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Welcome to October!

Hello everyone! Welcome to October, we hope you're ready for the spooky season!

Our sixteenth month of limited shops has arrived:
October's theme is the Spirit Wayfarer!
A procession of lonely spirits, they traverse the night sky.
Lost among wheeling stars, until the sound of a great gong rings in the
distance, and the rattling of bones. A boisterous procession
follows its leader, clamoring freely to its destination.

See Full Item Previews here!

What are Monthly Shops?

  • Every month, Pai and Oran from Peddler's Port will have different sets of items in their shops that will retire at the end of the month to be replaced by new stock.
  • These items are obtained from far away lands and follow the theme of the land they visited each month.
  • All retired items from Monthly Shops will eventually be able to be obtained very rarely from Grandma Agnes later on.

How can I get to Peddler's Port?
Peddler's Port is a seaside location that you can unlock by going through the main storyline in Louise Hill. Once unlocked, you can visit Peddler's Port any time without using up a town hop!

Pai's Shop of Wonders
Pai will host these 8 items in their infinite stock shop this month for 200 turnips each. A chest containing a set of Pai's items is now also available in their shop in addition to Agnes' Shop, to allow for more freedom in purchase making. If you spend 2000 turnips, you will be able to choose a free item of your choice! Free item claims will expire 6 months after obtaining them.

Agnes' Perpetual Shop
Agnes' shop stocks a chest that contains a set of Pai's 8 shop items for 1500 Turnips, ideal for collectors who want a full set at a small discount. Agnes also has a Bonus Prize function in her shop. For every 2000 turnips you spend in her shop from now on, you'll be able to claim from her Bonus Prize pool, which will fluctuate and grow with time.

What are Turnips?
Turnips are the untradeable premium currency of Dappervolk. You can purchase them with real life currency here, as well as obtain them occasionally through gameplay.

Oran's Emporium
Oran's chance shop will be stocked with these ten items this month for 9,000 potatoes per spin! Each time you spend 100k potatoes in Oran's shop, you'll be able to pick one free item from his Bonus Prize claim. Bonus Prize items may change or grow as time goes on.

These monthly shop clothing items will run until October 31st, after which they will be removed to house November's monthly items!

This month, a fresh deity peeks over the undergrowth. Visit the Theater and click on the "CHECK REWARDS" button to see the new rewards!
Here's a look into what we're currently prioritizing, among other smaller bug and QoL fixes!

We're hard at work on our upcoming October Autumn Event! This event will be our official third event type and will contain the following things:
  • Brand new Gathering & Growing event type
  • New Seasonal Mini Map
  • New Seasonal NPC
  • New Seasonal Event Quests
  • Event Shop with Clothing, Items, etc
  • Forum Contest Threads

The event will begin around the middle of October, an exact start time and further details will be posted closer to the start date!

This month, the art development stream will take place on...
A status post with a link to the stream will be posted when it begins!
We'll be working on a new batch of wishes from the Wishing Well thread. Hope to see you there!

While we're working on our Official Roadmap Thread and Beta Changelog, here's a sneak peek at a few things we'll be prioritizing in our Roadmap!

Daily Quest Rebalancing
  • Reduce clicks on daily repeatable quests by lowering the number of times you can do them per day
  • Condense quest dialogue
  • Raise individual quest rewards
  • Streamline tasks and quest setup
  • Roll-out would be town by town in between other updates

Recipes & Reward Pools
We're also planning to rebalance the way certain RNG item pools work. Currently, recipe items take up a large amount of the drop rate on several reward pools on site. We're planning to move all recipes to a dedicated NPC shop, and updating each reward pool with more desirable items. We're also working on ideas for shops and NPC's that would allow you to recycle your superfluous items for special rewards.

One of our new artist team's first projects is to work on a large Nico's update with many items that have been requested by our community. We're looking forward to releasing this update some time next month if all goes well!

As always, thank you so much for playing and supporting
Dappervolk. We'll be back with more updates soon!


  • Villager Jolteon (#1119) 1 Oct 2021, 12:18 am
  • Villager Winry (#18550) 1 Oct 2021, 12:21 am
    GORGEOUS, I absolutely love this color theme!! I'm super eager to see that Nico update, also hope for a class specific updates in the future!
  • Villager Teamfailboat (#23909) 1 Oct 2021, 12:21 am
    Such a good update! Look forward to seeing what the October event will be like :)
  • Villager kemvon (#4416) 1 Oct 2021, 12:25 am
    aahhhh great update!! can't wait for the october event (GATHERING and GROWING? sounds amazing) and the roadmap!
  • Villager Rensc (#49700) 1 Oct 2021, 12:29 am
    Yay Spooky theme!
  • Villager scrub (#20092) 1 Oct 2021, 12:32 am
    Oooo, happy to see that the shop/rng update and daily errand rebalancing are being planned 8D

    Love the theme of the items this month!! The flower petals man
  • Villager Sora (#689) 1 Oct 2021, 12:33 am
    oooooo super super pretty
  • Villager jotunn (#40203) 1 Oct 2021, 12:39 am
    i once again thank u for the horns... and rlly looking forward to less clicks a day.
  • Villager kemvon (#4416) 1 Oct 2021, 12:42 am
    just saw the rng update thats planned and ?? wonderful ?? thank you so much for listening to player ideas
  • Villager YoRHa (#46931) 1 Oct 2021, 12:50 am
    omg??? quest rewards balancing... so happy and cant wait for this
  • Villager puuur (#56257) 1 Oct 2021, 1:44 am
    im glad abt the dailies, recipes and rewards pool news.
  • Villager Fennelroot (#17874) 1 Oct 2021, 1:56 am
    Disappointing to see that the way you will be balancing the excessive clicking on quests is by nerfing the amount of rewards you get each day. Why is when a suggestion is taken it always results in a nerf of some sort?
  • Villager pumpkins (#27825) 1 Oct 2021, 1:59 am
    I hope less quests does not mean less affection/rewards per day, but rather the same (or more) than what we get right now, but in fewer quests? n_n;
  • Villager Poodle (#5618) 1 Oct 2021, 2:24 am
    can't wait to see the Nico items from the new artist! :D
  • Villager Sora (#689) 1 Oct 2021, 2:41 am
    Fennelroot (#17874) they said they where also boosting the rewards for the quests so you wont lose out on anything. just less clicks for the same amount of cash
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