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Reporting Comment #304882 on Autumn Premium Shop Test & Other News! by Articuno (#861)

To lose a site with great promise to legal ramifications would not just disappoint a fanbase, it would open the door for many more lawsuits to come. Please set the Premium shops to be gachaless and flatbuy. Do it for the site's sake and personal sake.

Someone WILL eventually find this out and report it, be it a player, the parent of a player, or an outsider who happens upon it. I hardly think it'd be a matter of if, and rather when it happens, due to the site's initial popularity. Seeing the continued push on Premium Gacha is what has made my mind up to not supporting the Gumroad bundles, as much as I like some of the items. I'm not going to potentially waste my money on a site that's going to shut down due to gambling lawsuits- I'll just save up the potatoes and buy em off someone else.

To continue pushing for Premium Gacha at this point- with over 50 concerned messages in this suggestion thread alone, let alone the concerns that have been voiced time and again since Beta's opening- is pointless and childish. You cannot defeat bodies of government because you enjoy a mechanic- laws do have to be obeyed and it is classified as gambling. Please understand this when you move into post-beta mechanic follow up to change it to a premium flatbuy shop.
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