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Welcome to December!

Hello everyone! Welcome to December, we hope you're staying warm with the coming of frosty days!

Our 30th month of limited shops has arrived:
December's theme is the Dragonglass Bowmaster!

Ancient boughs of moss obscure the fluttering of glassy wings,
an emerald arrow flies. A deep rumbling in the earth denotes
the craft of a master.

See Full Item Previews here.
What are Turnips & Monthly Shops? Click here for information!

This month we have special treats, 2 new pet species have arrived respectively in Pai's Shop of Wonders and Oran's Emporium!


Pai's Shop of Wonders
Pai's Shop of Wonders is stocking these 8 clothing items for 200 turnips each, and 500 turnips for the hatching item.

A chest containing all 9 items is available at 1800 turnips  - a discount of 400 turnips!

Dragonglass Bowmaster Mist Dragonglass Bowmaster Cloak
Dragonglass Bowmaster Updo Dragonglass Bowmaster Drapes
Dragonglass Bowmaster Wings 
Dragonglass Bowmaster Headwings
Dragonglass Bowmaster Dress 
Dragonglass Bowmaster Forest
Dragonglass Crystal

Agnes' Perpetual Shop
Agnes' Perpetual Shop stocks a chest that contains a set of Pai's 9 shop items for a discounted 1800 Turnips.


Oran's Emporium
Oran's Emporium is stocking these 8 clothing items this month for 9,000 potatoes per spin! Additionally, the Dragonglass Sprig hatching item is available in his Bonus Prize pool!

Dragonglass Bowmaster Quiver Dragonglass Bowmaster Boots
Dragonglass Bowmaster Mullet Dragonglass Bowmaster Lips
Dragonglass Bowmaster Skin 
Dragonglass Bowmaster Peripherals
Dragonglass Bowmaster Tunic 
Dragonglass Bowmaster Arc
Dragonglass Sprig

These monthly shop clothing items will run until December 31st, after which they will be removed to house January's monthly items!

2894-gwzcbrak5O-winter-seed.pngx3 plus11.png2895-vwMLfUtGzq-winter-soil.pngplus11.png  1406-Ur8itr1pJs-mixer-potion.png  equals11.png  2893-qJe96mv9ee-winter-fruit.png
With the arrival of the Winter season, a new Seasonal Pet has appeared!

  • The ingredients to make the hatching item can be found in Pai, Agnes, and Oran's shops' Bonus Prize pools.
  • The item alchemy recipe is available in your recipe book and shown above.
  • This Seasonal Pet will remain in the shops for 3 months and rotate out at the end of February to be replaced by a pet for the next season.
  • Seasonal pets are obtainable annually on a rotation! The hatching items can be alchemized at any time of the year.

2021 Winter Shard Pets
The Winter Shards from last year have returned to Pai and Agnes' Shops this spring at a flat rate of 500 turnips, and Oran's Bonus Claim. Alchemize all 4 shards + a mixer potion to create the Winter Stone hatching item!

This month, the sleeping one's shadow lifts, giving way to a tidal wave from within the deep seas. 

Visit the Theater and click on the "CHECK REWARDS" button to see the new rewards!

This month, there will be 2 different art development streams!



A status post with a link to the stream will be posted when each one begins!
We'll be working on wishes from the Wishing Well thread.
Hope to see you there!

In order to space out updates and prevent workload conflict, we've decided to make sure that each month's batch of customs is completed by the middle of the month rather than the end of the month. November's batch of customs will be coming out in the next few days, and then December's batch will be claimed and worked on!

We're planning a small Winter Advent Calendar quest to celebrate the season which will be released some time this month!

In between our various priorities, we've been slowly finishing up the roadmap, and will be ready to release it this month, along with the beta changelog!

Even though we've been pluggin away at our Thalies event preparation, we're currently reconsidering its timing. The usual timing for Thalies' month would have been in September, but it's now December and the season wouldn't really match this deity's lore. We're discussing whether or not to keep this event for next year and instead plan something else that won't feel as out of place for the next event. We'll let everyone know what our decision is once we've arrived at it, thanks for hearing our thoughts!

Assets are 90% complete for our upcoming Silvie's Mine Balancing update! We just need to compile everything, adjust and test quest rebalancing, and input all assets. We're planning to get this update out some time next month.

As always, thank you so much for playing and supporting
Dappervolk. We'll be back with more updates soon!


  • Villager recca8 (#68822) 1 Dec 2022, 12:21 am
    It looks so refreshing.
  • Villager Dakkokki (#23525) 1 Dec 2022, 12:24 am
    As much as green is my favorite color, I feel a little too overloaded with it with this set, everything kinda gets lost. I dig the idea tho
  • Villager manders (#34464) 1 Dec 2022, 12:25 am
    FYI the link in the full item previews leads to November, not Decembers news post!
  • Villager Grimling (#15239) 1 Dec 2022, 12:26 am
    Oran pet lets gooooo
  • Villager FumiLEX (#3423) 1 Dec 2022, 12:26 am
    Woah 3 new pets after the 4 we got recently, that's awesome, I'm excited to see how they look! I already really like the preview for the seasonal. Also lovely to see a very rich green set of avatar items, and to hear that both the roadmap/beta changelog and silvie's mine balancing are so far along!
  • Villager gaiaheim (#55760) 1 Dec 2022, 12:32 am
  • Villager gaiaheim (#55760) 1 Dec 2022, 12:32 am
  • Villager ETC (#64007) 1 Dec 2022, 12:37 am
    oh no tht new seasonal pet.. what am i gonna doooo.... lol
  • Villager Cheshire (#1198) 1 Dec 2022, 12:43 am
    Advent Calendar yaaas :D !!!
  • Villager Empusa (#6056) 1 Dec 2022, 12:50 am
    love it :D its also super awesome that one hatchable is available from oran <3
  • Villager Adorn (#12746) 1 Dec 2022, 12:53 am
    how stunning!!!
  • Villager Teamfailboat (#23909) 1 Dec 2022, 12:59 am
    Green and teal!!!! The new set looks amazing! :D
  • Villager Morpha (#27929) 1 Dec 2022, 4:13 am
    Oh wow. This set is so gorgeous! Very much my favorite set yet. The colors, theme, and execution are all beautiful. I was hoping for something good when I saw the color preview and you certainly didn’t disappoint!
  • Villager kiri (#20758) 1 Dec 2022, 4:33 am
    oh nooo i might need both pets...

    also the forest background is gorgeous!!
  • Villager Caprineki (#44251) 1 Dec 2022, 5:34 am
    What is with the inflation on monthly sets lately!!! I hate this, I used to spend 20$ on turnips and had plenty for some stuff left over but it just keeps going up! At this rate soon I won't even be able to buy a chest for 20$. If I'm gonna have to be dealing with insane inflation I at least want something really fantastic to show for it! But it's not like these are somehow superior, they're all excellent but they're no more excellent than before when the price was 1500. I could understand if there were extra pieces or something, I can even understand a little with a pet. But I feel like a set without a pet should be 1500 unless it's large, and one with a pet should be 1600 or something.
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