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Reporting Comment #253357 on Trout's Spring Festivities! by RNG (#17748)

I'm back to comment again because I'm so shocked! I assumed that we had until the 31st to get points and I wasn't too worried because I did the math based on my pace and figured I could get 10k by August 30th. Seemed pretty fair that to get the best prizes you had to work the whole event time. I was willing and was going to do it, and while my pace isn't top 100 fast, it has definitely kept me within the top 25%. Even with school I've been managing well. However, upon discovering that the event ends when the bar fills, I started to panic. I know that might be a little overreaction, but it's stressful now. I realise that the only way to possibly make it to gold tier is to check my phone whenever possible, and that's just not me. I don't spend all day on the internet and it seems like that's what you have to do! I'm currently at around 2200 points. Very stressed because the top ten are already at silver tier and I don't expect they'll stop once they get to gold, effectively making it much more stressful for people like me who aren't on all day because there are a finite number of points. No ill feeling to them of course! I just think the system could be a little better. Like I said, it seemed pretty fair that a decent pace would get me the full amount of points I needed right at the end of the event, because it still requires effort, but not so much effort that it takes time from me that I could be using to cultivate talents, do schoolwork, study, run errands, etc. I hope things will change with future events! I am fully aware that this is beta, and I know that there are going to be issues!! That's why it's beta, right? We're testing for a reason. Personally I have no issue with the staff participating so long as they win fairly like the rest of us. They're not "stealing" the prizes, they're earning them. Anyways that's all! The prizes are really cute :)
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