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Reporting Comment #963046 on Welcome to October! by BlackRose (#9895)

I'm not a very big fan of pink, especially not when it's just mostly pink. BUT, this is a pretty nice set. Not something I will ever buy, even if I got it free I'd never wear it. BUT (again) I was really hoping for, even if not a Halloween-y set (that would have been my preference though) a fall (oranges, yellows, browns, reds, etc. leaves, sweaters, socks, etc.) set so I'm let down again on these monthly sets. :(

I'm hoping maybe that fall set was saved for next month though. I'll honestly be really upset to have received nothing even remotely fall-related though coming from a site I want to be on my favorites. So please, please, please have something saved for us.

I would also love for some more communication. That radio silence for basically the whole of last month was just awful. I'm tired of all this "soon" stuff too, it's making that word feel meaningless. I know timeframes are hard to put with things being tested/still being worked on, but please just try a little more specific wording than "soon".

On a happier note, I'm so excited to finally hear about housing! (would have thought that was something that was to be worked on way more during the 2-year span of this site not being open but well...) I'm looking forward to seeing stuff on that. ^-^ Thanks for the changes that have been done so far to the whole of this site, as well as the continued work on features and fixes.
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