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Reporting Comment #38452 on Welcome to Dappervolk Beta! by sadee0w0 (#1394)

I don't think people are realising that the reason for beta is to help the makers create a better game, giving the chance for people to 'Volunteer' to join the site unfinished so we can do what we can to help the creators ensure the success of this beautiful site...
Personally I'm not here to 'Play the game' in a sense but to break it to give my opinion and to explore as much as I can so I can give as much feedback as I can, and i feel like thats my job as a Beta player.
So I feel before people get complaining about Losing there progress and pets etc. This site in still under construction don't blame them if you misunderstand what you have signed up for. (they have clearly posted many times your progress will be reset) And if you feel like you don't want to volunteer yourself then come back at official is my best guidance
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