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Upcoming Summer Festivities!

Hello everyone! Our upcoming Summer Festivities
event is officially set to begin on...

August 20th, 2020 @ 11:59:59pm DVT

Lilia and Fantasia are planning a summer occasion but are having trouble with the preparations. To help them reign in the end of the summer season, the community will need to lend them a hand to ensure that the festivities are a success!

The event will be active for 2 weeks, ending on September 5th!

Some Quick Event Details:
  • This event type is a seasonally occuring cooperative event! The community will come together to complete various tasks to fill up a sitewide progress bar in order to successfully help out Lilia and Fantasia with their event.
  • This will be our first iteration of this type of event since beta testing, after having reworked some of its features according to player feedback!
  • To earn event points, there will be a collection of event-related tasks that will ask you to perform different activities around the site. These tasks can be completed for points multiple times per day on a set time interval.
  • Your personal point gain will determine the prize tier that you earn and the rewards you will receive at the end of the event! Each tier and the points required to achieve it will be revealed at the start of the event.
  • If the sitewide progress bar is filled, a new seasonal quest about the summer's festivities will be unlocked for everyone onsite! And, because this event will return every summer season, each successful completion of the event will introduce a newly unlocked quest that will expand the seasonal story and lore.
  • If the sitewide progress bar is filled up before the set end date for the event, new overtime goals and rewards will appear for the community to unlock!
  • On the flipside, if the sitewide progress bar is not able to be filled to 100% within the duration of the event, everyone will earn their tier rewards but the season's unlockable quest will not be unlocked this year.


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