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Winter Festivities!

A wistful winter wind careens across the countryside. The sun shines brightly as the remaining frost clings to the earliest of saplings. 

Welcome to Dappervolk's first Winter Event!
We're so excited to experience our first winter event with our community. Below, we'll include all info and links to different parts of the event, feel free to refer back here to get your bearings.

The winter event will be fully active for 2 weeks from:
Present Tree Gift Claim and the Event Shop will remain open until March 22nd, 11:59PM

(Click on the above button to visit the Winter Gift Tree!)

The Present Tree with Agnes
  • This is an anonymous present donation and claim tree run by Agnes!
  • Roll tasks to wrap presents and donate them to the tree.
  • You can donate an unlimited number of gifts and claim up to 3 per day, 1 for each donation you make that day.
  • Gift donation and claiming will be sorted by rarity, meaning generally you will get a similar rarity item to what you tend to donate!
  • Additional prizes can be claimed as you hit total donation milestones, they will give out special event prizes not within the user created pool!
  • After the event ends, there will be 4 days of free present claiming on an individual cooldown timer for the left over present pool.
  • This will go on for 4 days or until the pool is depleted.


  • You may see the above button on user profiles or in the forums.
  • By clicking the button, you can gift any user a Wrapping Paper item for free once every 15 minutes!
  • You will receive notifications informing you of users sending you free wrapping paper.


  • First speak to Pai at Peddler's Port to begin part 1 of the Winter quest line, called "A Search for the Unknown"
  • After completing it, a repeatable Daily Event Quest will be unlocked for Pai: "Perusing the Constellation Library" Completing their daily tasks up to 3x each day will earn you event currency, as well as help to unlock the rest of the event story quest line.
  • There will be a total of 3 Winter story quests to experience during this event!

There will be two types of collectible currency event items.
USED FOR ♦ Hand in for tasks at Agnes' Winter Gift Tree to wrap presents with.

  • Being granted by other users using the GIFT WRAPPING PAPER button on profiles and forum posts.
  • Completing the Daily Event Quest from Pai, called "Perusing the Constellation Library" This daily can be done 3 times a day, totalling 15 Wrapping Papers.
  • Completing the Agnes' Daily Gift repeatable quest, which can be completed once a day, totalling 5 Wrapping Papers.

USED FOR ♦ Purchasing Event items at Agnes' Winter Boutique.

  • Claiming Additional Prizes at Agnes' Winter Gift Tree.
  • Completing the Event Daily Quest from Pai, called "Perusing the Constellation Library" which can be done 3 times a day, totalling 15 Scraps of Knowledge.
  • Completing the Agnes' Daily Gift repeatable quest, which can be completed once a day, totalling 5 Scraps of Knowledge.
  • Completing the other Event Seasonal Quests.
  • Random Item Alchemy
  • Random Events in Peddler's Port as well as other areas.


  • Agnes' Winter Boutique shop will open 3 days into the event on March 6th at 11:59PM DVT.
  • The shop will remain open until March 22nd at 11:59PM DVT.
  • Shop stock will include all seasonal winter clothing, totems, and more!

There will be multiple activity and contest threads open throughout the event! Click on the buttons below to visit.


We hope everyone finds a source of enjoyment this wintery season, thank you for playing Dappervolk!


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