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Kelbi's Festival Begins!

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Dreams of spring everlasting, a sleeping deity, and a clatter.
The Spiralwood - A sprawling forest clearing full of old knotted trees and
dry brambles slowly sprouts with new growth and stubborn green.

Signs of life and good humour inhabit every corner.
What manner of adventure will meet your curiosity in this place?

The festival will be fully active for 3 weeks from:

The Event Quests, Shop and site mechanics will remain open until October 18th, 11:59PM DVT

Welcome to Dappervolk's first Kelbi Festival!
We're so excited for everyone to experience the updated co-op event and learn about Kelbi's story!

  • Visit the Spiralwood Dream to begin tracking for activities and become a participant!
  • This is a Cooperative Community Event in which all participants can donate to reach collective community milestone rewards.
  • Milestone prizes can be claimed by all participants regardless of contribution level once the prize is unlocked.
  • There are also Individual Prize Tiers for dedicated participants.
  • Collect Daily Rewards for donating and sending offerings!
  • With the Kelbi Festival comes pet blessings, where participants can make offerings to other users' pets for rewards.

  • During the Spiralwood Dream, participant pets can be blessed by other users with offerings.
  • Depending on which offering you pick, the target pet may gain a new friend for the festival's duration.
  • Once a pet is fully blessed, its owner can collect its many fortunes for rewards.

  • Lula's Festival Booth shop opens on the second day of the event on September 21st 12AM DVT
  • The shop will be open until October 18th, 11:59PM DVT
  • Shop stock will include all Kelbi Deity clothing, Seasonal Spring Clothing, 2 new pet hatch shards, totems, and more!
  • All shop items should be affordable if you unlock your personal tier prizes at the Spiralwood Dream and complete all 3 spring quests in the Spiralwood.

Winding Shells are the currency for the Kelbi Event Shop - Lula's Festival Booth
  • Do the seasonal event quests in the Spiralwood
  • Complete community milestones and claim prizes in the Spiralwood Dream
  • Collect blessings from pets with many fortunes
  • Random Encounters
  • Random Item Alchemy
  • Starry Night Minigame
  • Adventuring Rewards
  • Participate in the Event Forum Contests

  • Complete tasks around the site which are passively tracked while participating in the Spiralwood Dream
  • Send Offerings to other users' pets to obtain Snail Energy
  • Collect Offerings from your own pets which have been fully blessed
  • Claim daily rewards from the Spiralwood Dream
  • Complete seasonal Kelbi quests
  • Participate in the "Bless the Pet Above You" thread to trade blessings

To access the event quest, visit the new seasonal area -
The Spiralwood! Go to the World Map and find it just east of Aviar Cove.

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  • Speak to Lula at the Spiralwood to begin the seasonal quest "Into the Spiralwood"
  • There are 3 quests in total to be unlocked in succession.
  • "Festival of the Slumbering Snail" is a daily repeatable quest which can be completed 4 times per day.


There is an Avatar Dress Up Contest and Creativity Prompt Contest open throughout the event!
Click on the buttons below to visit them.

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All contest submissions close on October 11th, 11:59PM DVT to allow time for judging, and prizes will be distributed in time for all currency to be spent.

Another Custom Maker Giveaway is now live!
Entries will close on October 18th, 11:59PM DVT

  • There are two Custom Maker grand prizes, type chosen by the winners.
  • One can be won through entering on the site thread and another through sharing on social media.
  • There are additional participation and runner up prizes for all entrants!
  • Only first time custom maker owners are eligible to win the grand prizes this time, though anyone can participate for the other prizes!
  • The winners will be announced on site once the giveaway concludes and winners are drawn.

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We hope you enjoy a fragrant spring time with us, thank you for playing and supporting Dappervolk as always!


  • Villager Myyrke (#6443) 20 Sep 2023, 3:13 am
    Happy festival everybody! I love the new NPC <3
  • Villager Empusa (#6056) 20 Sep 2023, 3:13 am
    wohooo let's goo ^-^ Happy Festival ev1 <3
  • Villager polliwog (#15140) 20 Sep 2023, 4:28 am
    I love Lula so. much. She's my daughter now, I adore her, thank you whoever wrote & designed her! Also this event is super cute so far. :D
  • Villager Petty (#13066) 20 Sep 2023, 4:50 am
    Happy festival!! Let's all give our best.
  • Villager Totalanimefan (#23751) 20 Sep 2023, 5:25 am
  • Villager Frogfears (#70526) 20 Sep 2023, 5:55 am
    Yessss, have fun everyone!
  • Villager Kanada (#2634) 20 Sep 2023, 9:07 am
    I’m coming off of hiatus to play this event, I’m so excited!! DV events always give me life….they’re so fun and cute and engaging. So excited for the custom maker giveaway too!
  • Villager prism (#19381) 20 Sep 2023, 9:27 am
  • Villager Shadowbanish (#20601) 20 Sep 2023, 9:47 am
    Very much enjoying the event, so far, and I love the new NPC and area! 🧡🤎🧡 I also really like that despite it being a Spring event, it has an Autumn aesthetic. It makes it feel seasonally appropriate for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.
  • Villager Teamfailboat (#23909) 20 Sep 2023, 10:10 am
    Ah this event looks so cute! Having a blast so far! :D
  • Villager Omega (#19478) 20 Sep 2023, 10:40 am
    I absolutely love the community and personal aspect of this event !!!! <3
  • Villager Arder (#5512) 20 Sep 2023, 12:15 pm
    I ALSO love community events. This format is very good, I like the continuous sense of progress even when you've "maxed" rewards for the day.
  • Villager Nixie (#20819) 20 Sep 2023, 12:40 pm
    Ooh, this event sounds really fun!
    Lula is so cute, omg.
  • Villager Hummingbelle (#48417) 20 Sep 2023, 9:29 pm
    Happy festival y'all! Snail times all around!
  • Villager FumiLEX (#3423) 20 Sep 2023, 11:13 pm
    It's been fun so far, excited to see what all releases in the shop! Also the little mini pet guys are soooo cute QwQ
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