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Welcome to November!

Hello everyone! Welcome to November, we hope you're healthy and vibing!

Our 41st month of limited shops has arrived:
November's theme is the Incandescent Wyvern!

Against the midnight sky, a great flame burns brightly.
An arid wind carries brightly lit flecks of the great flame
far and wide, amid cries of uncanny mimicry.

See Full Item Previews here.
What are Turnips & Monthly Shops? Click here for information!
Pai's Shop of Wonders
Pai's Shop of Wonders is stocking these 8 items for 200 turnips each, with a chest containing all 8 items at 1500 turnips  - a discount of 100 turnips!

Incandescent Wyvern Arms, Mask, High Wings, Leggings, Glow Paint, Robes, Cloak, Long Hair

Agnes' Perpetual Shop
Agnes' Perpetual Shop stocks a chest that contains a set of Pai's 8 shop items for a discounted 1500 Turnips.

Oran's Emporium
Oran's Emporium is stocking these 8 items this month for 9,000 potatoes per spin!

Incandescent Wyvern Magnetism, Boots, Braids, Teeth, Tail, Low Wings, Flames, Crown

These monthly shop clothing items will run until November 30th, after which they will be removed to house December's monthly items!


Magdalene's seasonal quest is back for the month, along with an event shop containing Ombra's items!
  • You can start the quest "Among Fallen Leaves" by going to 3's Forest and clicking on Magdalene.
  • There are 3 quests in total: Among Fallen LeavesSearch the Shadowed Path (Repeatable, available throughout the month), and Returning to Magdalene's Cottage
  • Magdalene's Autumn Bazaar is open again for the month of November!
  • Stocked are Ombra's items, with a new item available this year.
  • Ombra's seasonal currency "Wild Forage Snacks" can be obtained from Magdalene's repeatable seasonal quest "Search the Shadowed Path" as well as through Random Encounters, Adventuring, and 3's Forest Clean Up.


This month, the laughing god of produce rolls into the horizon, and a still shade falls over the earth. Visit the Theater and click on the "CHECK REWARDS" button to see the new rewards!


This month, the art development stream will take place on...

A status post with a link to the stream will be posted when it begins!
We'll be working on wishes from the Wishing Well thread.
Hope to see you there!

We're well on our way in progress for the Aviar Balancing Update (which includes the Frog Sink Update), here are some stats on our current progress!

Item & Pet Assets • 70%
Quest Adjustments • 30%
Misc Tasks • 10%
We're still in the concept and planning stages of making various merchandise. We're thinking that we could try out a small Enamel Pin Set Kickstarter for Louise Hill pets first at some point! Here are some concept sketches for pet pins.

We'd love to hear what you think, comment here as well if you have ideas for merch that you would really want!

We have a QoL update coming that will include custom maker drop rates across all NPC shops as well as other things later this month. A status will go up as always when we're preparing for an update maintenance!

If you made an application to our Staff Recruitment post, keep an eye out for email replies coming in the next day or so! We've prepared some followup questions for everyone we've selected.

As always, thank you so much for playing and supporting
Dappervolk. We'll be back with more updates soon!


  • Villager Cal (#7376) 2 Nov 2023, 8:49 am
    yeah I'd definitely start smaller with the merch
    stickers, prints, notepads

    but then, i don't know what the statistics of the site look like in regards to how many people on the site are spending money on here. not to mention I'm sure there are f2p players who would absolutely spend on some real world merch so..
    guess we'll see how the ks does if/when that happens
  • Villager Cal (#7376) 2 Nov 2023, 8:52 am
    as a f2p player, i would definitely buy a lil louise hill or peddlers port themed notepad (or a bearnard one, but idk how big his fanbase is lol)

    enamel pins are usually out of my price range
  • Villager JaneBuzJane (#24420) 2 Nov 2023, 9:46 am
    I like the idea of Dappervolk merchandise~ But I have so, so many enamel pins. So many. And so many acrylic keychains/charms/standees. And I don't use them. I have nowhere to put them. They go in a drawer and collect dust.

    I'd really love some merchandise that I could use on a daily basis, like memo pads, stickers, postcards, pens... heck, maybe even a parternship with like, Adagio Teas to make a tea blend. Items that are consumable so that people have a reason to buy more and so that they can feel GOOD about using them. Things that bring Dappervolk to mind when people look at them or use them so that they're constantly thinking about the site and whether or not they should log in.

    I'd also like if this merchandise came with redemption codes for onsite content. That's what I buy Neopets merchandise for, if I'm honest, and it would align with the people in these comments asking you to focus on onsite content instead of irl merchandise. (I understand that other original KS concepts like housing probably require development resources instead of art resources only, so this is sort of a hybrid compromise between the two.)
  • Villager BlackRose (#9895) 2 Nov 2023, 10:17 am
    Oh wow, I love this month's set!! ^-^

    I also think that while the pins are really cute (I prefer pins, keychains, and magnets more than like prints, stickers, and notepads because I don't use/have space for the latter things, I do like stickers but they just gather dust in my drawer because I'm too indecisive to use them on anything lol) I don't know how good of an idea it is. Dappervolk still does not feel like a finished site, there are broken things (ad theater, likely other stuff I'm not aware of), there are still promised things from its own Kickstarter that have yet to be made (housing, etc.), and there are just still things to be worked on generally (town rebalances, more main story, etc.). And because of how barebones DV is I'm not even sure how big of an active player base it really has and on top of that how many of that active player base would even want or could afford to buy the merch because not every single one would be able or willing.

    I feel like previous promises and broken things need to get done and fixed before this site does anything for physical merch. If the issue is that the site really needs money then add some pet or something that's purchasable for real money. I'm sure people will buy it and it'll take significantly less time and money than designing and finding a manufacturer for pins or any other physical merch would.
  • Villager AliSage (#66267) 2 Nov 2023, 11:58 am
    I don't know about anyone else, but a Bearnard plush would be so cute! I have a lot of love for the starting town and this bear specifically ♥️

  • Moderator Morphine (#35897) 2 Nov 2023, 2:03 pm
    Oh the pin concepts look SO cute!
    I definitely get that there's a lot of other stuff on the site that energy and money needs to be spent on, but honestly I don't think making merch and improving the site are mutually exclusive. I'd love to have some physical DV merch alongside more in-game updates.
  • Villager HardcoreUvula (#20858) 2 Nov 2023, 8:36 pm
    I think I'd be more willing to listen to the idea of merch kick starters if I knew what the money was going towards. It feels like most of the focus recently has been shoved into making custom items (A custom maker every 8 days and every event? Really?) instead of content for the general populace. It feels sort of unbalanced to me right now.

    I appreciate all the work that being done and that you have a small team. I don't care about the housing stretch goal, honestly, though I can see why people would want previous promises done first. I just don't feel like the time and effort that goes into making assets, obtaining an appropriate company for making pins, managing the Kickstarter, and working out distribution is the BEST uses of staff time.

    That aside, the only people who would be potentially interested on doing this is probably just Dappervolk users, and we're becoming endangered. I don't think the amount of people willing to pledge money towards something like this will be worth, again, the time and effort sunk into just working out details for a Kickstarter, when it could be put towards something more site-oriented.
  • Villager GoodBread (#60880) 3 Nov 2023, 2:11 pm
    You're focusing on merch and planning on another crowdfunding campaign while this website is actively dying for lack of actual, substantial permanent content, and so many of the originally promised features from the original KS campaign have not even been added to the site?? Sorry but what a joke lmao, good luck I guess <3
  • Villager Kalkyrie (#6623) 7 Nov 2023, 1:29 pm
    I'm sorry but a kickstarter for pins? Are you kidding me? The goals from the first kickstarter still haven't been fulfilled and you think you have enough people on site willing to shell out again? For pins?

    I think merch isn't a bad idea but maybe try something cheaper so you don't have to risk a failing kickstarter. I'd suggest art prints (perhaps of monthly art?) or stickers or heck even pin buttons would be easier and cheaper. We could still eventually do pins but why start with such an expensive bit of merch? And also, just actually finish fulfilling the original kickstarter goals! Jeeze
  • Villager Aylith (#74042) 26 Nov 2023, 2:25 pm
    I despise the idea of a kickstarter, or any other kind of crowdfunding, for any reason. Also, as someone who never has interest in "merch" of any sort (I don't even buy it from anime series I like) I'm just not a fan of this idea by any means.
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