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Welcome to April!

Hello everyone! Welcome to April, we hope you're doing well and continuing to enjoy dappyvolk!

Our 46th month of limited shops has arrived:
April's theme is the Alpine Shepherd!

A merry procession, well equipped with warm comforts braves the skyward peaks. Always seeking greener pastures over yonder.

See Full Item Previews here and in the Clothing Diary!
What are Turnips & Monthly Shops? Click here for information!

This month we have a treat, a new pet species has arrived in Pai's Shop of Wonders!

3767-ofnfEco1W7-alpine-shepherd-cow-basket.png 3756-DQpNaqesG8-alpine-shepherd-hat.png 3757-jIztpso8YM-alpine-shepherd-long-hair.png 3763-sx2liM134j-alpine-shepherd-pants.png 3759-iTUn1fZkn8-alpine-shepherd-robe.png 3762-0zxxsqOJ8p-alpine-shepherd-skirt.png 3760-mosYQ33PgU-alpine-shepherd-sweater.png 3766-vG2MwiwVfb-alpine-shepherd-wings.png3773-NCf0Qob4F1-alpine-shepherd-woolen-tuft.png

Pai's Shop of Wonders
Pai's Shop of Wonders is stocking these 9 items for 200 turnips per clothing and 500 turnips for the hatching item.

Chest containing 8 Pai clothing items available for 1500 turnips  ♦ 100 turnip discount!
Bundle containing 3 of the hatching item available for 1200 turnips300 turnip discount!

Alpine Shepherd ♦ Cow Basket, Hat, Long Hair, Pants, Robe, Skirt, Sweater, Wings

NOTICE: We've separated the hatching item from the clothing in chests this month following player feedback and will be monitoring this change. Feel free to post your thoughts!


Agnes' Perpetual Shop
Agnes' Perpetual Shop stocks a chest that contains a set of Pai's 8 clothing items for a discounted 1500 Turnips.
She is also stocking a bundle containing 3 of Pai's hatching items for 1200 turnips.

3764-1YuMfdsMxI-alpine-shepherd-booties.png 3769-QYXuF3jQe5-alpine-shepherd-fastidiousness.png 3768-zQA0EbL5VA-alpine-shepherd-lips.png 3771-655JUZ2F70-alpine-shepherd-shaded-skin.png 3758-AMXpQjtMIw-alpine-shepherd-short-hair.png 3765-RfLhMX53Lq-alpine-shepherd-staff.png 3770-Gj9lRlB7bK-alpine-shepherd-sunlit-skin.png 3761-ADTwxUqmJW-alpine-shepherd-tank.png

Oran's Emporium
Oran's Emporium is stocking these 8 clothing items this month for 9,000 potatoes per spin!

Alphine Shepherd  ♦ Booties, Fastidiousness, Lips, Shaded Skin, Short Hair, Staff, Sunlit Skin, Tank

These monthly shop clothing items will run until April 30th, after which they will be removed to house May's monthly items!

A fragrant breeze creates ripples across the serenity of clear spring waters. Lanterns and lotus blooms alike twinkle in the light of day or the timidness of night.


  • Speak to Lian at the Lotus Pavilion to begin the seasonal quest "A Drop in the Lake"
  • There are 3 quests in total to be unlocked in succession.
  • "The Lotus Festival" is a daily repeatable quest which can be completed 4 times per day.
  • Lian's Temple Stall is open again for the month of April!
  • Stocked are Signi's items, with 1 new item available!
  • Signi's seasonal currency "Ceramic Scale" can be obtained from seasonal quests in the Lotus Pavilion as well as through several other regular site mechanics.


Visit the Theater and click on the "CHECK REWARDS" button to see the new rewards!

Agnes' Cellar has creaked open for no apparent reason, as everything is normal this month.

This month, the art development stream will take place on...


A status post with a link to the stream will be posted when it begins!
We'll be working on wishes from the Wishing Well thread.
Hope to see you there!

The ribbiting will occur later this month, are you ready?

Along with our amphibian wonders, we'll be busy this month with updating several aspects of the codebase to keep up to date with security and compatibility. We may experience some downtime here and there along with potential bugs and areas of the site temporarily not working. We'll be keeping a close eye on everything and working to update and fix things as smoothly as possible. Status posts will be shared if we're anticipating down time or maintenance. Thank you for your cooperation!

We'll be having another Nico's Avatar Contest later this month, run by our kindly community managers. More info will be shared when we're closer to the start time!

We're a little behind on the current batch of customs due to our workload last month, but should be getting caught up relatively early this month. Thank you for your patience!

With the introduction of new features in our latest changelog post such as the previewing system as well as content updates like the Aviar Cove balancing, we've been chipping away at our current priorities list in the Roadmap.

Our most recent QoL and new feature updates have been in preparation for our major marketplace updates that we're working on. We may be releasing more partial updates like this as long as they can stand alone on our road to completing the overhaul of the trades market as well as the new pet accessory and customs markets. Our Roadmap thread will be updated accordingly when we're ready!

As always, thank you so much for playing and supporting
Dappervolk. We'll be back with more updates soon!


  • Villager Reineke (#63459) 1 Apr 2024, 5:11 am
    This is the best april update ever, thank you
  • Villager Caprineki (#44251) 1 Apr 2024, 5:18 am
    BOOOOOOOOO now not only do I have to buy turnips for a chest but I have to buy a whole other thing for an expensive ASF hatchable??? That's the WHOLE POINT of buying the chest is you make one purchase and get everything from pai. I buy turnips for a chest every month and it's getting to the point where every month is more and more expensive. But it's usually accompanied by extra stuff, so it's reasonable. And I almost always buy extra turnips to get an extra chest on months with a hatchable. But the benefit of that is I get a double of EVERYTHING. If someone wants an extra hatchable buy an extra hatchable. 1200 for three is not a discount. I'm to the point where I'm starting to question if it's too expensive for me to buy game currency when half the time I hardly like the items. But now I have to buy extra turnips or miss out on the hatchables too? Clothing my avatar is the only reason I'm still ON DV. Based on player feedback my foot. This can only stand to alienate the dwindling player base. I can understand dv needs to make money, but this feels like a cash grab. Frankly I'm furious. Why wouldn't you make a hatchable in the chest and make a separate bundle? This makes me lose all interest in the chest. And frankly as a game I play only to dress up my avatar, it makes me begin to lose interest in the game altogether.
  • Villager b12deficient (#56662) 1 Apr 2024, 5:18 am
    the idea that players were clamoring to pay more per month is disingenuous and kinda insulting to our intelligence. or is that the April fools joke?
  • Villager WanderLostGirl (#17106) 1 Apr 2024, 7:03 am
    i finally saved up enough for a chest and skipped last month BECAUSE there was no pet, now pets are forever going to be separate? inflation on this site is getting just as bad as gaia, now the item manipulation starts too
    cant even enjoy being a duck
  • Villager JaneBuzJane (#24420) 1 Apr 2024, 7:13 am
    I like: The April Fool's Dappyvolk update
    I do not like: paying more for chests + hatching items overall. That "ease of use tax" is annoying for the players who didn't care about the hatchable being separate
  • Villager Stars (#5748) 1 Apr 2024, 7:34 am
    First of all, I LOVE the April Fools update this year - super cute.

    I guess I'm in the minority in this thread, but I actually really like the condensed version of the monthly items preview thread, heh.

    However, I do echo that the change is welcome for the monthly hatchable... IF the chest also still included the hatch inside of it, also. I understand that this is a test of doing it this way and is subject to more tweaking, but I don't think that the userbase ever wanted the two items separated in a monthly set.
  • Villager Moon (#49) 1 Apr 2024, 8:05 am
    Where are the full item previews?
  • Villager Roxy_Lalonde (#34545) 1 Apr 2024, 8:05 am
    omg, I love the new user avatars and the scribbly pets soooooo much!!!! 💕✨💗
  • Villager Roxy_Lalonde (#34545) 1 Apr 2024, 8:13 am
    Wait, what? Hatchables are not included into the chest sets? But why? Is it because everything is rising in price? I can hardly afford monthly chests but I don't closely monitor the turnip prices for the chests with hatchables. Is it 2k turnips now to get everything or more? I'm bad at math lol
    I got used that when you're buying the chest you can exhale with relief that you got everything this month, it'll be hard to re-learn and readjust x.x
  • Villager Zethare (#24891) 1 Apr 2024, 8:13 am
    These items match the Moth set! and btw I love the April 1st update, very adorable.
  • Villager Woodelf (#66398) 1 Apr 2024, 8:23 am
    The PREVIEWING SYSTEM is SO GOOD omg thank you ;n;
    Thank you so much

    Also, this April Fools prank is adorable and delightful, I am enjoying it so so much. I wish I could really have these as pets <3
  • Villager Totalanimefan (#23751) 1 Apr 2024, 9:21 am
    Thanks for the pet bundle! I’ll be getting that.
  • Villager BlackRose (#9895) 1 Apr 2024, 9:45 am
    Wow. Is April just the month of DV's bad decisions? It was just last April they decided to add a second Oran section which was a big flop. Now to make another change this April that causes us to spend even more again? And with real money currency this time. Ouch. Lol

    Please just add back the clothing chest containing the hatchable. It's such a simple fix. Have both for those that don't want the hatchable and those that do. Then everyone is happy. I will never ever buy anything from Pai's shop anymore if I have to spend even more on the stuff that I want. If I like the set enough to want the chest with everything I just want one of each item, I don't ever buy more hatchables for the evolved or even to use as a totem, I just want one. And if my buying of Pai stuff stops so does my interest in the site because I like collecting things that I find pretty and cool, I'm a collector, so without much new story stuff to do Pai was one of the last few things keeping me around. So again, I just simply ask for the chest with the clothing + hatchable to be added back, that's it, keep the other two new chests since I do see how some may find interest/use in them, but just add back in that third. If the chest is not added back then I will just plain up see this as a cash grab since that's the only reason why the chest wouldn't be added back and I actually will drop the site this time if that's the case, I don't have time for sites and games that try to nickel and dime me. So the cards are in your hands now, DV.

    Now onto some positive things. I really like this April Fools prank, it's super cute and such a fun little thing! I also really really like the tooltip previews since I always disliked the items being previewed on a colored/detailed skin, I wanted a more neutral color exactly like how the tooltip is since it's easier for me to distinguish the item from the skin. So I really appreciate that. I do think the preview thread should stick to the old images though for those who prefer that. I can see how the hovering would be an absolute pain on mobile devices.
  • Villager Abyssalsparten (#7285) 1 Apr 2024, 10:16 am
    This april fools prank is super fun and cute, I love it sm. All the little doodles are soo adorable aaa!!!

    I do not like chests not including the pet hatchable. I think there should be an option to buy the chest that contains every item + Hatchable and also allow people to buy the hatchable separately if they want to. Or make 3 options, 1. chest with everything in it 2. A bundle of clothes??? for just the clothing items. 3. Just the hatchable. I think this would make it convenient for people who want everything, those who just want all the clothes, and those who just want the hatchable. The price for chest and hatchable being 2000 vs 1900 is not a lot honestly but it does suck. Chests had the convenience of being able to get everything in one bundle, so now its less convenient and more expensive.
  • Villager explosion (#59350) 1 Apr 2024, 10:35 am
    i really really do not like the chests this way
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