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Reporting Comment #2503648 on Welcome to April! by JACKAL0PE (#70146)

1. I agree with others. I much, much more preferred the old previews on a preview thread, I think it's much more convenient, especially for mobile players, to be able to do a comparison of the items there. Looking up the old old sets in the clothing diary is really nice and the fact that item pops up while looking through the market is reeeeally really useful, but I think the old previews in the monthly set post were much better.

2. I don't like the fact that a pet is not a part of the chest as it has always been (well, at least in the past year). I get the point of it, but I don't find it fair that normally the chest was 1800-1900, pet included, and now it's 2000. I think adding the pet separately AND in the chest is more convenient than just yeeting it out of chest completely. If someone doesn't like the pet, they can always sell it, but now if they like it, they have to pay more. Doesn't seem much player-friendly imo.
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