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Reporting Comment #274726 on Trout's Spring Festivities! by Biscuit (#1238)

Overall I'm satisfied with how the event went! I started late and did start school towards the end, but I still managed to hit Gold and stay within the top 150. I'm really glad it's looking like the bar is going to be filled! I think we really can thank God for filling it though... I'm not sure if it is just due to the number of beta participants, but understandably, the number of total points for the bar may need to be reworked in the future, as this was a super close call.

Thank you DV staff for hosting a beta event, regardless! It did bring me back to being active on the site once again, and I did enjoy the time I've been active once again. I think events can be a great way to keep the site active once beta is completed.
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