Hey there, looks like you just wandered in. Why not have a look around and stay for a while, maybe even start your own adventure, if you're into that.

Welcome to Sharkvolk!


Due to a recent and much needed change of leadership, we are pleased to announce that Dappervolk is now undergoing renovations to become SHARKVOLK - a hardcore avatar and shark collecting site with a painterly shark art style, RPG elements, and an ever-expanding world of shark-centric quests!

Things to look forward to in Sharkvolk:

By popular demand, all of the original towns will be flooded with water and the existing townsfolk will be put to the test - do they sink, swim, or somehow find a raft in time? Meanwhile, sharks of all kinds will begin appearing throughout the world to assume their rightful place as the true residents of Sharkvolk. Stay tuned to find out what happens next, as we update all of the maps, NPCs, games, and quests in the coming months to reflect the new state of the world!

Please hard refresh your browser to begin viewing our brand new Sharkvolk site layout changes!
Windows: Ctrl+F5 / Mac: CMD+Shift+R

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To commemorate this momentous occasion, you will be able to
obtain a special Sharkvolk Post Border item via item alchemy
for the next 24 hours!

Hint: out with the snails, in with the sharks!

Want to work together to figure out how to alchemize this awesome new post border?
We've got you covered:


Coding Update

Hey everyone, just a small heads-up regarding site stability!


At approximately 11:00 PM Dappervolk time, our coders are going to implement an update to the site that should streamline the deployment process of the site and remove the need for users to hard refresh/wait for bug fixes to start registering on their browser. While the site is rebuilding files related to this update, you may notice that most functions onsite will become unresponsive or not work for about 2-3 minutes. This is expected, so don't be alarmed!

[Edit] The update has concluded, everything should be back to normal now.

Thank you for your patience!


Hello guys! We're having another Open Registration window today! Expect potential site lag between these times:

A big welcome to our newbies! Here are some useful links to get you started:

Beta Changelogs & Quest Maintenance


As we welcome a new wave of players to the world of Dappervolk, we'd like to put out a friendly reminder that we have a "Welcome to Dappervolk Beta" news post, as well as two changelog topics in our Announcements forum section! We highly recommend that you read the news post and subscribe to the following forum topics to get notifications on your account whenever we post updates about any changes and adjustments made during beta.

As an additional note about forums, there are helpful stickies in each forum section with guidelines and rules that everyone should read before making a topic! Below are some especially useful topics you should check out:

  • FAQ - Especially useful for all newbies who might be having trouble with various parts of the site.
  • HOW TO REPORT A BUG - Using this method to report a bug will help us pinpoint the issue more easily!

Quest Maintenance

We would also like to inform everyone that the following 6 quests are going to be taken down at 7:00 PM Dappervolk time for  maintenance tonight so that we can fix some bugs with them: 

  • Barclay Daily Quest
  • Barclay's Storytime
  • Mycel Daily Quest
  • Mycel's Concoctions
  • Glume Daily Quest
  • Glume Asserts Dominance

We expect them to be down until tomorrow morning, and will update the Quest Changelog once they are back up and ready to play again.


Thank you for your patience while we work on things!


Hey guys, we're looking to expand our developer team for Beta to lighten the workload that we have scheduled for the coming months. We're be looking for professional, experienced developers in various fields, so please review the criteria below - if you feel that your skills fit what we are looking for, please email [email protected] with your portfolio, resume, preferred rates, and Dappervolk username/ID if applicable.

Here are the types of developers that we are currently looking to hire:

  • Experience making HTML5 games with high compatibility for all browsers
  • Experience in Construct2, Phaser, CreateJs
  • Experience with Game Optimization. Ie. reducing CPU load
  • Other HTML5 game engine experience is a bonus!
  • Able to do game maintenance, bug fixes, gameplay adjustments/edits on existing games as well as new games
  • Willing to work closely with back end developers to implement games, scoring systems, validation logic
  • Experience with online realtime multiplayer browser games

  • Backend: PHP (Laravel framework)/MySQL
  • Frontend: HTML/Javascript (JQuery)/SASS
  • UI/User Experience Design
  • Experience with Server Stability
  • Experience/understanding of the Pet/Avatar site niche

For both of these positions, we're looking for someone who is professional, communicative, knowledgeable about the pet/avatar site niche, and can mesh well with the team. We’re primarily looking for a minigame programmer at this time, but also putting out feelers for a suitable full stack dev in the future.

Note that although we’d like to reply to each and every application sent in to us, we will not be able to due to the volume of said applications. You will get a reply if we're interested or if we have further questions for you.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share this around to spread the word!
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