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Custom Site Limit & Ravan Update!

Hello everyone, we hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and are enjoying the various festivities!

We've added a system that puts a limit on how many Custom Makers can be spun on site within each time cycle.

Current Custom Maker Roll Limits
1 Custom Maker can be dropped across the site every 10 days.
1 User can spin a maximum of 1 Custom Maker every 30 days.

Note: Either type of Custom Maker counts.

We've raised the drop rate of Custom Makers across the board in all chance machines! These rates will be monitored closely and adjusted if the balancing can be improved.

Custom Roll Limits and cooldowns can be viewed on the front page under Newest Customs.
Or on each Custom Archive page!

Custom Maker Info Updates

CUSTOM RULES UPDATE ♦ A section has been added at the bottom that outlines what a custom clothing/pet is on Dappervolk.
CUSTOM FAQ UPDATE ♦ The FAQ has been separated into 3 different posts for better clarity, info on Custom Distribution has been added to cover questions asked about this process.
CUSTOM PET ARCHIVE UPDATE ♦ New info about Custom Distribution and Custom Site Limit have been added.
CUSTOM CLOTHING ARCHIVE UPDATE ♦ New info about Custom Distribution and Custom Site Limit have been added.

Reasons for adding the Site Wide Custom Maker limit:
  • We can control the drop rate of Custom Makers to keep the queue manageable for our artists while also not making the drop rate extremely low.
  • It allows a better chance for the average user to obtain a custom maker due to the higher drop rate.
  • We can ideally control deflation by putting a limit on custom maker obtainment and stopping users from endlessly sinking potatoes into machines.

As promised, we worked on and completed 3 new Ravan Deity items that are now stocked in Agnes' Winter Boutique!

You can obtain the currency - Scrap of Knowledge - to purchase these items by completing Pai's Seasonal Quests:
A Search for the Unknown
Perusing the Constellation Library
Secrets of the Tomes

Thank you for playing and supporting Dappervolk, we'll be back soon with more updates!


  • Villager Incognito (#62073) 8 Feb 2022, 6:28 am
    THE LIMITS ARE UP!!!! Thank you, Staff!
  • Villager eavesdropper (#54126) 8 Feb 2022, 6:33 am
  • Villager Cormanthor (#37138) 8 Feb 2022, 6:33 am
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the custom maker updates! That's going to create a much more balanced experience for everyone. Yay admin!
  • Villager Hell (#32711) 8 Feb 2022, 6:34 am
    very cool :D thank you
  • Villager pyroeis (#14516) 8 Feb 2022, 6:39 am
    I think it's good to balance things ^^ but is there a way to know when the custom maker is off cooldown and can be dropped on the site again? I don't want to waste all of my potatoes trying to get something that isn't even available D:
  • Villager Kokichi (#2460) 8 Feb 2022, 6:40 am
    Thank you for this, hopefully I can spin one now. is there going to be a message or something? saying the custom was already claimed or are we just going to keep spinning in hopes it's not taken.
  • Villager Tsunami102 (#57292) 8 Feb 2022, 6:52 am
  • Villager Vio (#8758) 8 Feb 2022, 6:54 am
    Hell yeah! This is way sooner than expected! I'm surprised how fast the maker was spun. Very cool!

    To those curious, under the "latest customs" on the front page, it shows if the maker has been rolled and how long until the next one can be rolled.
  • Villager gaiaheim (#55760) 8 Feb 2022, 7:52 am
    good updates!
  • Villager Krissim (#36) 8 Feb 2022, 8:04 am
    A month cool-down is nothing. At a minimum I would say it should be a year cool-down, although the cool-downs in general would be easy to circumvent. The shops should also be edited so the status message on legendary pulls shows directly between the spin button, so it is more transparent when they are not available (especially to future members who are unlikely to ever read this news post).

    I also feel like the fact the custom was pulled before a lot of us had even signed on for the day, is a sign of just how much there needs to be other high end rewards that can be earned through general rolling. A tier between legendary and rare that has exclusive pets/clothes/other items. Perhaps there could even be an option for custom owners to opt in to allow their items to be earned in this manner. We need more potato sinks that don't rely on being the only lucky person to pull a custom in a week.
  • Villager lzcrystal (#36802) 8 Feb 2022, 8:16 am
    I didn't expect this update to be out the day after the stream :o very nice!!
  • Villager Kokichi (#2460) 8 Feb 2022, 8:16 am
    Oh I'm blind. I didn't see the "Custom Roll Limits and cooldowns can be viewed on the front page under Newest Customs." I like this a lot.
  • Villager Alice1999 (#28293) 8 Feb 2022, 8:38 am
    man I am kinda upset about the custom limit... I've never gotten one ever and would love the chance to but it seems like im never gonna get one :') rip
  • Villager Teamfailboat (#23909) 8 Feb 2022, 8:40 am
    Great to see the custom drop update! Also I like the rest timer countdown that’s been added too :)
  • Villager Pericci (#3773) 8 Feb 2022, 11:26 am
    A 30 day limit if you’ve pulled a custom maker is nothing. That’s only three custom cycles and will do nothing to stop that person from amassing a bunch of potatoes over the month and then spinning again.

    Also 1 per 10 days is good in the sense that it stops the artist from getting overwhelmed, but it makes it impossible for an average user to *ever* get a custom item. All this means is that the richest users are going to hoard all of their potatoes and roll the second the cool down is up. Doesn’t help that the richest users are people who already own customs ):

    Overall, I’m very disappointed with this. Imho you should have a custom limit of 1 pet and 1 clothing item per account.
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