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Farewell, Until We Meet Again!

Our beta testing phase has officially concluded!
On behalf of the entire Dappervolk staff team, we'd like to thank all of the players that joined us over these many months of testing to experience the game and share their valuable feedback! We are so grateful that we got to meet so many of the awesome people that make up our community during this time, it was a truly heartening experience for us to read through all of the passionate, insightful discussions and suggestions along the way. As we head into closed development to prepare for the future official launching of the site, we are certain that Dappervolk will return even bigger and better thanks to all of your efforts as beta testers!
As we described in a previous news post, Dappervolk will be entering a period of closed development so that we can focus on improving and building upon the site - this includes implementing user suggestions/feedback, expanding upon existing content, and adding entirely new features! During this time, some of our major projects will be implementing a 5th town and tackling our 3 most complex features: Adventure, Guilds, and Housing. These large projects will involve an intensive effort between various members of our team, and as such we anticipate that we will need until at least January 2019 to develop these features. This is our preliminary estimate as of this news post, so that everyone can have a rough picture of how long the downtime between beta and official launch may be. With that said, this timeframe is ultimately subject to changes depending upon any obstacles that we may encounter while developing features of this complexity.
In the meantime, we will be resuming activity on our social media pages and through email newsletters to keep everyone posted on our progress during closed development! We intend to release development sneak peeks, progress updates, and even some artwork streams throughout the coming months - so stay tuned, new and exciting things are on the horizon for Dappervolk!
To keep up with our closed development progress,
you can follow or join us at any of the links below:
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discordb_by_quislings-dcq09fx.png twitterb_by_quislings-dcq09fr.png
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Our team will be active regularly on our Official DV Discord server,
if you are interested in engaging with us throughout development!
As promised at the very beginning of the beta testing period, the player(s) that spun the most of either legendary custom maker item during testing would be rewarded with one of that corresponding item for official launch.
So without further ado, here are our winners!
Zelda (#28) with 11 Custom Clothing Creators spun
Domayne (#5996) with 10 Custom Pet Creators spun
Honorable Mention: Zelda (#28) also spun 10 Custom Pet Creators,
but Domayne broke the tie because they were the first to reach 10 total.
The corresponding prizes will be distributed to the winners' accounts for official launch.
v8htgM.png heartgem_by_quislings-dcq09gz.png kverRZ.png
Thank you so much for playing!
We hope you all had fun & will see you again soon.
Dappervolk Team


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