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Nico's & Clothing Update!

Hello everyone! We're happy to announce a Nico's Atelier basic clothing update! We've added 42 new items to Nico's shop at Peddler's Port, which should give some added variety to outfit planning.

Here's a preview of some of these new items! Nico's Atelier will be stocking these new items amongst the old item selection at random every hour.


We've also pushed our first batch of outline updates to 113 existing clothing items, these image updates may take a few days to catch up in the cache, try refreshing or changing your outfit in the wardrobe if you want to see the updated outlines on some of these items.

We've updated outlines on the following:
All Nico's Atelier clothing
Vierre, Andromeda, Declan, Moira stall clothing - New Features Only
All Pet Affection Milestone clothing
All Summer Event clothing
All Monthly Seasonal Deity clothing

Next on our outline adjustment list:
Newbie Clothing Items
Early NPC Clothing
Adventuring Clothing
NPC Affection Clothing

Thanks for reading, we'll be back with more updates soon!


  • Villager Butcherbaby (#27689) 30 Jan 2021, 5:12 pm
    I love all the new items, and am having a great time trying to collect them all! And the new, softer outlines on the clothing items looks TERRIFIC!!! 💙💙💙 I am super stoked to try playing with them all again. Thanks for listening to your user base!
  • Villager Tokoyami (#38858) 30 Jan 2021, 7:37 pm
    Wooo new items and clothing outlines update! :D
  • Villager JoeyHexx (#3636) 2 Feb 2021, 7:56 am

    TFW u been wearing wras's grin bc despite being creepy its actually the biggest smile till now, lmao
  • Villager Gravy (#6332) 2 Feb 2021, 7:51 pm
    Just want to say, the outline adjustments have made SUCH a big difference, it's amazing. I didn't even realize how big of a change it would be! Thank you for putting in the work, it really makes everything feel so much more versatile
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