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Guilds Launch Date & Updates!

Hello everyone! We hope you've all been doing well. We have an exciting announcement to share with you!
The Guilds feature will officially open to the public on:
Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 @ 1:00 AM DVT

As a note, a maintenance downtime period will be required.
The exact timing for this will be posted via Status Update.

In preparation for the launch of this new feature, we've listed some basic information about Guilds below.

What are Guilds?
A Guild on Dappervolk is a player created community hub complete with a guild-only forum, live chat, leveling system, and upgrades to improve the Guild's perks. A Guild's community will work together and level the Guild as well as complete upgrades by doing various activities onsite.

How can I join a Guild?
You can look for a Guild to join in the Guild Subforum or via the Guild Directory! Some Guilds will opt to have open applications while others will be invite only. Each Guild has limited member space that will depend on the upgrades that they have completed.

How can I Create a Guild?
There are certain requirements that a Guild founder will need to meet in order to create a Guild. Once you meet the requirements, you can speak to the Guild Officiator at Peddler's Port to obtain a Guild license.
  • You will need to have a minimum of 4500 collective affection in the town that you'd like to establish your Guild in.
  • You will need to pay a one-time fee of 100,000 Potatoes to create your Guild.
  • Lastly, 4 other users will be required to commit to joining your Guild as founders in order to get started.

Essential Links
The Guild FAQ has been updated with some additional information before guilds launch!


We have lots more in store and we're excited to update everyone when the time comes. The next news update will be on October 22nd, when Guilds officially launch!


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