Hey there, looks like you just wandered in. Why not have a look around and stay for a while, maybe even start your own adventure, if you're into that.

A Cacophony Approaches!

To the northern reaches, amidst the swirling winds and pristine snows - a bustling machine of merriment arrives.


The event will be active for 3 weeks, ending on June 7th 11:59PM DVT
Any extensions will be announced as the event progresses.

Here are some details on the upcoming Carnivale!

  • This event type is a gift exchange system.
  • Complete tasks to help wrap up presents to add to the pile.
  • Select presents from your inventory to wrap up for fellow players!
  • Claim a certain amount of random presents from the tree each day for donating presents.
  • Claim additional prizes for reaching donation milestones.
  • Give and receive decorations to help wrap your presents.

  • Unlike deity related seasonal maps, this area will be available for the full winter season annually, with additional content added to it each year until the area is fully filled up!
  • This year, there are 3 new NPC's residing in the carnival, each with their own repeatable quest and shop.
  • There will be unique seasonal currency obtainable through these quests, the gifting system, through general site mechanics, as well as via the forum contests.
  • This currency can be used in each NPC's shop, which contain seasonal carnival clothing, pets, and other items exclusive to this area.
  • Shops will be accessible on the second day of the event on May 18th at 12AM DVT.

There will be a Bauble Contest, Avatar Contest and a Creativity Prompt Contest held during the event. A Custom Maker Raffle will also be held on site as well as on social media!

Thank you so much for playing and supporting Dappervolk as always, we'll see you soon!


  • Villager pipopwincess (#71422) 3 May 2023, 4:26 pm
    The NPCs thing sounds so interesting!
  • Villager Stars (#5748) 3 May 2023, 4:29 pm
    I also have questions on if this is going to be "seasonally repeatable" during (northern hemisphere) winter since that's when it was initially supposed to take place? Or will it be "seasonally" in May each year? Either way, I like this take instead of recreating the wheel for each seasonal event.
  • Villager Cabeswater (#2019) 3 May 2023, 4:47 pm
    Sev (#3394) dappervolk seasonal events never happen during the season. since 2020 every dang winter, spring, etc event has been in the season after. would really be nice if the events happened in their correct season. I don't celebrate Samhain in December, for example; once you've missed the changing of the seasons, you've missed it. that magic is no longer there.
  • Villager LordMoth (#31432) 3 May 2023, 6:39 pm
    Ngl, bro it's May it's not even a winter event anymore lol

    Better late than never ig, looks cool tho
  • Villager beanskoala (#60830) 3 May 2023, 7:09 pm
    y'all are not getting that dv takes place in the southern hemisphere /j
  • Villager beanskoala (#60830) 3 May 2023, 7:11 pm
    but anyways 3 NPCs and shops sound really cool :0
    the items better be good considering the disappointment of oran
  • Villager Mirutanku (#2802) 3 May 2023, 8:31 pm
    carnival clothing is hype af i look forward to it!
  • Villager Adorn (#12746) 3 May 2023, 9:30 pm
    How cute! I love love love the color scheme for this event!
  • Villager Dami (#51631) 4 May 2023, 1:01 am
    Love the colors used here, so I'm excited to see the event clothes and the map itself. And the seasonal town growing each year with new NPCs etc sounds fun. Wish it was starting sooner though :'D
  • Villager Purpsy (#29360) 4 May 2023, 1:02 am
    I can't wait! I'm already loving the theme!
    I hope we get more pastel like event items :3
  • Villager Clamie_Ty (#51057) 4 May 2023, 7:57 am
    3 new npcs?? Carnival theme?? Ooh i know i gotta be cautiously optimistic, but this info makes me want to dream bigger! May it all go down as the best event yet :'>>
  • Villager Eliss (#19747) 4 May 2023, 11:31 am
    This looks interesting....
  • Villager SeaBanshee (#43811) 4 May 2023, 12:13 pm
    Multiple NPCs??? That's awesome to hear :o (+ it's a carnival :D)
    I understand better why this took so much time, and I really think it'd be a good thing to tell us that the scope of an event is bigger than the previous ones so it'll take more time to create, instead of saying nothing and it being so so late, even more than what we were told (+ miscalculation/unexpected events happens too and it's okay/natural so really we can understand)
    I really don't mind that it's not winter anymore (for a good portion of the userbase), I just hope we'll have enough time/currency to get every new items and pets (even some extras for more pets if we want) since we won't have the whole season this year, but this really sound super neat! I'm excited :D
  • Villager Noxumbra (#17658) 5 May 2023, 12:34 pm
    Super excited for this! Can't wait to see the new npcs and clothes! :D I love carnivals, lol.
  • Villager columbidae (#63646) 7 May 2023, 11:11 am
    ooo i'll be looking out :eyes:
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