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Reporting Comment #695234 on August 20th Updates! by BlackRose (#9895)

Storage is great! My inventory is such a mess so I'm so happy to finally be able to sort out the stuff I want to keep and then easily sell everything else I don't need. ^-^

Also happy to finally have gotten a response about the art situation, almost two whole months after it was first brought to attention though. Not too sure on the wording of it though, makes it seem like only a small portion of the items with dark outlines are going to be touched, and I don't like that if that is really the case. The other issue with the outlines is the inconsistencies, if you don't change them all to be the exact same lightness then that work is going to be for nothing since it didn't fix the whole issue. I also feel that that "unintentional" part is a big fat lie, it's the artist's own artwork, they should be able to clearly and easily see if it's been changed. Stop trying to make all of you look better and just man up to your mistakes. If you clearly just say, "Look guys, we messed up. We decided on these things thinking it'd be better, but now upon hearing people's opinions on it we've decided it wasn't the best change and will work on fixing it. We apologize." I'm sure many of us (I know at least I would) would have a much easier time being ok with it and forgiving you all.

I guess it's at least a start though? But I'm not giving you guys too much praise until after I see some of these changes, and then see how many items are going to be changed. I'd absolutely love for things to work out since I love the whole game style and whatnot of DV, but you haven't been giving many of us much hope with some of the stuff that's been done. :(

On a less heavy note. I also think the timing of events should be stated as a second after the event day starts. For example with this, not 11:59:59 on the 20th, but instead 00:00:01 on the 21st. Or even just a simple date, no time, as long as all the events are starting at basically midnight/start of the new day.
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