Hey there, looks like you just wandered in. Why not have a look around and stay for a while, maybe even start your own adventure, if you're into that.
The last of the slumber party attendees have drifted off into dream land, and Nico collapses into a cushion. What time of day is it?
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Welcome to the final installment of the Anniversary Festivities! Thank you for participating thus far, may you enjoy the Gala and rest well at the slumber party until celebrations end on July 12th!

You may have noticed the polls being up at the top of each Anniversary news post, stay tuned for a community created item at the end of the event!
With this final installment, you may also notice a new interaction within the Pearl Gala quest.


After putting together the rest of the Slumber Party supplies, Nico collapses into a heap of blankets and pillows clearly exhausted but with a satisfied smile.

Sleepily, they reflect that perhaps this was just their subconscious way of getting themself to finally take a good rest. They're so used to constantly being busy that it's been difficult to slow down once in a while.


Don't forget to enter the Avatar Contest and Custom Giveaway if you haven't yet! They're both ending at the end of July 3rd, so this is your 24 hour notice!


Another Custom Giveaway will be going up later in the month that will be on site only - open to non-first time owners as well to make up for the empty cycle from May.

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to everyone - veteran or newbie - for spending time in the world we're building with Dappervolk! We're looking forward to what's to come and taking these steps together with our community. Here's to the future and all of its possibilities!


  • Villager EarthYing (#70311) 3 Jul 2024, 12:30 am
    The New items are lovely but may I ask if staff ever count if it's enough PEARL TRINKET during the event for New Player to get each of the items? Or it's setting to be they have to choose some, for other items just wait for Next Year to get or use any other way to get them?
  • Villager Krissim (#36) 3 Jul 2024, 12:39 am
    Really feeling like the event needs to be lengthened or the drop rates of trinkets need to be upped for the main quest. With new items repeatedly added, I am not sure I will even get a complete set of the new items this year. I have found zero through random encounters.
  • Villager Kalkyrie (#6623) 3 Jul 2024, 12:53 am
    I have to agree with Krissim and EarthYing.
    The drop rate for trinkets feels extremely low. I've done a ton of alchemy and only gotten 2 trunks and I haven't seen any random events. I worry that there's not enough currency granted from the quests to cover even a full set of the new items which would be really frustrating. Not to mention the quests don't always give the same amount of trinkets which is also a pain. I love seeing all the new items but they should be obtainable, especially for newbies.

    It'll be neat to see the 'community created item' once its done.
    Maybe next year to actually make it feel more like a celebration we can see whats been implemented that year, or like what accomplishments have been made, who won contests, etc. It'd be nice to have a sort of review of the year.
  • Villager Sorceress (#17451) 3 Jul 2024, 2:04 am
    I love this event! I like the item instalments and the polls, and the new items are cute: the standout is the bedtime hair. It's very easy to complete the few quests for trinkets. I'm enjoying the story very much too - the stories are what I most enjoy about the site
  • Villager Roshan (#75058) 3 Jul 2024, 2:34 am
    blankets and pillows ... they all look super comfy ^_^ ... and that pillow fort is sheer love <333
  • Villager LotusMoon (#9931) 3 Jul 2024, 4:47 am
    I did the Pearl Gala quest today, but there's no new interaction? It's only the same repeatable daily dialogue.

    And I also agree with the above comments, the event needs to be lengthened or trinkets need to be upped in the daily. There's simply not enough trinkets to buy everything from this year, let alone those who want last years' items too.
  • Villager Tealeaf (#3106) 3 Jul 2024, 6:29 am
    If you get 30 trinkets a day for the entire event, which is more than doable with the 4 quests that provide them (5 from Agnes' daily, 5 from the alchemy quest, and 20 minimum from the two pearl gala quests), you will be able to get almost all the new items. You're more likely to be getting 35-40+ trinkets a day, plus there's the special pearl gala quests that gives you extra trinkets; so if you're doing the dailies on the daily you should be not only able to get all the new items but a few of the old items as well. This event is actually incredibly friendly towards newbies/new players since the daily quests are the most efficient way to gather trinkets and the two daily pearl gala quests require no resources whatsoever and provide the most trinkets. The fact that you can't get EVERY item in one year if you include the older years even gives savvy newbies an opportunity to make extra potatoes if they want to sell some of the items instead, since there will still be demand for those items from players who want to complete their collections.
  • Villager Krissim (#36) 3 Jul 2024, 12:09 pm
    Alchemy quest requires 25 items minimum to sacrifice into the void. That isn't what I would consider newbie friendly. As an older player I don't even have that much stuff I want to toss on the daily. From what I have seen, there's no way to cancel out of it like regular quests. Compared to most events, DV just feels like they are being stingy this year with the event currency drops.

    It also doesn't help that the items that people would actually want multiples of (the pets) are the most expensive.
  • Villager Moonbluum (#75568) 3 Jul 2024, 7:29 pm
    As a newbie myself, I agree with Tealeaf. I'm plenty happy with the amount of trinkets I'm given from the various port interactions! I don't want every single item. I've learned over the years that grinding to collect every item in a game is a direct path to getting burnt out super fast. I'd rather play with a sustainable amount of energy put into playing. I am getting the ones I like and then some, and I'll have a little something to trade later, seeing as right now I have no way to afford other much-sought items from Dappervolk's past.
  • Villager WanderLostGirl (#17106) 13 Jul 2024, 6:10 am
    i could swear the shops stayed open a little longer than the event lasted... i wish currency would not expire, or at the very least make it alchemizable after events end instead of making us sit and watch it for a year between events XD

    maybe reminder posts about the shop closing like we do for pai/oran would be helpful...

    i coulda bought 1 more or each pet ;_;
  • Villager Alice1999 (#28293) 14 Jul 2024, 11:42 pm
    I agree with wonderlostgirl- I had 113 spare trinkets I wanted to trade in for the extra pets! ;3; now they are just sitting in my storage with other currency which isn't dissapearing and that I can't alcamise. Normally they are open like a week after the event finishes.
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