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Reporting Comment #1902346 on Welcome to June! by Amberdash (#14449)

Villager (#41508) BlackRose (#9895)1 Jun 2022, 12:52 pm
Those talking about the higher price should take a step back and look at what previous sets were and what prices they were. I honestly thought the price was a bit high too, but then I went through and looked at the prices and no, it's basically right around what a set like this should be. Which I do still feel is high, but I mean they've always been touted as premium clothing, so premium stuff is going to be expensive as much as I do dislike that being someone who can't buy Turnips with real money. I think my math is all correct, but it was a lot of info to keep track of so maybe some things are slightly off. LOl

I am actually very glad you posted all of that. I hadn't really considered all of the variables that had/have been going on with the amount of items and pets included. And if you think about it, though we have to pay rl money for the turnips, we can generally make at least some back in potatoes. Some of the time anyway. LOL TY again!
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