birthday for extra affection points.

During Beta testing, various premium features were tested by users and we received lots of great feedback on what people would like to see from them once Dappervolk launches. With all of this in mind, we've implemented several changes and additions to our premium features that we hope everyone will enjoy!
  • Premium Item Bundles: A bundle item containing a full set of the current month's premium chance items will be available for purchase in a new, infinitely stocked turnip shop for a higher price. Users who do not wish to take a chance on a better deal through the Turnip chance machine can now utilize this option to be guaranteed a full set of the current month's premium items!
  • Turnip Chance Machine: Your bonus prize claims in Pai's monthly turnip shop will now expire 2 months after the month in which they are obtained, as opposed to after 1 month.
  • Monthly Item Recirculation: A new NPC will be in charge of a mechanic that recirculates old monthly items rarely/occasionally. In this way, limited items that appear in the monthly turnip/potato shops will now have a small chance of being obtained after the fact. This feature will not include pre-launch items such as the Alpha/Beta hatching items, Kickstarter items, or Support Bundle items.
  • Premium Undergarments: An avatar’s undershirt will now be able to be toggled on/off in the wardrobe. This also applies to the regular non-premium undergarments!

Our pet accessories system is now coded so that pet accessory makers are only consumed when an approved accessory design is applied to a pet. This means that users may now submit their designs for approval without needing an item - once approved, they can then choose to apply that accessory to pets at any time for the cost of 1 pet accessory maker item per application. This should allow accessory maker artists to upload their designs, get them approved, and then share their designs/give usage permissions to others without costing any items to do so.

In addition to this, pet accessories will now display artist credits so that all copies of an artist's approved design will properly credit them for their artwork. This gets rid of the need for users to manually credit pet accessory artists in pet profiles, and should make it easier for everyone to remember who they got their designs from!

We have now switched to a new text editor with better functionality, which should make everyone’s lives easier in the forums. It will still use BBcode like the last one, but there should be less quirkiness with copy/paste, editing, and so on.


That’s all for the feature updates that we can announce right now, but stay tuned for our future dev updates as there are more feature refreshes and updates currently under wraps for testing!

After an extensive amount of discussion and scheduling with our coders, writers, artists, and testers, we were able to create solid estimates for each portion of closed development work that is left for each of our teams. In order to avoid unreasonable crunch times and rushed work, we have tallied up these schedule totals and added on a buffer for last minute testing—this final calculation has given us a solid timeframe for official launch.

We’re now aiming for a firm launch in May 2020!
The exact release date and time will be announced
at least a month prior to the month of May.

Closer to May, we will also begin marketing Dappervolk to reach beyond the current user pool and ensure a bustling launch!


Over the last few months, we've heard several requests from users in our community about having another Support Bundle sale as a final opportunity to support Dappervolk and get some sweet limited items prior to our official launch. Ask and you shall receive!

In the next few days, we will be releasing our final Support Bundle set for purchase—they will be available up until the 2nd week past our official launch date (exact date pending), after which they will be retired permanently. Full details will be posted shortly in a separate update, but for now here is a sneak peek of the bundle items that will be included!


As always, thank you for sticking with us all this time! Your support and feedback have been an immense help throughout our development process, all the way from the beginning of alpha testing to the Kickstarter, beta testing, and beyond! It has admittedly been a much longer journey than we had ever expected, but we are so grateful to have had all of you with us along the way—even through various unexpected delays that have set us back from our release goals. As such, we are incredibly excited to finally have a solid release month lined up according to the schedules of our coders, writers, artists, and testing teams!

If you’d like to follow our development progress more closely, Quisling will be updating the #status-and-faq channel in our Discord server every few days as assets are completed.

Have a safe and lovely Winter Holiday!
From the Dappervolk Team

Closed Development Update

Hi everyone, we hope you’ve been doing well over these last few months! We’re back with another development update covering the progress we’ve made thus far in each major section of development  — with a few sneak peeks thrown in as well!


Since our last update, a bulk of art assets have been completed for launch. This includes all of the artwork associated with our newest town in the storyline, as well as 5 new peddler NPCs who will be selling various new items!

Just beyond Aviar Cove, an oceanic adventure awaits you…

Five new NPCs have set up camp at Peddler’s Port and they’re ready to show off some of the new wares that they’ll be selling! There are 4 class-specific peddlers that will be selling class-restricted items, as well as another peddler that will be selling over 60 different basic clothing items for any class to wear. Each of these shops will also be selling their respective character creation newbie items.In regards to our art work load, over the last few months we’ve completed a good portion of the art required for launch!

What We’ve Finished:
  • All artwork for the 5th town - Town Map, NPC’s, Pets, Clothing
  • All peddler NPC’s & wares for Peddler’s Port
  • 3’s Forest, Silvie’s Mine, Aviar Cove Adventuring Backgrounds
  • Additional avatar item rewards for the affection system, alchemy, adventuring, some new features, etc

What’s Being Worked on:
  • New Item Art & Additional NPC Avatar Items
  • All Guild Emblems & Banners
  • Event Art Assets & Miscellaneous Graphics
  • A few month’s worth of items for the monthly shops
  • Kickstarter Backer Design Rewards (To be completed over time before/after official launch)

We’ve completed a large chunk of the art required for launch and are still working at a good pace!
The development process for our Adventuring feature hasn’t been as smooth as we had hoped for, but we are happy to announce that we have since brought on a new developer who specializes in the coding required for Adventuring and minigames. They are hard at work on our extensive feature overhaul for Adventuring, and we couldn’t be more excited to see this feature really coming together!

Additionally, the artwork progress for Adventuring is doing great. Not only are all of the multi-layered parallax town backgrounds finished, but our amazing pixel artist has done some great work on Adventuring’s new pixel assets. Below is a little sneak preview of a new encounterable in Adventuring - a mysterious gate that leads to new locations.


We are happy to announce that we’ve recently welcomed a new writer to our team! While they are in the process of learning the ropes of our questing systems, they will be helping out our main writers with new side quests, affection quests, and more.

With the help of our wonderful new developer who is taking on the bulk of the Adventuring overhaul, our main dev is now able to fully focus on creating and revamping other major features. Unfortunately, our overall development progress in this area hasn’t been as robust as we had projected due to unavoidable life and work obligations for members of our team. This has resulted in production delays for certain features that are necessary for launch, and is part of why it has been difficult for us to estimate a launch timeframe.

With that said, we are working hard to make Dappervolk the best that it can be for launch and are still aiming for a late 2019 launch date. If we encounter any unexpected delays that may push back this estimate, we’ll be sure to update everyone on it as soon as possible.

Here’s a brief look at a few of the higher priority features that our developers are currently working on:

  • Guild System
  • Site Navigation Bar expansion
  • Quest page revamp
  • Pet System Upgrade
  • Text Box upgrade
  • Block/Mute feature
  • User Profile adjustments
  • Random Encounters
  • Shop System expansions
  • Event System adjustments & additions
  • Pet Accessory adjustments
  • Custom pet/item queue feature
  • The Ad Theater feature
  • Referral System

+ many more smaller adjustments & lower priority features

If you’re interested in our smaller, weekly progress updates, you can tune into our Twitch art streams in which we answer questions about our development process - or join our Discord to chat with fellow DV fans!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our latest update! We are so grateful for everyone’s continued patience through our long development process, and we hope to be able to give you all more definitive news soon!

New Year, New Update!

To kick off this promising new year, we’ve got a new update for
everyone on our closed development progress!
612f3fc9dedfd368820b55c4cf259c07.svg  612f3fc9dedfd368820b55c4cf259c07.svg  612f3fc9dedfd368820b55c4cf259c07.svg
After taking some time to process and prioritize everything that we'd like to achieve during our closed development period, our team is excited to announce that we are aiming for the official release of Dappervolk to be within the first or second quarter of 2019!
424752386599288833.png 530961818336886807.png  419623229921951755.png
As always, please keep in mind that this timeframe is subject to changes depending on any obstacles that we may encounter while developing some of our more complex new features. But rest assured, we will have more specific news and updates for everyone regarding our launch timeframe as we continue to make headway through our development projects - so stay tuned!
One of the major projects that we are currently working on for official launch is a brand new town to explore! This location will continue the storyline where many beta testers left off, departing from the sandy shores of Aviar Cove in search for exciting, new horizons - or perhaps, great new depths?
Our current work on this new town and its inhabitants will largely be kept as a surprise for players to unlock during official launch, so we won't be able to share any new sneak peeks with you - but if you're curious about our progress, we are currently in the process of finalizing the art assets and fleshing out the quest writing! What we can share, are some fun in-progress assets for other areas of the site that we are currently developing. For example, we will be expanding Peddler's Port with various new NPCs like the one below.
Progress shots of a new NPC being painted! They
will be located in Peddler's Port alongside Pai.
Some of our most anticipated features for official launch are also some of our most coding-intensive projects thus far! Currently, our coders are hard at work transforming our design mockups for these features into fully functional parts of the site. Below are some of the major upcoming features that we're working on right now.
During our beta testing phase, you may have noticed that our "upcoming things" list was updated with a few bullet points dedicated to a new feature called Guilds! This system is designed to give users the ability to create and run their own public or private group, with built-in features such as a customizable theme and homepage, customizable ranks/permissions, a guild-only mini forum and live chat, guild events, and guild upgrade goals to work toward.

Since our last update, this feature has progressed through the concepting and UI design process, and onto the coding and refining stage! Our coders have made great progress thus far, so be sure to keep an eye out for more details on how this feature will be implemented into the game as we get closer to putting the finishing touches on this exciting project.

During beta testing, users got to experience our initial framework and first build for a feature called Adventure! Admittedly, this early iteration of the feature was designed as more of a functional test run of its newly built framework than a fully realized, fun game for players to experience - so we completely understood when many felt a bit disappointed by its beta testing debut.
However, thanks to all of the testing and input that we received from our beta testers, we are very excited to now be working on implementing and realizing the full range of ideas that we've been planning for this side scrolling mini-game styled feature!
Sneak peek of a UI mockup being worked on
for Adventure's new "active" mode.

Some new features that will be coming to Adventure are a variety of new default and unlockable sprite appearances, toggle-able active and passive game modes, better optimization, new regions to unlock, new Adventuring music, an encounters bar, and more!

By far, one of our most anticipated - and most ambitious - upcoming features is the introduction of  customizable player homes into the world of Dappervolk!

Once unlocked, users will be able to decorate and arrange the contents of their homes on an easy to use grid-based system. Additionally, we plan to integrate a player's Adventure sprite into this feature, allowing you to freely hop throughout your home and even invite your friends over to chat in real-time! Each home will also include skills activities and crafting - but more details on this will be revealed in the future, as we are currently focusing on building the framework for this feature and refining the artistic direction that we'd like to take for the massive amount of assets that it will require.

Please note that, while we regard housing as one of our most important new features, the sheer amount of technical considerations and graphic assets that it will take to produce this feature is something that we do not want to underestimate during development. Because of this, there is a possibility that housing may not be completely ready for release at the time of official launch. Nevertheless, we are extremely excited about the feature and can't wait to share more about it with you as we progress further through development!
It wouldn't be a complete update without some news on our upcoming mini game plans and gameplay music, right? Because we plan to officially launch Dappervolk with a brand new town, a new mini game will also be released via the Playground alongside that town! Additionally, we also plan to have some amazing new music to go long with the new mini game, as well as our Adventure expansion.
Interested in listening to our existing Dappervolk music?
Visit our talented composer's Dappervolk page over on Bandcamp!
Over the holidays, an unexpected hard drive failure occurred on the main desktop of our lead artist and project manager, Quis. Thankfully, we keep regular data backups on external drives, so no files or progress were lost in the process. She has since invested in a new desktop to replace this older device, but some technical issues with the new build have delayed her ability to switch over. This is expected to be resolved soon, with the only major impact being on her ability to continue progress on the content that we have set aside for streams.
We'll be sure to update everyone when our art development streams resume. Nevertheless, it is full steam ahead into the new year!

Thank you all for your continued support!
We hope everyone had a great holiday & start to the new year.
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