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The Frog Pond • Part 2

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Part 2 of the Frog Update has arrived! 

The burbling of the pond's small tributaries grow ever more cheerful as the days go on. Small fish and dainty legged insects make their way through the lush vegetation covering swaths of the water's surface.

Event Ends at 11:59PM DVT June 8th, 2024
  • This is a gathering event to help boost the community's initial frog coins.
  • Gather Tadpole Tokens by finding gatherables around the site.
  • Water other users' frog buddies in order to grow their pond plants.
  • Alchemize Tadpole Tokens to receive Frog Coins!

All Frog Gathering participants will receive the Sleepy Frog Trophy at the end of the event! There are also some secret wigglers obtainable through hidden means via Paulie's quest.


With the arrival of frog gathering, Paulie's Trolley has seen an expansion of new items and pets!


There are 10 new clothing, 2 hatch shards, 1 food item, and a menagerie pen and post border to collect.

There are also 2 new quaint pets, a new fantastical and a new legendary to collect! Recipes are now stocked in the Officiator's Record Office.
This has been one of our first potato sink focused updates, so we'd like to share some plans as well as discussions with everyone about it. There have been many ideas posted about different kinds of potato sinks and mechanics we can try to balance the Trades Market, here's a short list of some key types we'll be exploring in future updates.

Additional Incremental Potato Sinks
  • These are normally tied to a themed content drop of some kind similar to the Frog update.
  • The idea behind this type of sink is that it tackles the max potatoes that can be earned through site mechanics daily and helps stabilize Market prices that way.
  • We have several future plans for sinks of this type and are closely monitoring feedback in regards to how it's presented and how it feels in this update so far.

Large Sum Potato Sinks
  • This includes any items sold in shops for a very high flat potato sale price.
  • We don't currently have shop stock of this type anywhere, which is something we're planning to add in the future!

Mechanic Tax Potato Sinks
  • These are potato fees for using various parts of the site, ranging from more cosmetic things to convenience based mechanics to taxes or fees on different areas of the game. 
  • There are a multitude of possibilities with this sink type which we're excited to explore and will be mindfully planning with future feature updates as well as new features.

Co-op Donation Potato Sinks
These could help unlock new features such as new content in shops, new NPC's etc and require the community to chip in potatoes until fulfilled. We have some ideas on how to implement this with future content drops!

We hope you enjoy the additional frogs, thank you for playing and supporting Dappervolk as always!


  • Villager Ogord (#2447) 24 May 2024, 7:20 pm
    excited to see the raincoat!
  • Villager MaiLynn (#72259) 24 May 2024, 7:25 pm
    ...is anyone else confused about the potato sink system here? I
  • Villager Sovereignty (#19015) 24 May 2024, 7:26 pm
    taxes being considered is the funniest way you could ever think of implementing a future potato sink lmao
  • Villager Seer (#163) 24 May 2024, 7:33 pm
  • Villager kiaqua (#14513) 24 May 2024, 8:09 pm
    ah yes lets add fees to things that were once free! that's a great way to keep people playing,,, although the fees for some cosmetic things i can totally get behind
  • Villager SeaBanshee (#43811) 24 May 2024, 9:01 pm
    All of this seems overly complicated and I wish a simple system would be used instead (like the new frog coin currency is already a bit too much when it's potatoes we're trying to sink) but maybe that's just me
    I also aggree that fees on things that were free before wouldn't be a good idea, but if it's things like hopping to another town with potatoes when we've used up all our town hops could be nice
    As other people's suggested, consumables bought with potatoes would be a good sink, instead of cloting items since those would still be in demand unlike clothing, PAMs are a good exemple for wanted consumables.

    I feel like poles are really important for this whole potatoe sink thing, it seems like staff's idea of how it should be and the community's is widely diffrent, I really hope staff listen because this new system is really weird and doesn't seems to be liked by a lot of people, so poles could really help here
  • Villager fairywren (#4265) 24 May 2024, 9:27 pm
    i would recommend not implementing features that are fees or taxes, because those would just be widely hated and avoided. the frog pond is a great idea because it rewards you for giving up large sums of potatoes, it never at any point is a punishment. *and* it's optional.

    actually, to tell the truth, my reaction to the frog pond was that the frog token prices should be higher. i think if it's just kept stocked with new items to grind toward, it'll probably balance out. only time can really tell.

    also town hops for potatoes is a great idea. though i guess it wouldn't act as a sink unless you paid more for the hop than what you'd get out of visiting a new town. it's still a good idea, though.
  • Villager Reineke (#63459) 24 May 2024, 11:27 pm
    I really like dappervolk, and despite the hiatus, I enjoyed collecting pets, looking at other people's accs, contests. etc., but I was being caught off guard by the words about taxes under basic mechanics and it just distanced me from this game only further
    As fairywren said, the good thing about the frog pond is that spending potatoes for rewards is optional. If the basic use of the game is going to tax you I doubt anyone will like it, hopefully the staff will listen to what other players have suggested
  • Villager Slug (#1484) 25 May 2024, 3:32 am
    Please gods would you just take the custom makers out of the gatchas and make them a weekly or bi-weekly potato raffle.
    This would make the custom maker distribution system a lot more transparent and would turn it into a consistent potato sink.

    You could make things like custom mirrors and PAMS possible prizes too with the custom maker being the ~grand prize~

    Making loads of super expensive single purchase items, such as clothing, is only going to make those items inaccessible to poorer players and they're barely going to make a dent for wealthier players. The number of potatoes aquired from dailies is not the issue (and if it were, surely you could have just made dailies give out fewer potatoes instead of.. this).

    Potato taxes sound awful.

    The co-op donation sinks sound like they may have potential, but I don't think they should be unlocking core content, they should be event based.

    I've been clinging on for years here, I really want this site to do well, but I really don't see these ideas working out in a way that doesn't just push out anyone who isn't already super wealthy on this site and make them feel unwanted and unvalued.
  • Villager Kazetatsu (#18610) 25 May 2024, 4:09 am
    I don't like currency sinks, I'm not actively playing the game anymore, I save up potatoes for monthly spins, and the occasional event, I've abandoned most of the regular areas of the site.

    A poorly done sink will cause more damage to the economy than no sink as it will alienate players who don't have the time or resources to actively earn the funds back.
  • Villager Honeebunny (#7072) 25 May 2024, 9:31 am
    mechanic taxes would be the quickest way to drive people away from the site, unless they're a way to get things that previously weren't allowed.
  • Villager Sev (#3394) 25 May 2024, 10:24 am
    >200 users or fewer online at any given moment
    >"we are considering taxing users currency just to use the basic mechanics of the site"
    i log in maybe once a week just to see if the vaer reef update has dropped. this made me actually laugh out loud. between this and the staunch refusal to actually pay a community manager the wages they should be making in this industry, i don't even know what to say anymore.
  • Villager Laegume (#20906) 25 May 2024, 11:28 am
    ..So I just spent thousands of the few potatoes I had for no reason? I'm even more broke than before for absolutely no reason now?? 😭
  • Villager blithely (#42853) 25 May 2024, 11:36 am
    Yep, that’s it, I’m done with this rich-get-richer economy. See ya!
  • Villager Cruellinnet (#19209) 25 May 2024, 11:40 am
    I'm jumping on the bandwagon and saying "No." to implementing taxes for basic site mechanics. Can we just...not?

    Like y'all can barely keep players as it is and making potatoes is a grind and a half for me and a bunch of other people. You're going to lose players doing that.

    I think that the potato sink is high enough with this frog, considering how little tokens you get for thousands of potatoes. What is wrong with the staff here and all this "There's too much money in the economy"

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