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Closed Development Update

Hi everyone, we hope you’ve been doing well over these last few months! We’re back with another development update covering the progress we’ve made thus far in each major section of development  — with a few sneak peeks thrown in as well!
Since our last update, a bulk of art assets have been completed for launch. This includes all of the artwork associated with our newest town in the storyline, as well as 5 new peddler NPCs who will be selling various new items!
Just beyond Aviar Cove, an oceanic adventure awaits you…

Five new NPCs have set up camp at Peddler’s Port and they’re ready to show off some of the new wares that they’ll be selling! There are 4 class-specific peddlers that will be selling class-restricted items, as well as another peddler that will be selling over 60 different basic clothing items for any class to wear. Each of these shops will also be selling their respective character creation newbie items.In regards to our art work load, over the last few months we’ve completed a good portion of the art required for launch!

What We’ve Finished:
  • All artwork for the 5th town - Town Map, NPC’s, Pets, Clothing
  • All peddler NPC’s & wares for Peddler’s Port
  • 3’s Forest, Silvie’s Mine, Aviar Cove Adventuring Backgrounds
  • Additional avatar item rewards for the affection system, alchemy, adventuring, some new features, etc

What’s Being Worked on:
  • New Item Art & Additional NPC Avatar Items
  • All Guild Emblems & Banners
  • Event Art Assets & Miscellaneous Graphics
  • A few month’s worth of items for the monthly shops
  • Kickstarter Backer Design Rewards (To be completed over time before/after official launch)

We’ve completed a large chunk of the art required for launch and are still working at a good pace!
The development process for our Adventuring feature hasn’t been as smooth as we had hoped for, but we are happy to announce that we have since brought on a new developer who specializes in the coding required for Adventuring and minigames. They are hard at work on our extensive feature overhaul for Adventuring, and we couldn’t be more excited to see this feature really coming together!

Additionally, the artwork progress for Adventuring is doing great. Not only are all of the multi-layered parallax town backgrounds finished, but our amazing pixel artist has done some great work on Adventuring’s new pixel assets. Below is a little sneak preview of a new encounterable in Adventuring - a mysterious gate that leads to new locations.
We are happy to announce that we’ve recently welcomed a new writer to our team! While they are in the process of learning the ropes of our questing systems, they will be helping out our main writers with new side quests, affection quests, and more.
With the help of our wonderful new developer who is taking on the bulk of the Adventuring overhaul, our main dev is now able to fully focus on creating and revamping other major features. Unfortunately, our overall development progress in this area hasn’t been as robust as we had projected due to unavoidable life and work obligations for members of our team. This has resulted in production delays for certain features that are necessary for launch, and is part of why it has been difficult for us to estimate a launch timeframe.[/p][p]With that said, we are working hard to make Dappervolk the best that it can be for launch and are still aiming for a late 2019 launch date. If we encounter any unexpected delays that may push back this estimate, we’ll be sure to update everyone on it as soon as possible.

Here’s a brief look at a few of the higher priority features that our developers are currently working on:
  • Guild System
  • Site Navigation Bar expansion
  • Quest page revamp
  • Pet System Upgrade
  • Text Box upgrade
  • Block/Mute feature
  • User Profile adjustments
  • Random Encounters
  • Shop System expansions
  • Event System adjustments & additions
  • Pet Accessory adjustments
  • Custom pet/item queue feature
  • The Ad Theater feature
  • Referral System

+ many more smaller adjustments & lower priority features

If you’re interested in our smaller, weekly progress updates, you can tune into our Twitch art streams in which we answer questions about our development process - or join our Discord to chat with fellow DV fans!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our latest update! We are so grateful for everyone’s continued patience through our long development process, and we hope to be able to give you all more definitive news soon!


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