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We're Hiring Artists!

Hello everyone, our expansion of the Artist Team has officially begun!

We are looking for artists who are willing to join our creative team and take on a longterm position and on-site role. The position is paid for on a project by project basis, in which artists will be assigned work periodically to be completed by certain deadlines. The amount of assigned work depends on the site's needs, budget, as well as artist availability. Artists will have the option of being paid in Real Life Currency or Turnips at market rates based on their preferences.

The position of Site Artist entails:
  • Signing an NDA, contract, and using our Site Artist Discord server regularly to communicate
  • Hands-on training under our Head Artist for various areas of site development
  • Collaboration with the Head Artist as well as the rest of the team on various projects
  • Artwork created can include (Depending on artist strengths and project needs):
    • Pet Edits
    • Item recolours
    • Items, Clothing assets
    • Pet assets
    • Other Misc Artwork

A member of the Artist Team would be expected to:
  • Work well in a team setting, providing feedback and bringing creative ideas to the table
  • Be accountable, present, and communicative
  • Be proficient in Photoshop or another PSD-enabled program
  • Complete their assigned work within deadlines
  • Represent Dappervolk in a professional and welcoming manner


If you're interested in this position, please fill out the application below and email it to [email protected] with your portfolio and resume attached.

Username and ID:
You consent to providing your full name if accepted:
Type “Yes” to consent. This is required as you will be signing an artist contract and an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in regards to any unreleased Dappervolk content you may see or create as an artist for Dappervolk. It is however fully confidential and will remain with the site owner only.
Confirm that you are over 18 years of age:
Type “Yes” here, only adults over 18 years of age are legally able to enter into a binding contract and receive payment.
We're looking for team members who can participate in active discussions regarding asset development and participate in the on-hands training process. 
Preferred rates:
Outline the general rate of pay you would like per piece completed. Examples of what you could use are per item, pet, or a general hourly rate.
Asset Preferences:
Let us know which area(s) of art development you're most interested in contributing to on Dappervolk. Ie. Items, clothing, pets, other?
Let us know a bit about yourself and what interests you about becoming an artist for Dappervolk. What qualities do you have that would make you a great addition to our team? Feel free to also include information about yourself outside of Dappervolk too, such as any hobbies/interests! 
Experience on Pet/Avatar Sites:

Please share any relevant experience you may have working as an artist for other sites, or otherwise playing a role as a community figure. 
Username(s) on Social Media: If applicable!
Username(s) on other Petsites/Communities: If applicable!
Any other Details/Information: Optional

Why not have a standardized payment rate?
There is too much variation in experience, skill, and preference in different artists for us to set a standard rate of payment here. Please list out payment preferences most suitable for you when applying. The preferred payment artists receive is at their comfort and discretion, and will not have any weight when reviewing applications.

How are artists selected?
We will be hiring applicants who seem like a good fit for the team based on art style, past experience and skill level. All artists will be joining our team of creatives and taking on work that fits into their own schedule. We're looking to create a great team environment that will boost the creativity and variety of future site content.

What kind of hours are artists expected to work each month?
This is flexible for each artist, we have no minimums for work taken on each month. Essentially, artists will claim what they have time for in each project and manage their time independantly around our planned deadlines.

Will hired artists be drawing turnip-based items such as monthly sets?
No. We will not be hiring artists to draw items or content that directly generate revenue. All site artists will be working on free-to-play content such as new permanent items/pets, assets, and free seasonal content.

Why ask for a timezone?
This is to best coordinate scheduled things like deadlines. If selected, we will be getting in touch to discuss everything in further detail, as not everyone in the same timezone has the same active schedule.

When will my application be replied to?
Due to the potential volume of applications, we may not be able to reply to every application, but thank everyone in advance for their interest in the available positions! We will be emailing with additional questions where applicable.
Applications will remain open indefinitely until we assemble a full team.


Thank you for reading, and feel free to spread the word about hiring opportunities on Dappervolk! We look forward to hearing from you, and we're so excited to expand our creative team and get to know everyone in the process.


  • Villager Antimoany (#1096) 25 Jul 2021, 12:13 am
    i notice this doesn't address literally the biggest (and only) real criticism.

    the correct response to criticism is to remove the thing being criticised, not to pretend it wasn't criticised.
  • Villager Monako (#1108) 25 Jul 2021, 12:44 am
    " Unlike when commissioning a freelance artist, we cannot provide contractual payment via Patreon, Kofi, or other options used by freelance commission artists. This would be unprofessional on our part and still wouldn't solve the issue of currency conversion from CAD not being available to everyone. "

    So, it would be unprofessional to provide payment through alternative means but not unprofessional to pay artists in monopoly money?
  • Villager WEN (#19657) 25 Jul 2021, 8:36 am
    Thank you for the update. I would suggest adding the information provided by jackalloops (#206) in the Dappervolk forum. https://dappervolk.com/forum/post/1497253

    This part especially would be relevant to various artists who might not be able to use Paypal (whether is lack of non-Paypal supported OR banned from the service):

    https://dappervolk.com/forum/post/1497253 > Why Offer Turnips as a Payment Option?

    At the point of this comment (25 July 2021, 8:36am DVT) - I want to stress to any artist who has not seen the forum response that if you don't have a Paypal they do not currently have an alternative means of paying you RLC and will only offer you Turnips as payment.


    For the DV team, may I suggest perhaps looking at Wise as an secondary payment option for RLC? It does allow for invoicing as well as sending money as a business: https://wise.com/help/articles/2950528/how-do-i-send-money-as-a-business
  • Villager DontPanic (#36795) 25 Jul 2021, 9:24 am
    Thank you for the updates on this, and I just want to second WEN's suggestion to check out Wise as another option! It's very good for dealing with switching between multiple currencies!
  • Villager Simi (#3588) 25 Jul 2021, 10:56 pm
    Everyone needs to stop getting their undies in a wad and read the post before sprouting off and starting drama. It says that the artist could either be paid by rl currency or IF THE ARTIST so chooses it can be turnips. But it is up to the artist how they get paid.
  • Villager Calix (#5919) 26 Jul 2021, 11:31 am
    Simi (#3588)

    You should actually read the dissenting comments before getting /your/ undies in a twist.

    Clearly, we know it's optional.

    The issue is, for one, artists who are international without the option of Paypal because of fees will have no choice but go with turnips. They don't want to use kofi or other international friendly options because it's "unprofessional". Yet offering monopoly money isn't?

    Second, DV is automatically incentivized to hire artists working for turnips over RLC, it's simple business. It's only an 'option' if they are 100% unbiased when it comes to artists and their payment methods, which I would never trust given that turnip artists are in essence free labor. It would be a silly business move to not hire on as many free workers as possible.

    Third, as someone else pointed out, younger or more inexperienced artists (18 is an adult legally but it doesn't mean you've got the experience and wisdom of one) or those not confident in their skills may feel they won't have a chance of being picked if they submit for RLC, so may fall back to turnips because they doubt their own skills. I know I was very much in this boat for too much of my art career and screwed myself out of fair payment far too often. Hindsight is 20/20, I've learned from it, but I want to help make sure other artists don't fall in that trap as well.

    Lastly, it's just insulting to me on the basis that DV is a massive petsite with the privilege that 99% of petsites don't get- they started out with *plentiful* funds, nearly double Flight Rising and FR handles their art hiring extremely professionally, no mention of IGC whatsoever, as it should be.

    The majority of all petsites are struggling as they go, making enough to make ends meet as they become developed.
    When those petsites offer IGC for payment, it's out of necessity. They don't like doing it- they feel awful for not being able to pay all artists $.
    When DV does it, given their history, all I am left to assume is that it's out of greed.
  • Villager explosion (#59350) 1 Aug 2021, 12:01 am
    Predatory labor relationships are the root of all evil on earth

    Providing people with options that PURPORT TO or SEEM TO serve their self-interest - people who are disadvantaged by being young and naive, BADLY INFORMED, or in an unusually VULNERABLE circumstances such as being extremely poor - yet CoULD NOT POSSIBLY BENEFIT THEM IN ANY REAL ROBUST SENSE OF THE TERM, IS exploitation

  • Villager Archenitesky (#10659) 24 Aug 2021, 7:53 pm
    I don't normally talk in these comment sections but I agree the whole "if you don't use PayPal, we can't pay you actually money" is not a good way to go about it. If you really want to offer turnips it should be real money AND turnips not an either or situation.

    A lot of my other thoughts have been said by others as well.
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