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Silvie's Mine Balancing Update!

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well! This is our Silvie's Mine Update! This update includes a rebalancing of all Silvie's Mine daily errand quests as well as a collection of new NPC items and NPC shop adjustments.

The following updates have been applied to all Silvie's Mine Daily Errands.
  • A reroll option with the player choice text "Can I help you with something else instead?" has been added to the beginning of each task.
    • This option can be used once per quest completion to generate a new task different from the initial one.

  • Daily Errands in Silvie's Mine can now be completed 3 times/day instead of 7.
  • Positive quest ending potato rewards were boosted, increasing daily potato gains from each errand by about 2400 potatoes in total per NPC.
  • Affection gained or lost has been increased to be equal to doing 7 quests/day previously.
  • Tasks have been adjusted according to the reduced number of dailies each day. Some higher effort tasks such as adventuring have stayed the same or been reduced for better balancing.
  • Conecake rewards were increased. Dual-stat NPC's now give out a random assortment of two types of conecakes instead of one.
  • Dialogue has been compressed to fewer total text boxes to lessen clicks.
  • Transitions and redirects have been updated to be more streamlined and give users more freedom.

A total of 96 new items have been released!
New items have arrived in each NPC's chance shop, the following shop stock adjustments have been made:
  • A Bonus Prize pool with claims costing an equivalent of 10 spins has been added to each NPC's shop.
  • Totems, Pen Expansions, and Wardrobe Expansions, have been moved to each NPC's Bonus Prize pool in their shop instead of being in the chance pool.
  • 2+ newly drawn items have been added to each NPC's clothing set, each item with colourations matching that of the existing sets.
  • An additional 4th set colour has been added for each NPC, and can be found in their chance shop stock as well as bonus prizes.
  • Pet Hatching items and NPC food have been added to the bonus prize pool as well while keeping them in the chance pool.

  • Two new pet species have been released with this update!
  • The first is a quaint pet whose shards are found in Visindy's Shop Bonus Prizes.
  • The other is also a quaint pet with shards found in Idra's Shop Bonus Prizes.


The following non-general changes and additions have been applied to the NPC's Quests & Item Pools below:

  • Nigel's negative route clothing hand in pool has been expanded.
  • Nigel's negative route of giving him potatoes has been increased to 500 instead of 300.


  • Cairn's negative route of giving them potatoes has been increased to 500 instead of 300.
  • Cairn's totem task has been adjusted to equipping a totem and playing with pets twice.


  • Pascal's pet affection gain task has been changed to interacting with a pet 3 times instead.
  • Pascal's shiny item collection task's hand in pool has been expanded.
  • Pascal's negative forum post task has been expanded to also accept pet/user profile comments.
  • Pascal's comment on a pet profile task has been given an alternate option to feed a pet 3 times instead.


  • Marvel's negative clothing hand in task has had its pool expanded.


  • Visindy's interesting item task hand in pools have been expanded.
  • Visindy's show a 3's Forest pet task has been adjusted to also require 2 pet interactions but now also accepts all fantastical/legendary pets as well as quaints.


  • Idra's present for Visindy task hand in pool has been expanded.
  • Idra's comprehensive totem task has been adjusted to include having a pet with at least 5 raw comprehension as your active pet, equipping a totem, and playing with any pet twice.
  • Idra's day and night decor task now requires only 1 item to be handed in. The hand in pools have also been expanded.
  • Idra's day and night decor task now tracks the day/night time correctly.


  • This is the third installment of daily quest balancing! We are releasing these updates town by town in order to eventually balance all existing towns.
  • With the addition of new items as well as bonus prize pools for NPC shops, we're aiming to make it so that certain items are obtained by choice rather than by chance. For example, the pen expansions were being dropped too often and filling up inventories without any purpose, now they can be picked up only if the user wants one.
  • The bonus prize and shop stock updates have opened up the possibility of adding new items more easily to NPC shops in the future within smaller content updates.
  • Coming up next is the Aviar Cove daily balancing!

With the progression of rebalancing, dailies have become easier to complete and therefore generating more potatoes for more users across the site. This is causing some inflation which we will be addressing in the following ways:
  • Increase the frequency of the custom limit 10 day reset to 7 days instead to encourage potato spending to happen more often. This will happen with our next changelog later this month.
  • Work on adding new seasonal, permanent, and limited content that costs potatoes.

Note: Pinot's second Affection Milestone quest is now available to complete once unlocked. Previously it was stuck behind this balancing update.


We hope you enjoy this balancing update, thank you for supporting and playing Dappervolk! We'll be back with more updates soon.


  • Villager Liminal (#63842) 9 Feb 2023, 2:49 am
    Are the existing Silvie's Mine hatchables going to get updated to become totems too?
  • Villager Risu (#17636) 9 Feb 2023, 3:08 am
    Ooh, I love the colors in the expanded items! But... are we just not gonna address that AD Theater has been broken for a solid week now?
  • Villager LordMoth (#31432) 9 Feb 2023, 3:32 am
  • Villager Empusa (#6056) 9 Feb 2023, 3:33 am
    An Axolotl finaly ^~^ I wanted to make one with a custom maker if I would have ever been Lucky! (really happy they made one even tough Im Not a big Fan of its Design :s but at least its Cute <3)
  • Villager Aethera (#59177) 9 Feb 2023, 4:04 am
    Now that’s what I’m talking about!
  • Villager DontPanic (#36795) 9 Feb 2023, 4:10 am
    These are gorgeous!
  • Villager felynn (#60641) 9 Feb 2023, 4:54 am
    Amethyst-lookin' Visindy items! eeeee
  • Villager Plants_Forests (#67548) 9 Feb 2023, 5:05 am
    3 things Irda the new pet, I need! also, dark green I love it! finally, 3 tasks imma just head over there!
  • Villager Bzlzk (#59731) 9 Feb 2023, 6:18 am
    I need those new items, especially Idra, Visindy and Cairn. <3
  • Villager Frogfears (#70526) 9 Feb 2023, 6:25 am
    Cool :]
  • Villager Myrrhmaid (#48226) 9 Feb 2023, 6:44 am
    Wow, the new items and pets look gorgeous! And yay, we have yarn!! =D XD
    Thank you!!
  • Villager pumpkins (#27825) 9 Feb 2023, 6:50 am
    Hey staff - has there been consideration that a 7 day cycle for customs drop would always fall on the same day of the week?
    This would make it rather unfair for users unavailable on that given day.

    Could we consider 151 hour or 165 hour (7 days +/- 3 hours) so that the time of the day and the day of the week will automatically cycle?
  • Villager Clover23 (#14006) 9 Feb 2023, 7:49 am
    YAY I've been waiting for this! So excited for the new items too!
  • Villager Kanada (#2634) 9 Feb 2023, 7:58 am
    OHHH those new pets look so CUUUTE!!! I’m so excited, thank you DV team! Silvie’s Mine really needed this!
  • Villager Kanada (#2634) 9 Feb 2023, 8:00 am
    I have a suggestion for potato sinking though; I think there should be a potato sink shop of some kind! One that has expensive hatching items and other super cool items!! That way the only sink isn’t the custom spinning :)
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