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Reporting Comment #305522 on Autumn Premium Shop Test & Other News! by Iona (#10494)

Adding my voice to the chorus of disappointment and concern on the way premium currency and items are looking at the moment. I don't have anything to add to what has been said (in particular by conium (#7920), Strawberry (#2519), schatz (#249), and in the many threads I have read and contributed to on this topic in the suggestion board, since roughly April/May!).

Lowering the price seems like an obvious first step. This will make more players able to buy premium items, increasing player engagement and satisfaction and decreasing player frustration and alienation. As it stands, I cannot justify spending the current price on the items offered in the premium gacha, even though I really like them. And I am a player with an income, that is invested in the game and willing to spend money on it (I bought a beta bundle, and I am starting to regret it - not a good sign). The current setup makes me feel like this is a system that sees users as cash cows, and I tend to immediately clam up when I get that feeling.

The obvious second step is not releasing and retiring premium items every month. Holy item overload and user burnout! I'm a defintite collectioner and completionist, and permanently retired items frustrate me to no end. Make premium items seasonal, to give people more of a chance to save up for them and buy them. Not everyone can spend money on a game every month. Not to mention that the current setup sounds like an unrealistic goal for the site's artist(s), considering they'll likely also be working on new towns etc. That should, after all, be their main task, as it concerns the game's main available-to-all content and driving force.

I am also in favour of premium items not being sold in a gacha. I am getting bored with gachas and would love to see a variety of shops on site. The premium shop would be a logical place to have fixed price items, especially as it would mean avoiding legal issues with gambling/lootboxes.

I wanted to love this game but my trust in the staff has consistently been eroded over the last few months, which is a shame. I will give it a chance and wait for final release, but I am wary of the way things are being run (stiffling users' freedom of expression and the way they can give feedback...) and of the direction in which developers want to take the game (hyper-exclusive gambling premium system).

Tl;dr: here's what I hope for in a premium shop:
- reasonably priced items (rougly half of what the costs are now)
- items changing every 3 months, i.e. seasonally, and preferably not being retired forever (there have been several good suggestions for limited re-release here and in the suggestion board)
- a fixed-price premium shop, instead of a gacha, or a system where items are available both for a fixed price and in a gacha to give players a choice as to how they want to spend their money.

Thank you for reading this, and for your hard work. I hope we can find a solution that is agreeable for all.
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