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Winter Festivities Conclusions

Hello everyone, thank you so much for participating in our
Winter Festivities! We hope you had a great time exploring
Soll's Ruins and adventuring with Astra and Pellumi.
What was your favourite moment with them?

Here are some end of event stats you might be interested in!
In total, 1974 users wrapped up 66732 gifts in Pellumi's Sun Festival!

70 users made 259 submissions in the Bauble Decoration Contest!
55 users made 160 submissions in the Creativity Prompt Contest!
189 users made 485 submissions in the Avatar Contest Thread!

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our contests! We had such a fun time looking at and reading entries to the creativity contest and bauble contest, and the wide range of interpretations of the "Tale of Opposites" theme made for an exciting avatar contest to judge.

Here are the different winners we rolled or picked for each contest!

Here are our Staff Team's favourites! All of the submissions were amazing to go through and so difficult to narrow down, we had a great time picking them out! Click on each thumbnail to see the full submission.

Akilsa (#15714)  • Celetara (#12726) • Aremisu (#25941)
Ciphers (#5049) • Clifford (#12105) • ChaosArceus (#38112)
CloudyCatte (#12062) • CopperSunset (#7396) • Doku (#14706)
Notos (#40719) • Hummingbelle (#48417)  • Hopepunk (#64616)
Incognito (#62073) • itsminos (#50835) • Johannabelle (#31826)
Leonine (#7013)  •  LotusMoon (#9931) • Kanada (#2634)
McVee (#56009) • Melial (#61736) • MistyGold (#20588)
Noetsie (#18534)  • R000P (#13367) •  DrowntheFrowns (#30795)
Rosre (#16323) • Roxy_Lalonde (#34545) • Rylaigh (#5465)
tapirus (#22206) • Teamfailboat (#23909) • toe (#7335)

Visit the thread here to see all Raffle Prize Winners!


All Pellumi's Pick winner submissions were added to the Sun Festival Tree as bauble wrapping selections! Visit the thread here to see all Pellumi's Pick Prize Winners!

Visit the thread here to see all Raffle Prize Winners!

Here are the outfits that won each round of preliminary voting!
Akilsa (#15714)Celiane (#1661)abel (#142)
Susurrous (#12590)larkspur (#2071)

Here are the preliminary winners and their outfits selected for each round of voting!

Visit the thread here to see all Raffle Prize Winners!

Here are some plans for improvements for future events like this that we've accumulated from hosting this event!
  • We'll be adding more areas to obtain embellishments such as more daily quest rewards, other site mechanics, etc! This way, users will have an easier time getting embellishments and wrapping up more presents for the pool.
  • We'll also be looking into some additional daily reward claims to add to the tree.
  • Mostly after introducing the reroll button near the end of this event and the improvements listed above, we just need to work on balancing improvements for next year!

Our next event is going to be a Spring Event some time in April with revamped co-op style mechanics! We'll be back with other updates in the meantime.


As you take one last look at Soll's Ruins with Astra, you can see a
small twinkling light at one of the stone peaks. It expands into several
blossoms - Pellumi is sending you off with some farewell fireworks.
You wave, hoping he can see as the morning sun slowly meanders
over the horizon, and the Ruins disappear without a trace.


  • Villager puuur (#56257) 23 Feb 2022, 12:04 am
    bye bye pellumi it was fun meetin ya (and gettin more astra interactions!)
    Love the pets btw and congraz to all the winners!! <333
  • Villager Veredii (#32643) 23 Feb 2022, 1:31 am
    Just letting you guys know that there are a lot of missing links in the post.

    In the Creativity Contest Winner's section - in the second row CopperSunset's, Doku's, and the whole second-last row of Rosre (#16323) • Roxy_Lalonde (#34545) • Rylaigh (#5465) are missing links to their entries.

    I'm not sure if the Avatar Contest Winners section should have all the winning submissions linked but, if so, those are all missing as well.
  • Villager Poppy (#221) 23 Feb 2022, 5:06 am
    Thank you for the update~ Looking forward to seeing the changes next year. I enjoy the gifting event very much. c:
  • Villager Winry (#18550) 23 Feb 2022, 6:11 am
    I enjoyed the event, the story was fun and so well written, major thanks to the writers!! And yay, my birthday is in April, very excited to the event then! :D
  • Villager Roxy_Lalonde (#34545) 23 Feb 2022, 6:41 am
    I just got one ruin lights as a gift from Nigel in adventuring, is that supposed to be so? o.o
    Aside from that, the event was absolutely awesome, I loved it and the writing and the contributions the community has made as a whole! Thank you very very much, everyone!
  • Villager Lord (#247) 23 Feb 2022, 7:35 am
    This event had the best storyline yet! I gobbled up every bit of that good, good Astra content. Pellumi was also very endearing! Huge ups to the writers on this one.
  • Villager Consumption (#50305) 23 Feb 2022, 9:39 am
    This was so much fun!!
  • Villager DontPanic (#36795) 23 Feb 2022, 9:54 am
    Really loved the storyline! Thanks!
  • Villager Kanada (#2634) 23 Feb 2022, 11:01 am
    I adored this event’s storyline and pets, and I loved entering the creativity contest! <3 Thank you DV!!!
  • Villager Kushiel (#10210) 23 Feb 2022, 12:21 pm
    Congrats winners :)
  • Villager Maskarie (#9910) 23 Feb 2022, 1:30 pm
    This was super fun! I loved the pets for the event and the avi contest! Congrats to the winners and well done DV :D
  • Villager onemoresummer (#62463) 23 Feb 2022, 1:42 pm
    Thank you for this event, I enjoyed it a lot! I liked Astra before, but I got to really love him now! The storyline was also awesome and super intriguing. And I hope we'll see Pellumi again soon :)
  • Villager leadwort (#62702) 23 Feb 2022, 1:43 pm
  • Villager polliwog (#15140) 23 Feb 2022, 4:18 pm
    not me getting emotional every time we say goodbye to seasonal npcs ;3;

    loved this event! thanks so much, staff, looking forward to the next. <3
  • Villager Fielkun (#3695) 23 Feb 2022, 6:48 pm
    Thank you so much for holding this wonderful event. I had a blast!
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