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A Calamity in the Making...

Ominous stirrings creep into the 3's Forest, raising up the tumult in an
already chaotic dynamic. How will you navigate these strange waters?


The event will be active for 3 weeks, ending on December 9th, 2022
Any extensions will be announced as the event progresses.

Here are some details on the upcoming Event!

  • This event will not be about a Dappervolk deity, it will expand the world and character lore.
  • By completing this event, we'll be able to unlock new permanent content together!
  • There will be changes to the world of Dappervolk during this event.

  • This event type is a multi-team competition.
  • Duel with players of enemy teams in order to gain victory for your team.
  • Complete a collective daily task pool to give your team a point boost.
  • The last place team at each day's rollover will get a point gain buff to help them turn the tide.
  • All event participants will receive rewards, with the winning team determining aspects of the story finale.

  • There will be a new permanent mini town available to be visited during the event!
  • A new NPC also inhabits this area, with a set of event quests which can be completed for seasonal currency.
  • The new town along with its NPC will be available even after the event ends, and change into a permanent state.
  • Any users who did not experience the event or do the quests during the event will still be able to complete the initial storyline as one time quests in order to unlock the town.
  • An event shop will become accessible on the second day of the event on November 19th 12AM DVT, stocked with seasonal items.
  • After the event ends, the event shop will be replaced by the new NPC's permanent shop which will house permanently available items.
  • Event currency will be earned through the Team Event, Event Quests, and various site mechanics.

  • There will be an Avatar Contest and a Creativity Prompt Contest held during the event!
  • Additionally, we're aiming to launch our first custom maker giveaway during this event, there will be an onsite raffle pool as well as a social media raffle pool to help promote the game during the event!

Thank you so much for playing and supporting Dappervolk as always, we'll see you soon!


  • Villager Pteri (#6675) 8 Nov 2022, 2:00 pm
    from my neopets days: plot plot plot plot
    this looks fun! im looking forward to it :D
  • Villager ClearBright (#4344) 8 Nov 2022, 3:05 pm
  • Villager Hippie (#24494) 8 Nov 2022, 4:38 pm
    yeehaw good job team
  • Villager Gravy (#6332) 8 Nov 2022, 4:52 pm
    the idea that the winning team just decides the story is great - it will truly reward the winners and impact the game for EVERYONE while not leaving anyone out!
  • Villager Xyn (#32511) 9 Nov 2022, 4:36 pm
  • Villager WolfArcher (#56154) 11 Nov 2022, 7:41 am
    Oooooohhh this looks so awesome!
  • Villager Quistain (#5381) 14 Nov 2022, 5:55 am
    oho ?? good thing im not picking up scarlet/violet, i might actually come back just to check this out
  • Villager luckybarbarian (#14932) 14 Nov 2022, 12:49 pm
    witches possibly finding a new place to live and do magic? do we fix threes forest ?? probably not lol.

    very excited to see the new event!!
  • Villager satyrgatyr (#43977) 19 Nov 2022, 11:06 am
    69th comment
  • Villager Trenzalore (#69383) 22 Nov 2022, 9:57 am
    For the switch teams button, can we get a buffer for that please? I play mobile ajd don't want to switch teams but I've accidentally thumbed it already (luckily my second switch got me back to the previous team). Maybe if you press it and it says ok / cancel instead of automatically switching your team :/
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