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April Development Update

As Dappervolk's closed development period enters its final phase, we are excited to be back with a major new update on some much-anticipated information for everyone!

After much planning and discussion with our team over these last few months, we are finally ready to announce an exact launch date and time for Dappervolk!

This is it, the final countdown begins - mark your calendars!

We're incredibly excited to finally have a launch date set and confirmed, even though we had initially expected to be able to launch in May instead of June.

Despite our best efforts to continue to organize around our anticipated May launch date, the current unfortunate world-wide circumstances have affected the work situations of various members of our small development team and has forced us to rework our prior development ETAs and deadlines for important launch features. In order to prioritize our team's health and safety, as well as to reduce crunch-time stress and guarantee that Dappervolk will be in launch-ready condition, the above June release date and time has become an unavoidable necessity.

Even though we are undeniably disappointed to have to announce that there will be a launch delay, we are still as excited as ever to bring Dappervolk back for everyone to enjoy in June!


With the upcoming release of our new 5th town, players can expect to discover over 400 new clothing items, 50 new items of varying types and functions, 12 new pets, a new mini game, 6 new NPCs, and more! Many of these new additions will remain as surprises to be discovered by players during launch, but here are a few teasers to give everyone a preview of what's coming in June.

These 2 new fantasticals await those with a strong sense of conviction.

In addition to this, our Adventuring feature has received an overhaul both in terms of its underlying framework and its gameplay features. It should now use less CPU and run more smoothly than its beta predecessor, and will sport new active/idle modes, sprite customization unlockables, town unlocks, new item prizes that vary depending on the town you're adventuring in, and the ability to earn daily bonus pet affection and town hops.

Featured here are a handful of the new unlockable sprite appearance you'll be able to obtain!

Located at the Peddler's Port, you will also now find a variety of new NPCs waiting for you to interact with - one of which is an NPC that we've shown art for previously but never officially introduced: the guild officiator! This NPC will be responsible for handling guild registration for all of the aspiring guild leaders in Dappervolk. You'll want to stop by and talk to them if you're interested in forming a guild, as you'll need to satisfy a few requirements before they will be able to grant you a guild license in any given location.


As you establish your guild or join an existing one, you and your fellow guild members will be able to contribute to raising your guild's level and unlocking new upgrades by being active around the site. Some of these upgrades will be aesthetic additions to your guild, such as new guild emblems and flags to choose from—others will be fun functional upgrades to work toward, such as guild forum polls, extra sub-forums, forum post dice rolling, and eventually even guild dueling!


What are guild duels? It is a versus/team feature that will allow two guilds to create a customizable competition to see which guild can complete various group activity tasks the fastest. Both guilds will earn extra exp toward their guild level from participating in a duel, but the winner will also earn a sizable exp bonus! On top of that, an optional currency wager can be offered up by each guild as an additional winner-take-all prize for the competition.

As our launch date approaches, players can expect to see updates across our social media accounts regarding the following:
  • Early-game information
  • Our new referral system
  • Moderator applications
  • Advertisement posts
We will also be bringing back our countdown clock that will be calibrated for the exact time and date of the site's launch, to help mitigate any timezone confusion.

As a reminder to everyone, our very last support bundle will be available until July 5, 2020—after this period, the bundles will be permanently retired and all future real life currency related items will be hosted on site in the form of turnip purchases!

All proceeds go directly toward paying our coders, writers, and server costs!

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That's all for this update! We hope that everyone is staying safe in these
difficult times, and that Dappervolk may offer a small piece of comfort for those at home.

Take care, we'll see you all soon!
—Dappervolk Team


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